A/N: This idea came out of nowhere. Posts for this 'series' will be short, random installments (mostly drabble length) There is no plot…so I guess it's going to fall under the PWP category. ;D

Title: Maid to Hire

Theme: Nibble (dokuga contest weekly perfection #150)

Genre: General

Rating: T

Warnings: Suggestiveness

Word Count: 200

A/N: This is sort of a prequel to All Purpose Maid, but it isn't necessary to read it first

Summary: Interviews can be nerve-racking. [AU]


Kagome sat with her back as straight as she could, her legs crossed at the ankle, trying to look poised. On the other side of a large desk sat her possible employer reading over her resume. Sesshomaru took his time, mostly for his own amusement; he wanted to see how long it would take before this girl's calm façade broke. He would glance up at her every so often to find her looking over his shoulder, seemingly taking in the titles of the books on the shelves behind him. Finally it happened; she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and started nibbling on it.

Sesshomaru couldn't look away and found himself entertaining the notion of moving around the desk and taking that luscious lip of hers between his own teeth and doing a little nibbling of his own. Kagome looked at him then and caught Sesshomaru staring at her.

"You are under-qualified," Sesshomaru began, setting her resume on his desk. "You have less experience then I would like."

"I know, but I'm a hard worker and I can take care of almost anything you would need."

'I bet you could,' Sesshomaru mused, his intense gaze causing Kagome to blush.

Posted on: August 4th 2011