Ajnin Hapus

By DeweyFinn21

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Amanda woke up and noticed two things. 1. She was tied up. 2. It was very dark. Because of that she couldn't really notice anything else. She tried to break out of the ropes, but they wouldn't budge. All of a sudden a light was turned on and she was able to get some more information about what happened.

"Huh, he really is at the cake factory." Amanda noticed.

"Yes, I am." The person who turned on the lights said.

"So, you're the Ajnin Hapus?" Something about this person felt familiar to her, but she couldn't place it.

"Why, yes Amanda, I am."

"How do you know my name?"

"You can't be the most popular girl at school, and not have people know your name."

"Wait, you go to my school?"


"But, how-"

"My brother does. I'm home schooled. Parents gave us the choice. He's more personable than I am."

"Who is your brother?"

"You think I'm gonna tell you that? Come on, I'm not an idiot." Amanda knew his voice, but she couldn't put a name to it.

"Who sounds like that? I heard it recently. Man, this is hard." Amanda thought. "What do you want?"

"A test subject."

"For what?" Amanda said getting worried.

"My new invention. It's a molecular reorientation device."

"You're gonna turn me into something else?"

"Well, not some thing, some one." Her captor explained.


"I'm. Going. To. Turn. You. Into. Me. And vice versa."

"Why me? Why not Mike or Owen?"

"Because, you're the smartest, the best fighter, and they won't believe me when I say anything."

"You mean me?" Amanda said figuring it out.

"Exactly. Now-" The figure's watch started beeping. "Oh, it seems the others are awake. I'm going to change up the plan a little. Let's see what they want." The person left Amanda alone.

"What did he mean change the plan? Is he going to take over Owen, or Mike? Why did he tell me that if-oh, he's trying to make me paranoid, make it where I can't trust my teammates and fight against them. He can't get me with that. I'm too smart for him." She thought that she was a step ahead of him, too bad she was a mile behind.

"So, Mike Fukanaga, if you could have Amanda be anything you want, what would it be?" The Ajnin Hapus asked.

"What? How do you know who I am?"

"Look, answer the question, and everything will be alright. For you at least."

"Um, uh, what?" Mike asked alarmed.

"If you could have Amanda as anything, be it a car, teddy bear, your girlfriend, whatever, what would it be?"

"Girlfriend?" Mike asked wondering why that came up.

"Okay, your choice." The person started to leave.

"Wait, I didn't choose that!"

"Well hurry up, the longer you take, the longer the radiation affects her." The figure said.


"Look, it's nothing serious, as long as you hurry." He said.

"Um, uh, a ninja." Mike said, thinking that he had gotten the best of his captor.

"Okay, Amanda shall now be a full time ninja. Never able to have a normal life. Thanks Mike." He left.

"Wait, what? That's not what I wanted!" The Ajnin Hapus walked away smirking.

"Okay, one of you has to become ninja Amanda to mess with his head." The person that would become them stepped in the path of the ray. They transformed into Amanda wearing her full ninja suit. "Does the voice work?"

"I don't know." Amanda's voice came out. "It does."


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