The Oak

A warm breeze tickled his nose as he leaned into the person beside him. The powerful oak that the pair reclined against shielded their eyes from the merciless June sun. Below them, the soft, checkered fabric of their picnic basket protected them from freshly-mown grass. At their feet lay the remnants of an excellent lunch; a few curious ants had already begun to feast upon crumbs of bread and bits of fruit. Off in the distance, children's laughter drifted toward them from the playground on the other side of the park, but that noise was easily eclipsed by the thousands of rustling leaves above their heads, by a particularly loquacious sparrow perched in a tree a few yards away, by their own slow breathing, and by two steady heartbeats.

A song wafted through his mind, as though a leaf in the wind. He began to hum it absentmindedly, his voice matching harmoniously with the world around them. As he hummed, his fingers played with those of his companion, whose head rested on his shoulder.

About a minute later, Kurt spoke. "What is that tune, Blaine?"

Blaine hummed a few more bars, and then trailed off. "I believe it's called 'Watch the Wind Blow By' by Tim McGraw."

When Blaine said this, Kurt could hear the words reverberating through his boyfriend's body, as his ear was pressed into the other's shoulder. His voice sounded quiet deep, and it made Kurt giggle.

He felt Blaine shift as he looked down at the boy he held close. "What's so funny?"

Choosing to ignore the silly truth, Kurt replied, "Tim McGraw, huh? I wasn't aware that you listened to country music. How very...Brokeback."

Blaine nudged Kurt's knee with his own. "Very funny." He paused for a moment before continuing. "When you play the guitar as much as I do, you explore all genres of music, including country. I guess that seemed to fit the moment."

"Well, I haven't heard it," Kurt murmured. "Would you like to sing it so all of us might enjoy it?"

Blaine chuckled lightly, and then obliged. When he began to sing, his voice was soft, tender; this was not a performance, he was not belting out a note, and he was not trying to impress anyone. He was simply serenading his boyfriend.

"The creek goes ripplin' by.
I've been barefootin' all day with my baby.
Brown leaves have started fallin',
Leadin' the way.

I like it best just like this,
Doin' nothin' all the way.
So let's lay down in the tall grass,
Dreamin' away.

And all I wanna do is let it be and be with you
And watch the wind blow by.
All I wanna see is you and me go on forever
Like the clear blue sky.
There's only
You and I
And all I wanna do is watch the wind blow by."

Before Blaine could continue on to the next verse, Kurt turned his head and touched the singer's lips with his own. The kiss was brief, but precious. When Kurt pulled away, he saw a single tear in Blaine's golden brown eye.

"I love you."

They laughed, because each boy had uttered the words at precisely the same time. They then settled back into their comfortable prior position: Kurt leaned into Blaine's chest, and Blaine surrounded Kurt with his arms. The two sat there for a long while, watching the oak's shadow grow longer in front of them as the sun slowly sank behind them.



"I have a feeling that this summer with you will be amazing."

Blaine squeezed his arms around Kurt tightly for a moment.

"I know."

Hey guys, I thought I'd put my notation at the bottom, because I know that I always skip over the ones in the beginning. Well, I suppose I skip over the ones on the end, too.

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Just some info on this series: I plan to write a bunch of short one-shots about Blurt's summer together (hence the title "A Very Klaine Summer"). (Yes, I KNOW that the couple name is Klaine, but ever since Darren Criss suggested "Blurt" in an interview, I've thought that that is the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life.) Most of these one-shots will be fluff (good fluff, not lame fluff...I hope), with little (but not no) drama.

If you're STILL reading this, mad props. I'd've lost interest by now.