My name is Kara, and I am the messenger. Once, I, like many of you, had a best
friend. That best friend's name was Hannah, and she loved Sonic. She watched all of
the episodes, from The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog to Sonic X to Sonic F.
She talked about it constantly, and was always inventing new stories about it. I must
admit, I tuned her out. I now wish I had listened ...

She loved the characters, and the stories, but she was not as good a gamer as she
would have liked. She could cream me in Pokemon, but she was no match for me in
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. She wasn't all that good in real-time. She told
me she would eventually find a game, a non-turn-based game, that she could defeat
me in. I now regret goading her on.

For weeks, all was normal. Sometimes she would mention her ongoing search for a
real-timer that she could win, but I never paid much attention.

For her birthday, she received a GameCube and the money for two games of her
choice. She went to the nearest gamestop and picked up used copies of DDR Mario
Mix and Sonic R. She began with Mario Mix, and promptly learned that she was better
at it than I was. She beat me her first try. I believed the issue to be over, and that
Sonic R would fall through the cracks with school resuming and her newfound love of
the ipod she got. Oh, how wrong I was.

It began on a Friday. We were coming back from band practice, and she mentioned
that she didn't want to do anything else that weekend. Slightly curious, I asked her
why, and she answered that she had some gaming to catch up on. I was a bit jealous,
being brushed off by a video game like that, but I knew I would see her again anyway
for the band concert the next day. I told her she'd better not forget to practice, we
laughed, and we went our separate ways.

When I got home, my thoughts again turned to Hannah, and I resolved that I would
watch the walkthrough of the game, in order to be able to beat her when she
challenged me. I called on my friend, YouTube, and proceeded to watch some boring
gameplay. I learned the location of every coin-thing, every ring, every chaos emerald.
Finally, there stood only one character left to unlock. The Tails Doll. I sighed,
envisioning even more blocky graphics and annoying music, when the screen went
black. Completely black. I began messing with the keyboard, trying to figure out what
happened. Finally I just restarted the darn thing, and it worked fine. I figured the
computer glitched, and fell asleep envisioning an easy victory against my friend.

The next day, I practiced my flute and slipped into my stuffy band uniform. Hannah
and I had previously decided to carpool, so my mom drove over to Hannah's house
and I knocked on the door. There was no answer. Shrugging, figuring that my friend
had slept in unintentionally, I grabbed the extra key from under the doormat and
stepped inside. Instantly hauntingly familiar music filled my ears.
"Makes me feel so high ..."

Can you feel the Sunshine. Dread mounting, I took the stairs two at a time to the rec
room where the GameCube was. What I saw chilled me to the bone. There was my
best friend in the world, lying prone on the ground, as some voodoo orange menace
emerged from the television. I screamed and leaped at the foul creature, but it was far
too quick for me. In an instant it was at Hannah's face, sucking her soul ... into her? I
stared in utter astonishment as Hannah sat up, sighted the Tails Doll, and smiled.
"Have you come for me?" She asked, a look of pure rapture on her face. The Tails
Doll nodded, and the two began to fade away. "Wait, come back!" I cried as my best
friend became ever paler. She didn't even notice, but the Tails Doll gave me one final
look of pity before they disappeared.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity before I realized the music had stopped.
I went to the band concert that day. I told the teacher that I hadn't seen Hannah, that
she had said she wanted to complete a video game in peace. The police finally found
her body stuffed behind the television stand, with a red rope looped around her neck,
slashes on her wrist, and a mysterious, blank-eyed stuffed fox with a red jewel tied to
the noose. They ruled it as a suicide. Was it? I'm not sure. But I do know that,
recently, I received a friend request for the WindowsLive Messenger account only
Hannah knew about. The username was TouchedbytheTailsDoll46. The first thing it
typed was, "now, do u think u can beat me in sonic r?"

*Disclaimer* I, Hannah, wrote this, using Kara as the narrator for effect. I didn't feel comfortable sacrificing anyone besides myself to the Tails Doll, even in a fanfiction. Also for effect was the video game competition and the youtube video. Kara's not like that. However, I do have a game cube, and I do have a copy of Sonic Gems Collection, which has Sonic R on it. Unfortunately I'm not a good enough gamer to break the seal.