Scout's Adopted Sister

By Soultail Omega-Light/Poisonfang205/Australia/Kathy Balog

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters in Team Fortress 2, they belong to Valve, I only owe Ba ba, [actual] Ma ma, her brothers, and Poison, both young and old.

Background: In 1948, a little girl was born in China while the youngest of four children, which was illegal, but the government told both Ba ba and Ma ma to give her up for adoption, which hurts the family, yet, within the pain, there is hope. In Boston, Mass., America, a mother with ten boys, wanted a girl, thus, she had hope with the news of a baby girl that she wanted, which the baby girl was adopted and brought over to America while the Scout was a young boy, anxious to be a big brother, instead of being the youngest of the family. Then, in 1960, the Scout, 19, and Poison[Which she was deemed by her birth parents back in China], 18, were shipped off to fight along side the Builders League United[B.L.U.], yet, they had to follow the rules of the administrator, but Poison's heart was taken by the sight of Mr. Mundy, a.k.a. the Sniper. Will her brother protect her long enough to do their missions successfully or else, will they cause the fall of the B.L.U.s?

"BA BA! It's time!" Ma ma called out during the day of November, 23, 1948, to Ba ba while feeling herself going into labor, her sons were nearby, helping out their father, crying in pain, holding onto her abdomen with her hands. Ba ba heard his wife calling for him while ordering the eldest to get the doctor at once, running into the small shack they are living in, after the war. Ma ma saw her husband and cried while holding onto his hand while pushing, after he laid her on the bed to start the delivery.

"BA BA! MA MA! I got the doctor here!" Ching called out to his father while the doctor is right behind him, not knowing that the American government officals were right on their trails, as well as the Chinese officials from Mau Tsung's command.

"Good! Bring him in! Ma Ma's in pain, right now!" Ba ba called out to him while staying by her side.

Hours passed before the crying voice of a baby girl, being born unto the family of hard-working Chinese farmers, when the officials of Chinese government knocks on the door to check on the progress of the harvest the family made, thus, they were shocked to see the arrival of the newest member of the family.

"I am sorry, sir, but you can't have more than 3 children in the family, laws are clear, sir." one official said to him after they pulled him away for a small chat.

"I don't want to see Ma Ma's face when she is told this, sirs, but what can I do to ease the pain away from my small family?" He asked them.

An American agent comes up and gave them a solution to the problem. "Adoption, since I have this woman back in the States that is in need of a daughter, thus, we would like to arrange the adoption." He said while being formal.

Ba ba looked at his new daughter and with tears, nods while agreeing to the adoption by handing her over to him. "One request, her name is Poison, since she can be lethal to anyone that touches her, as she is so pure and innocent." He went into the shack and told his children and wife about the proposal, and of course, everyone was in an uproar, but deep down, they know that it would be better for them to see their sister and daughter being raised up in America than here.

After several hours of negotiations and conversations, little Poison and her temporary guardian were en route to America, Boston, Mass. to be precise, thus, leaving the homeland of her birth behind.

-In Boston, Mass., USA-

Scout, the youngest of ten children and always get picked on, is up to his tricks again, if his mother is knowing where her sons are, but waiting for the arrival of a baby girl, so that she can be taught and maybe, even become a mother of her own. "I have been praying to God every night while seeing that Scout is in need of being a big brother, so I hope that my prayers is answered." She thought while looking out of the window of their modest apartment, looking for any signs of hope inside herself and outside.

"MOM! HELP! MICKEY, JOHN, PAUL, ANDREW, MICHAEL, SAM, MATT, AND ED ARE CHASING ME AGAIN!" Scout called out to her while running ahead of his older bros, before all of them stop running and pales at the sight of their mother being angry. "Oh crap..."

"Now, that's enough! All of you!" she shouted to them while crossing her arms before sighing, "I have some news to tell you."

"What is it, ma?" Mickey, the eldest, asked her.

She smirked and gave them a menacing leer, which never fails for a huge family of 10, fixing to be 11. "You all are going to have a baby sister to look after and teach, since I wanted a little girl for a long time, so I expect all of you to be on your best behavior, understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, now run along and play until I call all of you for supper."

Scout was the last one left and wanted to ask her a question. "Ma, what's our little sister looks like?"

"Wait and see, ok, Scout. She'll come around any day."

Hours passed and then, a knock on the door during their Thanksgiving dinner, which she answered and thus, her eyes sparkled at the sight of her baby girl, which she is different than her brothers, but still as lovely as ever. "She's precious. What is her name?"

"Poison, ma'am, by the request of her former father back in Mainland China." The agent replied before leaving her doorway and down the hallway to head out of the appartment completely, "Happy Thanksgiving, ma'am."

As Ma brought Poison in, she was cooing and cuddling the baby while letting her sons see her for the first time, well, nine of them refused, since they don't like anyone new. [Can't blame them for that, since there is still tension after the war and such.] But the youngest, he was playing with her and being the best big brother he could.

"Mom, are you out of your mind?" Paul, the third eldest, questioned her while shocked of the ways Scout was treating the new member of the family.

"Paul! I am disappointed with you for this, she is your sister and he's setting a good example, so deal with it or else." She said as she was shocked and hurt by her son's reactions to the little girl, but proud of her youngest to take the reigns and start looking out for her.

"Don't worry, sis, I'll protect you from those bullies, no matter what." Scout promised to her while holding onto her little hand, which she grasped with her tiny one to keep his promise alive for years to come.

-Now, in 1960, New Mexico-

Bullets and arrows were flying all over the place, blood was splattering from fist of cuffs, sword slashing, and back stabbing by espionage, it was the physical proof of hell breaking loose, which was scary at first, but with time, it's all part of everyday life, even for a Chinese-American girl, fighting with her brother while getting the Intel and disabling sentries left and right in her path, avoiding flamethrowers, sniper attempts on her life, rounds and rounds of bullets, rockets, bombs, and Lord who knows what else, yet with her patience among her fellow team mates, thus, a challenge for the administrator and her assistant, Miss Pauling. The only default was her broken English and still Mandarin Chinese dialect, so it's a struggle for anyone to understand her, even the Spy, so all she can do is recon and her own version of intelligence, as well as her own way of fighting on the sidelines.

But, she did start a journal in Chinese characters while recording all of the events in her point of view, as she had a small spot to call her "room," knowing how her older brother had to go through.

12th of June, 1959, back home in Boston, Mass.

Both my nihon and I had enlisted in the American version of the Army, where men were in one class and women were in another, thus, I was disgusted with the gender of mine, thus, I changed myself into a boy so that I can be closer to my nihon, which was favorable conditions when a gentleman who is older than my nihon, by the name of Saxton Hale, was teaching the men[and myself, to be honest] how to shoot while running on their toes, and also, choosing someone to go and fight against the R.E.D.s [Reliable Excavation & Demolition] in New Mexico, which he says that he only funded, yet, behind him was an elderly woman who has aged beyond her years, smoking a weird version of a cigarette, and eyes sharper than my eldest nihon, so I had to remain cool and not make myself nor my nihon known.

-hangs her head while seeing her brother acting like an a$$ to the elder woman's assistant-

Oh no, nihon gone and made himself a fool, which I had to step in and protect him from Mr. Hale's booted foot, a small sacrifice for family honor, but a great blessing from God above, the old woman chosen my nihon and myself to go and fight in New Mexico, since my nihon's speed and my endurance to pain, they shipped us out to the battlefield within the next year.

As "he" finished writing it down, "he" joined "his" nihon with all the training and fun in the basic training, enjoying each others company, even though he didn't know that the closest bud of his is actually a woman, thus, he was blissfully ignorant for the entire year, until a vehicle of what looked like military-issued jeep drove up to the apartment, both nihon and "himself" were packed for the journey, giving Ma hugs before leaving, but she did give Poison/"Ping" a gift of a new journal to keep while in the field, as a memento. "He" started to cry while hugging her for the last time before getting on, knowing that one of these days, "his" true gender will be discovered. As "his" nihon climbed in after "him," holding onto an aluminum bat, they traveled far from their home and heading towards the badlands and limited water area of New Mexico.

Day 1 of my new journal, January 2nd of 1960, in the middle of America.

Since my nihon still doesn't know who I really am, I am thankful for it, wishing that I could do something more than being bored to death from the long journey, yet, we did stopped in the "Heartland" of America, to pick up an peculiar character that is supposed to be like the old soldiers from the newspapers that ma ma read to me every night when I was little, yet, he is wielding a ridiculously huge rocket launcher when he came into the jeep, thus, he was too over-bearing and down right rude to me and my nihon, but one thing that my nihon has taught me is to "keep my mouth zipped and no trouble will come my way," thus, the SOLDIER, which I found out from an accidental listening in, Mr. Jane Doe, -snickers quietly to myself- was telling us about the combat that he endured while keeping his helmet on his head, blocking out the sight of his eyes. He kept talking on the trip, from the "Heartland," which I gave up listening to while watching the world go by, looking up at the sky, wondering how our Ma ma is coping with the empty nest feeling, not having us around all the time, thus, I sighed and wrote in the dark while using a flashlight and luck on my side, when both my nihon and the rude SOLDIER was asleep.

I hope we can make it to the battlefield before it is over, or else, I would miss out completely.


After writing the entry, "he" hid it and the pen, flashlight, and picture of "his" adopted family in a bag while trying to get some sleep "himself" during that long trip.

-Three to Five months later, 1960-

"He" woke up to the sounds of cows mooing, rigs drilling, cars driving by and the smell of oil, metal, and manure filling "his" nostrils, thus, it was foul-smelling to "him" and everyone else who agreed to the change of route.

"Yo, where are we?" 'his' nihon shouted out to the driver of the jeep while making a stop at some place in a state bigger than back home. "Why did we stop?"

"Maggot! This is no time to be annoying!" The Soldier shouted while being loud again and acting like he is a general or something, which is giving "him" a huge headache.

"We're here to pick up an engineer, who is familiar with defenses and mechanical problems, so settle down!" the driver said back to "his" nihon while pushing him back to sit down, which took a lot of restraint on "his" part to keep "his" nihon under control, as "he" promised to their mother, thus, "his" brother was steaming while sitting in a pout.

A man of interesting and calming mood climbs onto the jeep to sit down, he was dressed in jean coveralls, a blue uniform shirt, a belt full of tools, as well as a red toolbox, but to make it more interesting is that he had one glove on all the time and the other hand was normal as can be, while he started to play on his guitar that he brought along, thus, it was making "him" miss "his" real home, as well as having a hard hat helmet on, yellow as a sunflower petal. Polite to "his" nihon and the Soldier, like they were old friends or something like it, but more pleasant to be around than the mouthy and unpredictable SOLDIER.

As night fall outside the jeep, "he" pulled out "his" journal, flashlight, and pen to start writing again while the ENGINEER was keeping watch for everyone, secretly, 'she' appreciated greatly.

15th of June, 1960, outside of Bee caverns, Texas

For the first time, I finally have someone to talk to while practicing my English, and maybe, understands me completely. The Soldier was rude and rash, while this "Engineer" is more down to earth and pleasant to talk to. A proper gentleman, as I would put it, is much better to deal with problems than one that is bull-headed or unwise, so I will, one of these days, start working with him while starting a conversation. As for the trip, it was getting more and more unbearable, dressing up as a guy, but to stay close to my nihon and keep him in control, I have to do what is needed.

Anyways, the Engineer spoke softly and seems to get me into practical stuff that he was into, but with my nihon being a nosy protector, it was getting more and more difficult, yet, he asked me a few questions and I can barely answered with my broken English, so I had to use my hands to paint a picture for him to understand by, which I am grateful for his understanding, thus, making a new friend outside the family. As he told me about his hand, it got me interested in coming up with some solutions to help out, yet, he said, "D'aww, don't you worry about it, Ping, it'll be better with time." After we talked for hours on our journey to New Mexico, he became quiet and happy with the changes of his surroundings, which I am kind of envious of, but I don't blame him for being lax, since it reminded me of ma ma's mood when all of my brothers are asleep and I come to her for advice, maybe I can look up to him for some advice when we get to the battlefield.

I am just writing by the skin of my teeth and in the dead of night while heading towards the battlefield, getting more and more afraid of the dangers that lie ahead, but I have one prayer, "Ancestors, please watch over my nihon, my friend, and myself. I am begging you from the bottom of my heart. Please." With that, I am running out of battery energy for my flashlight, so I have to stop right here and now.


As soon as "he" finished writing, they were getting near to the New Mexican Border and thus, the beginning of her intense hell with first-hand experience with battle and fear.

-A month later, finally arriving to the spot of battle, 1960-

All four of the riders got off of the jeep and ran towards the B.L.U. base to meet up with the others, according to the orders of the driver before he drove off in the opposite direction than before. "What a strange person." 'he' said to the others while shaking 'his' head in disbelief before running with the SCOUT, SOLDIER, and ENGINEER, dodging bullets and arrows while keeping 'his' head down, after a while of running and evading, everyone made it inside and catch their breathe, waiting for more to come.

"Stay close to me, Ping." 'his' nihon said to 'him' while standing close to 'him' for safety reasons.

"Of course, brother." 'he' replied to him before hearing the laughter of a big, Russian man, completely bald, proud with his gun and belt of bullets, and very intimidating to 'him' with his size; an African-Scotsman that has one eye and a serious problem with alcohol, as well as real expertise for demolition, scary thought; a stuck up German guy with a funny looking gun and bloodied gloves, which creeps 'him' out completely in his leer and insanity; a mysterious guy/girl[?] with a real case of pyromania and surreal neutrality in the face meaning the mask of his/hers/its, a suit that he/she never takes off, and a big flamethrower, which surprises 'him' greatly with the need of petrol in the gun; a French spy that is in disdain with the thought of working with another Engineer and Scout, yet what intrigued him was another reserved Scout that isn't who they really were on the inside, thus, he kept his mouth shut; and finally, 'his' heart skips a beat when 'he' saw Mr. Mundy, a.k.a. The Sniper, since his Australian accent and his way of greeting new people, it's almost too much like being in a story of old, but 'his' nihon snaps 'him' out of 'his' daze by introducing himself first.

"Yo, what's up? I'm dat SCOUT, dis guy can take on de whole damn army by myself!"

"You, puny baby? HA! Don't make Heavy Weapons Guy laugh!" The big Russian said as he was proud and arrogant to his power.

"Ey, ey, ey! Don't mess with dat Force of Nature, pal, or ya would be dead right now!"

"Scout! Stop it! Calm down!" 'he' said to him while holding him back to control his temper.

"I agree, gentlemen, enough with ze petty fights among us when we have other guests to meet, no?" The Spy agreed to the 'brother' of Scout's while lighting a cigarette with a lighter.

"Maggots! I'm the SOLDIER! I am here for reinforcements while those sorry dogs will pay for the slandering of American soil!" The Soldier barked while standing in attention and at his antics again.

"My head hurts." Scout's 'brother' said finally while rubbing 'his' temples with 'his' hands, having to put up with the false pretenses of the SOLDIER during the entire trip.

"I don't blame ya, mate. These blokes are nuttier than ever." The Sniper sighed while leaning against the wall for better comfort.

"Pardon me for buttin' in, but I'm the new Engineer and I have come here to fight the R.E.D.s, not each other." The Engineer piped in while calming the tension down completely.

"Aye, finally some patience, laddies." The Demo man said as he took a swig of his alcohol before offering a sip to the one with the headache.

'He' shook 'his' head while declining the offer of scotch for the sake of 'his' mind and body balance, acting more feminine than usual, thus, setting off several red flags to both the Spy and the Engineer, but they kept their mouths silent.

Then, Heavy came up to Scout and knocked him aside while picking up his 'brother,' making 'him' see eye to eye, setting up a pecking order between himself and the newbie, knowing that his big hands can go around 'his' entire body and squeeze 'him' to death like a grape.

"Ha! The other Scout is puny baby and is small enough for me to squish like a pathetic baby animal! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he said proudly while crushing 'him' in his grasp.

"Acckkk! Brother... -cough- Help..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let 'him' go, big guy!" Scout said as he bonked him in the gut to drop his 'brother' down onto the ground, protecting 'him' while 'he' was wincing in pain. "Yo, doc, can ya help?"

"Nien, I vould not help out a person zhat I do not nuz zhe person, so deal vith it yurself!" The Medic replied while being a jerk and a prick to them.

"Muuuah! Mppphhhh!" Pyro stated while pointing his flamethrower at the Medic for being an ass.

"My thoughts exactly, my pyrotechnic friend." Spy said as he stood by while watching the Medic getting burned badly.

July 20th, 1960, now in New Mexico.

After meeting and greeting with the team mates, I felt for the first time in my life, pain in my chest while being crushed by a huge hand of someone who speaks Russian and dimmer than I hope for in the head, it hurts like hell! -winces while taking a deep breathe as she put a hand on the bandaged ribs- As I got to know the others, I managed to stay by my brother's side while he was tending to me, finally knowing the truth, but he talked to me while remembering the promise he made that long ago, so he is in on the act of mine. I think the Engineer and the Spy knows what is going on, but have the tact to keep their mouths zipped up while I am around, so I am eternally grateful for that, as well.

The Medic... I really don't like his attitude, his pride, or his ways of helping out at all, to be honest with myself, since he is on his high horse about the past and his "profession" to his fellow men. I am weary of him at this time, since I didn't expect the sudden attack upon me at all, so now I am vulnerable at this time. The Demo... I can't stand alcohol nor his gruffness, he's worse than the Heavy, but I should give him a shadow of a doubt when it comes to helping me out of there when the Medic was on fire, as the Scots have a code of honor to follow upon.

The Pyro, another good friend to have a conversation with and actually listens, thus, he/she[?] stood up for me at the spot, like we have a connection that no one could understand, so I thank him/her/whatever they are for it.

Now, -blushes while remembering the voice of the Sniper- there is one man that actually caught my attention while he was introducing himself, thus, I felt like my heart skips a beat or two when he was in the room. The "Bushman," as the Spy calls him, was very handsome and damn good with his calm mood that it takes my breathe away, but, I have a feeling that it's going to be a like a game of cat-and-mouse with each other, that I would be messing up right and left, if I didn't get my head into the game, as my brother would say.

-sighs while taking a moment to reflect- What should I do to keep myself in line while hoping that my brother would do his missions well, but at the same time, thinking about the Sniper and his mysterious ways? -groans- Ma ma was right, I should be careful with boys, especially those who can break your heart in a matter of seconds, but the song that I heard on the radio three years ago was right for me at this time.

"Wise men say, only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you."- Elvis Presley, 1957, Blue Hawaii

Maybe some time with solo missions and extreme caution to stay alive is all that I need, especially when the administrator and her assistant, Miss Pauling, have plans for me. -shudders in fear- I should get some sleep, if I am any good to anyone in the morning, so I should stop here. Good night, journal, -looks from side to side before writing down the next word that no one wants to hear- aru.


As the injured Scout in reserve puts the journal and other stuff away, 'he' fell to sleep and starts dreaming of seeing the Sniper in 'his' dreams.

-The Next Morning-

The 'other' scout was rudely woken up by the sounds of the Soldier blowing into his bugle to do the morning roll call, thus, making the morning unbearable to 'him.' "Someday, I am seriously killing that guy," 'he' thought to 'himself' while getting up and getting dressed, thankful that no guy was around to expose 'his' true identity, thus, ready in ten minutes for some breakfast and maybe a cup of coffee, if 'he' can work 'his' way to getting some from the Pyro, who is guarding it for some odd reason.

"MORNING, MAGGOT!" The Soldier said to Ping while standing in attention at the door to the Mess Hall.

"Nihao." Ping accidentally said in Chinese before covering 'his' mouth. "Opps."

"Whoat was thoat?" The Sniper said as he stood up, pulling out his bushwacka blade to attack out of surprise.

"Uhh... 'bro,' are you sure you are ok from last night?" Scout asked as he had rose an eyebrow in concern of his 'brother's' condition.

Ping nods quickly before ducking and evading the slashes of the blade, sweating from the accidental greeting that 'he' was so used to.

"That is enough!" A voice that is familiar to Ping while feeling the sharp blade against 'his' throat, thus, stopping the Sniper in his tracks.

"Thank you." Ping said as 'he' quickly got 'his' breakfast and sat down while scared from what just happen, before looking up at a man wearing a trench coat and fedora, black as the ace of spades, and when he opened his coat, 'he' thought he was flashing them in the nude, but it was a monitor attached to the chest of the man, fully clothed, thank goodness, with the same woman from before, talking to them.

"Good morning, everyone. I hope we gotten well acquainted with each other for the rest of the war, since we have a lot of work to do, am I correct?" She said to them while giving them the 'evil eye of doom,' which scared both Scout and Ping to death since they were exposed to in their youth from their mother, so they kept quiet, but to Ping's surprise, she was much older than she looked a year ago, so it's a shocking revelation to 'himself' that she is not as cunning as she seemed. "As you all are well aware, the R.E.D.s have been planning a strike for weeks, since the last Engineer, Scout, and Soldier was wiped out, thus, they think they have the advantage, yet, from my own eyes, we have a newcomer that might lend a hand to the cause," she continued while taking a dreg of smoke from her cigarette, "Ping here will be the backup SCOUT for now, since we are in need of stronger offenses, am I correct, Mr. Jane Doe?"

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am!" The SOLDIER replied while taking his job way too seriously.

"Good, now after breakfast, I will be issuing out missions for everyone, do I make myself clear?" She nods while feeling sly with the order she has it in her head.

"Ma'am, yes, ma'am!" All the guys replied in unison.

"Yes, ma'am." Ping said a second later, thus, causing them to laugh at 'him' from the embarrassment.

"Very good. Now, have a good day, gentlemen." As she disappeared from the screen, everyone else was snickering and talking about plans to counter the R.E.D.s, giving them trouble, and maybe, get some action for once.

"Boy howdy! I want to set up a defense that the R.E.D.s never seen in their lives! YEE-HAW!" Engineer was excited as ever, since he got to stand up first and hold up his fist in glee.

"Ya! Dat's what I'm talking about!" 'his' brother chimed in while getting ready for his first mission.

"Wǒ yīnggāi zěnme bàn? [What should I do?]" Ping whispered to someone that might hear 'him' out of the cheers of men getting ready for the fight.

"Uhh... Whoat the laddie is sayin? I don't speak jibberish!" The Demo spoke while hearing the Chinese spoken from 'his' mouth, still hammered as all hell from the booze of his. "And learn to speak English!"

"Ja, simple English for everyvun to understand." The Medic chuckled while straightening his glasses on his face.

After that jest of conversation between each other, The Sniper gets up and begins to leave. "Call me when we get our victory, mates." he said to everyone.

Ping can't help in blushing at the voice of his, before getting whap upside the head by 'his' brother to get a move on, lightly, though. "Wǒ lái le, xiōngdì. [I'm coming, brother.]" 'he' said as 'he' gotten 'his' bat, gun, and can of BONK! Atomic Cola, which according to the Pyro, brings up 'his' speed and endurance to a higher degree for a limited time, so, 'he' stood in position for the garage door-like frame to open, as well as the time to begin 'his' first mission on the battle field.

Hours later, Ping was being carried back, victoriously, by the shoulder of B.L.U. Heavy, for 'his' first capture of the R.E.D. Intelligence and also, eliminating the R.E.D.s Sniper, Engineer, and Heavy, while doing a death-defying stunt to get a better edge of the opposition. Even the Spy was clapping in the background while snorting for being a show-off.

"Hell yeah! Dat's my 'bro!'" Scout said as he was cheering with Demo, Pyro, and Soldier as Heavy sets his 'brother' down to celebrate.

"Bwahahahaaha! That laddie has balls to jump onto the rockets and knock them out of course for all of us fighters! Cheers Mates!" The Demo said as he took a long swig of rum from his bottles.

"Da! Puny baby has proven useful!" Heavy laughed while patting 'his' shoulder hard enough to knock 'him' down, as well as knocking off the hat to conceal 'his' identity, which everyone fell to silence as they were shocked from the change of events and the masquerade that was going on, exposed.

"Uh oh..." She finally said as she gotten up and dust herself off before scratching the back of her head. "Please, let me explain."

"Aha! I knew zit!" The Spy said as he made a bet with the Sniper. "I knew zat Scout was a woman! Pay me ze metal you owe me, Mr. Mundy."

"Crickey! I should have known from the bloody beginning, but when did you know about this, wanker?"

"Last night before Heavy tried to kill her, no?"

Everyone else was still in a state of shock, but like her brothers, she felt alone again. "Ey, ey, ey! Cut her some slack! It takes guts to come this far and prove herself long enough to stay, so back off!" Scout defended her while showing guts.

Poison felt tears coming to her eyes, which she wiped them away while showing determination and dignity. "He's right! I wouldn't be here, if I hadn't made sacrifices, even for a short while as we came out on top! In fact, I would be back home with Ma ma if I hadn't made a choice to come and help out."

"Hmm... You do have a point there, since all Americans sacrificed their lives for honor, freedom, and liberty." Soldier thought about while remembering all the times he tried to join in the Military himself, but failed, thus, he did all the work himself.

"If zhat is true, den I have one statement! No vone cares about vhat you say! Since you are so annoying, it's better to keep it zhat vay." The Medic stated as plainly as he could while not caring at all about her moving words or honorable actions, thus, he departed to the Medical wing of the base, wanting to be left alone.

Those words stung harder than ever, thus, she was insulted and hurt at the same time, thus, she couldn't hide the tears coming out of her eyes and run out of there while wanting some time for herself and to think.

"Mmmmpphhh! Muuuhhhahh! Mmmm mmm mmm..." Pyro said as he/she[?] shook his/her[?] head in pity while sighing and start tinkering with his/her[?] flamethrower.

"Well, thanks a lot, guys! You just pissed off my sister for just saving your asses back there!" Scout said as he ran after her to calm her down and give her comfort.

Outside, among the gravel and rocks, she sat by herself while crying from the pain and anger of the words she heard from the mouth of the Medic, while a meter away, her brother was calling out for her, worried that he was losing her, until he found her and trying to talk to her. "Hey, hey, hey. Look, I'm sorry for keeping the secret from the others, as well as dat prick of a doc to say those words, but I want you to know that I am proud of you for standing up and also, giving us a victory from those R.E.D.s." He said as he sat down next to her.

"You are right, but I felt so wounded in my heart that I couldn't take it anymore, brother. The physical pain, I can endure, but emotional and sensitive pain, -sighs- I'm not as strong as I hope to, yet, I promised Ma ma that we stay together, even if we fight each other, we remain strong."

"Yeah, forget dat asshole and try to carry on with what ya do best, sis." He nods while seeing her smile and feeling better, getting up and offering a hand to her. "And dat's being my little watcher."

She accepted his hand and stood up before being noogied on her head, laughing and feeling much better from the chat she had with him.

They felt better after having a talk for about an hour before racing back to the barracks for some sleep, since they always have a big day ahead of them. "No fair, nihon! That wasn't fair for us to have a fair starting point!" She called out to him while chasing after him before tackling him down and rough-housing with each other before it was cut short by the presence of a woman, around Poison's age or older, wearing purple and glasses that glare in the moonlight, clearing her throat. "Excuse me, you two, but it's curfew around here, so get inside now!" she said as she looked at us and pointing to the barracks with authority and some power.

"Alright, alright. We're going. Night, Miss Pauling." her brother said as he gotten up and walked away, holding up his hands while being a good guy.

"Good night, Miss Pauling." Poison called out to her before going in after her brother to get some sleep.

July 21st, 1960

Well, my cover has been blown by the back slapping of Heavy, but at least, they know the truth about me. Yet, at least, I had a touching conversation with my brother while we were outside, since it wasn't fair for the Medic to insult me while I gave them a victory for the first day, even the R.E.D. Scout was shocked with my unorthodox skills that he couldn't keep up for hours, nor the others. -chuckles before sighing- But he did give me a special honor, just between him and myself, meaning no matter how much we are different, deep down, we all come from one family that still loves us, even when we are far away. From now on, I'm his little watcher, since I'm the only thing he's got in the war and I don't want to lose him, either.

As for the others, I don't know what they are thinking, but I have one thing to know, I have said the truth and will stand by it with my family's honor. As for the Spy, he was heartless to bet on the outcome of my true nature to arrive, -sighs- I may never understand him. The Soldier understood my words and sides with me, for once, yet, I should be thankful for one important lesson from dismantling the R.E.D.s sentries: Wires hurt my hands when not used to them.

Ma ma, if I write to you soon, it would be a great letter to tell as it would be filled with action, adventure, and hopefully, some passion, but for now, this journal is my only source of record, thus, it's getting late for me to write more, so I'll leave it here for tomorrow, I hope. Night, journal.


After she wrote in her journal, she held it close to herself while looking at the ceiling, taking some time to think while sleep crept over her like a shadowed hand from the rafters, sand of slumber coating her to fall asleep, which she did after a few more minutes of silent cheer and happiness before closing her eyes to drift off to dream land in her head.

-Four months later, after a ridiculous stalemate with the R.E.D.s, when it was her birthday, Thanksgiving Day, 1960, Badlands, New Mexico-

The mornings were the same for everyone, rations like crazy, but the strangest thing is that there is no administrator around during the time of Thanksgiving, barking orders or issuing missions to everyone, thus, it was a time for everyone to take a day of rest from the battles and try to boost up their morale. As for Poison, it was a very special day for her alone, since she vaguely remember her real parents or where she originally came from.

As she sat on her bed, she heard a knock on the wall to snap her out of her train of thought, thus, she looked up to see her nihon greeting her. "'Sup, sis. And I remembered what today is." He said as he sat down next to her. "Its Thanksgiving here, but from what Ma told our brothers and myself, it's also your birthday, so Happy Birthday, Poison."

She smiled while tears of joy comes out of her eyes, since all the times in the past, her older and quite mean brothers do some cruel tricks on her, even cut her hair while she was taking a nap, which made her cry from the shame and hurt feelings she felt, but somehow, Scout was the one who kept her spirits up and even gave her some old things that he got from his brothers, which he kept from his youth, so she didn't feel too alone in the family. "Xie Xie, nihon." She whispered while hugging him before getting up. "So what I want to do is probably talk to the Engineer for some time, just to help him out, nihon, besides, I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day for everyone to just take it easy and have some fun."

"I dunno, I like the guy, but I still don't trust him to be alone with you, sis. After all, you're still new to the fellas and such, yet, I'll keep those punks from the R.E.D. area away." he said to her while having some doubts, but trusts her judgment and her ways of trying to help people out.

She smiled as she left the barracks before getting a dove on her head, which was the biggest surprise on her birthday. "EEEKKKKKKKKKK!" She screeched before ducking and trying to get the bird off of her head.

"ARCHIMEDES! NO!" The Medic shouted at the poor dove while shooing it away, before glaring at her straight in the face. "Did vou harm my little bird, girl?" He said as he grabbed the collar of her shirt to make her see eye to eye. "Did vou?"

Poison shooked her head while getting scared of him. "No, no! I haven't harm your dove, sir. I was walking, minding my business, when he showed up out of the blue, and scared me to death." She said while struggling.

"Liar!" He said as she felt him smacking her cheek hard with his left hand for lying to him.

"I'm not lying! I am telling the truth!"

He got so angry and shoved her onto the floor before storming away in a huff, clearly not convinced and still angry as ever, leaving her on the ground, absolutely having no heart to apologize to her.

She was used to the smacks on her cheek while dealing with her brothers, so she gotten up and walked on while having her head up with dignity and pride, bidding her good mornings to the Soldier, having to deal with his gruff manner; Pyro, who gave her a small gift for her birthday, which was a small lighter he made, which made her happier than ever, thus, she thanked him for the sweet gift; then, the Spy, who just mocked and sneered at her for being a tricky devil in the game of espionage when she doesn't have any clue on how the true undercover skills are used in battle, but with her peppy and cheerful manner, she just ignored him for the time being; Heavy didn't bother to say "good morning" when he was taking care of his guns, Sasha and Natascka, which kind of freaked her out for the sight of seeing him talking to them like they were alive or something, so she left him alone; The Demo, she spotted, was passed out in a drunken and wasted nap, thus, she wished to herself that he would stop drinking and maybe, learn to control his habits with explosives, yet she did a favor for him by covering him with a light blanket to keep him warm from the freezing air that was unusual around the time of the desert-like setting.

When she passed by the Sniper, she couldn't opened her mouth to greet him without acting like an idiot to him, thus, she nods her head to him as a greeting of silence while picking up her speed of walking, making it harder and harder for her to just talk to him alone, henceforth, she is in a state of silent admiration of the tall Aussie and his yellow sunshades that is reflective like mini-mirrors to her. "Dammit, why can't I say something to him without freaking out or even, look stupid?" She thought to herself while her day went from good to bad all of a sudden.

By the time she gotten outside, she accidentally bumped into Miss Pauling and made her dropped her clipboard on the ground. "I'm so sorry, ma'am. I didn't see you there." She helped her out while picking up the clipboard and paperwork that was scattered all around her.

"It's alright, Poison, actually I have packages for everyone, including you, from the mail, as well as checking up on everyone with their morale." She said as she gotten everything straighten and just told her what she was doing there, since she was not as timid around her than she is around her brother and her fellow team mates, which Poison took the cue to leave her alone for the day, since she still wants to talk to the Engineer for a while. "Have a good day, Poison."

"Err... Xie Xie?" She replied while confused as hell, but shrugs it off as she is wondering around the outside of the base, looking for any places where the Engineer is camping at, especially when she knows that he loves to play his guitar to his sentries, as well as drinking some beer to keep himself calm, then, she saw smoke coming from the west, signaling that he is at his own constructed 'beehive,' surrounded with his creations of mechanical design, playing his six-string guitar while making a beautiful music to keep himself busy with coming up new inventions and better defenses. She followed the music while keeping on her toes for any rockets, bullets, or any missteps on the way to the Engineer, holding out a piece of tin foil to confuse the sentries temporarily, thus, she got to him with luck on her side completely.

"Well, Howdy there, Poison. Would you like to join me?" He greeted her while seeing her behind him, a bit startled from the amount of time he had to deal with the R.E.D. Spy messing up his sentries for months, thus, he sighed in relief. "You scared the living daylights out of me, little lady."

She gritted her teeth when she sat down, hate to be called that every time she is around the guys, yet, she smiled at him while resting her head on her hands, looking at him with immense curiosity. "Nihao, Engineer." She greeted him while watching him play his guitar.

"I may not understand your dialect, Poison, but I appreciate you coming to visit me on Thanksgiving Day." He said as he chuckled with easy going mood and continue playing his tune.

"Uhh... Thank you, sir, but today is also my birthday, as well." She said as she giggled too, hearing herself speak English with some effort, continue to hear the melody of his strumming on his guitar.

"Oh? Well, Happy Birthday. How old are you today?" He asked while looking up at her.

"19." She smiled wider and grins. "I got lighter from Pyro, sneers and a face slap from Spy and Medic," she rubbed her bruised cheek while telling him, "my brother wished me first this morning, so I feel better, and also, talked to Miss Pealing, saying that she has some packages for all of us in the mail, so it's been an interesting morning."

"Heh, so cute, yet have you talk to the Sniper face-to-face?"

She blushed while sitting up right and looking sheepish. "No, I couldn't find the words to say to him, since I don't know if he can understand me or not."

"Ah. I see, well, anyways, I am sorry for not coming up with a gift for ya, but I hope you accept a song that I wrote for you." He said as he started to play.

-plays a small version of Happy Birthday, but guitar version to cheer her up-

Poison closes her eyes while letting the melody come to her heart, giving her more and more hope for a better today, even forgetting the pain of her cheek and the harsh words of everyone else, except for the Engineer and her brother, as well as the Pyro, his/her/its wishing of Happy Birthday to her.

-This is in her dreams while she sat by the fire, asleep-

As soon as the music stopped, she opened her eyes to see a R.E.D. Spy looming over her, holding out his butterfly knife to stab her.

"Bonjour!" He said as he tried to stab her, but misses when she rolled out of the way in a flash. "Dammit!" He already stabbed the Engineer while he was in stealth, thus, making the music stop completely.

"ENGINE!" She shouted while in shock and then, tried to run away, her fear is kicking into high gear.

"HELP!" She screamed as she ran past the scrambled sentries that the Spy did onto them, thus, adding more fear to her attempt to escape, before being stopped by the R.E.D. Heavy, which petrified her to the point of being looking really white with complete terror.

"Hmph! Puny B.L.U. baby think they can defeat Heavy!" He said as he picked her up and held her in his hand completely, slowly causing a squeeze on her body. "Now I will have last laugh! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

She struggled while clawing and beating on his hand to let him go before an idea came to her, thus, closing her eyes and biting hard on it while letting blood come out of her mouth.

"Owww! Let go!" R.E.D. Heavy shouted while unclinching his hand to shake off the stinging pain that is afflicting him. "MEDIC! DOKTOR!" He shouted while seeing her let go and running away, spitting out vile tastes that she accidentally licked on while chomping down on the flesh, meaning months and months of old mayo that he didn't wipe off from his sandviches.

"Yuck! That was vile!" She grimaced while doing a baseball slide under the R.E.D. Demo, avoiding his sticky bombs and other explosive devices around her, though that's going to cost her the use of her hearing for about three months or so. "I will never look at a sandvich of B.L.U. Heavy's again, but this is crazy, the R.E.D.s suddenly attacking us when the administrator isn't around." She ran past the R.E.D. Pyro, who nearly scorched her while she ran faster than her nihon and jumping farther than he could, before hiding behind a corner of the building, panting and sweating, but covers her mouth when a cloaked R.E.D. Spy walked by her, unaware of her spot to hide.

"Hm?" He said as he turned quickly to spot her. "AHA! What?" He saw no one there as he was shocked of the speed and evasion of the B.L.U. Scout. "Clever! I'll give you credit for zhat, mon amore, but I will get you yet!" He said as he looked for the B.L.U.'s Intel.

"Oh no! He's after the Intel! I need to get there and protect it before he does." She thought as she dashed ahead to the office where the Intel is kept safe.

"Whoa! Sis! What's happening?" her brother called out while catching up to her, seeing her opening the door lock like it was nothing to her. "Why are you in a rush?"

"No time, nihon. The R.E.D.s struck while I was visiting Engie and they tried to stop me from calling upon all of you! Now I got to protect the Intel before it is stolen!" She said as she threw open the door and pulling him in, shuts the door and puts a chair under the handle to prevent the R.E.D.s to entering in the room.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do ya mean dat the R.E.D.s are attacking us? Dat doesn't make sense at all!" Her nihon said as he leaned against the desk, crossing his arms while thinking, hearing her out.

"I know, but something is wrong, since they don't do sneak attacks on holidays and such, so I am betting that there is a secret revolt right now, nihon." She replied as she kept an eye out of the windows while having the horizontal blinds down and on high alert. "Even the vile taste of stale mayo stains my mouth, which I will never get out of for a month."

"Yuck, you got dat right when he shoves his hand in my face every damn day of the week." he made a face when he understood what she means. "So what should we do?"

"I don't know."


Then the glass completely cracked into pieces in front of her when an ax broke the windows, thus, she screamed and jumped back while getting away from the impact, thus, revealing the mask of the R.E.D. Pyro, trying to get into the office.

"Ahh! They have gotten inside!"

"Ya think?"

Then things have gotten way out of hand that she held onto her head and kept wishing that this was a nightmare, until she felt the familiar mechanical hand on her shoulder waking her up, calling out her name from her dream. "Huh?"

-End of the dream/nightmare-

She sat up while looking around, everything was peaceful and calm, happy to see the Engineer alive and well, as well as no R.E.D.s around to disturb them. "Are you ok, partner? Ya'll fell asleep on me when I was playing the song for ya." he said to her as he helped her up from the ground.

"Yeah, just had a nightmare while the music was going on, Engine. I am sorry for that." She replied while sighing in relief of his concern and runs back to the base for some supper, since she slept all day, from the look of the sun setting in the west, thus, she was hungry for something good.

Somehow, the Engineer was inside the darken and eerily quiet base before her, and some planning on the Scout's part, was getting ready for a party for her birthday that she'll never forget.

"Psshh... Is everything ready?"

"Yeah, even lardfat is prepared for the surprise."

"Vill vou keep zits down! She vill hear vus!"

"Nevah! This soldier will never shuts up, maggots!"

"Oi! Pipe down, ya barmy fool!"

"Sasha is embarrassed, but happy to celebrate birthday."

"Mmmppph! Muunnnahhh! Mpph!"

"You blokes are going to die soon."

"Enough, here she comes, gentlemen. Get ready."

As Poison gotten closer to the common room, she saw it dark as the night, thus, she was curious on what is going on around the entire base, which is scaring her a bit from her nightmare she had. When she stepped into the darken space, her eyes had to adjust to the darkness for a bit before the lights were turned on, thus, blinding her for a few seconds.

"SURPRISE!" the guys say as they popped out of their hiding places, surprising her with a wonderful birthday party.

She gasped and smiled while tearing in happiness, seeing the small, but crafted gifts that was near a sandvich cake that the Medic made for her. [Author's Notes: After the Scout threaten to whack him out completely, for two reasons. One, he was being an ass to him and a psycho; and two, what he did to her was not cool, so he wanted something to say "I'm sorry" to her.] Everyone smiling and wishing her a happy birthday.

"Xie Xie, everyone." She said as she bowed to them before making a wish and then, blowing out the candle, before she saw a different messenger with a tv stuck to his chest, but showing something different and horrifying. "What the...?"

On the screen was a group of people that was tied up and blindfolded while they are unaware of what is going on at this time. "Good evening, Poison. Happy Birthday, from me and your real family that traveled all the way from China to see you." The administrator said as she stepped into the view of the camera, thus, she has a trick up her sleeve to keep her in line.

"Where are we? Who is out there? What is going on?" Ba ba said as he tried to find the source of the voice while trying to protect his family from danger.

"Ba ba...? Is that my real father?" Poison asked to herself as she kept quiet while hearing the administrator explaining the rules and regulations to her, but in the words of Mandarin Chinese before nodding at Miss Pauling to fire shots at the family that she never got to know. "No..." she began to cry while seeing her real ba ba, ma ma, and her actual brothers getting slain, thus, literally breaking her heart from the inside out.

"In all of my years, I never seen so much...horror. It's shameful."


"What de hell was dat crap?"

"That don't look good."

"No dignity at all."

"What in Sam Hell is wrong with this picture?"

"Bloody 'Ell... An entire family slain..."

"Oh Good, more bodies to collect for me to experiment upon."

"Blimey, that's even lower than the standards of an assassin."

After the messenger was shot and the filming was done, she felt her world was turned completely upside down and coldly glare at the Medic for thinking of using her real parents that she never got to meet at all for science experiments, since he had no heart to say that at all about the callousness of the slayings that happened in front of her eyes. "Why did it have to happen to me? Why?" She felt oddly hollow on the inside and also, a rise of defiance towards the administrator for the horrific crime she committed.

When she ate the sandvich slice that she got from her nihon, she tried to put on a happy face while pushing the horrible thought out of her mind, as well as try to think about her current mother and brothers, instead of the disturbing scene of murder. "The gifts were great, nihon. Xie Xie." She smiled as she saw that she got a small first aid kit; case of BONK! Atomic Colas and other cans to try out; binoculars; used pair of gloves from Heavy, modified to fit her hands, since his hands are too big for her size; a tool set that looks worn down, but still working; and a small dagger for self defense, thus, she felt happy from the horrible scene she witnessed.

"No prob, sis. You deserved it and I bet Mom at home is wishing ya a happy birthday too." He replied while biting into his sandvich while chatting with Demo.

After the celebration and some Thanksgiving dinner with everyone, the base was quiet again and pulling out her journal, pen, flashlight, and picture of her adopted family, started writing while laying down on her abdomen.

November 23rd, 1960, Badlands, New Mexico

Well, I got some good news and some bad news, especially for the day of my birth and day of Thanks, if what my brother had told me this morning. -thinks while biting the cap of the pen to think on how to put it into words- Despite my peppy and upbeat mood, all day, I have been either ignored or even put into a situation with my team members, except for Pyro, who gave me a lighter. [Real sweet of him/her/it to do that for me] Before I tell you the news, I would like to say that without my nihon around, I would not have made it to my 19th birthday without him backing me up, so I would like to thank him from the deepest part of my heart.

Ok, the bad news: I just saw something so callous and cold hearted while I was blowing out the candle on the sandvich cake, it literally destroyed my innocence and past. ... Alright, the administrator was gone to get my birth parents and brothers from China and send them back here, where, I have no clue, but when she was telling me about my foolish ways, she made an example by having all of them killed right in front of my eyes, which took the greatest amount of restrain to not vomit nor wail at the loss of the parents that I never got to know, yet, I didn't think the guys would stomach the sight of cruelty and harshness of the administrator, just to make her point loud and clear. Xié'è de wūpó [evil witch] -a tear dropped onto the page before it was wiped away by the blanket, trying to keep the ink on the paper while wiping her eyes from the pain she felt inside herself-

Good news: I managed to get some sunlight and cherish the time of peace from fighting while hanging around the Engineer, avoiding the sentries while using a piece of tin foil to temporarily confuse them as I ran by them. His guitar playing is so close to my ancestral homeland's stringed instrument, but better sounding to me when he sang "Happy Birthday to you," thus, putting me to sleep for the afternoon. Even the Pyro gave me a lighter that he/she/it created from it's hands, which I will keep as a gift forever. -looks at the hand crafted steel lighter that is beside the journal- I wonder what Mr. Mundy is thinking about at this time. -letting her mind wonder for a bit before getting back on track-

I will write to Ma ma on what is going on with Scout and myself, as well as some sketchy details on what we have been doing for the last year, by now, leaving out the horror that I just witnessed earlier. Yet, one more thing, I will never look at Heavy's sandviches the same way ever again from a nightmare of fear and intense.

Flower of the day: None, since it's November and no flowers can grow in the cool temperature of the desert here in the Badlands, so it's impossible to get a flower in perfect condition when it's arid and almost a wasteland. Poor things.


As she finished writing down that entry, she closed the book and hid it with her gifts in a hidden space behind her bed, along with her flashlight that she turned off; an extra set of clothes; spare ammo for her gun; picture of her adopted family; and her necklace that she found on the ground a month ago, which was very beautiful turquoise and silver pendant from an Indian tribe outside of Santa Fe, when both her and her nihon were getting supplies for the B.L.U.s; thus, closing it up and drifting off to sleep.

-A few weeks later-

Poison was dreaming about something when she was still in bed, thus, the guys had a plan to wake her up while trying to not snicker out loud. "Shhh... Do vou vant to ruin zhe fun, dummkopf" The Medic harshly whispered while wanting to do this for the longest time and still have his sadism around.

"Sorry "

The guys planned to coat her face with shaving cream while tickling her nose with one of Archimedes feathers and wait for the reaction to crack them up, ergo, it took a few tickles on the nose to have her hand slapping her face and waking up to a face full of cream. ... -Whap!-

"Zz...? What da...?" she said as she woke up to see her hand covered in shaving cream and then, sees Heavy and the Medic laughing their asses off with greatest of mirth. "Dàhuǒ jī! [Big Turkeys]" she insulted them while getting up and take a shower to clean up the cream off of her face and still feel embarrassed.

"Hahahahahahahahaha! Zat vas beautiful!" The medic cackled while holding onto his ribs with his hands.

"Da, that slaps me on the knee!" Heavy said while laughing too.

As she found the shower room and enters it, after wondering around the hallway for 15 minutes, she blushed while seeing the man she can't stop thinking about for months on end, is brushing his teeth and oblivious of what is going on around him, henceforth, she is gathering up the courage to say something to him, walking up to an empty sink.

"Good morning, Mr. Mundy." She finally said it while washing her face in a sink away from him.

"Eh? Oh, G'day, Poison." he said to her, finally after months of evasion and uneasiness to come up and say "hello" to her, since he has been living alone for a long time back in the Outback wilderness of Australia, learning to depend upon himself for survival. "Whoat's that all over your pretty little face?"

She blushed as she washed off her face from the foam that was still on it. "Shaving cream, courtesy of the Medic and Heavy." As she shut off the water, she saw him standing next to her and looking up at him, her face is red as ever, staring into the shades that he had on his face. "I-I overslept today and missed breakfast, so they pulled the prank on me to wake me up."

"Shh... I will take care of those blokes, Poison. Don't you worry about it, but for now, you have been fancying me for quite a long while, roight?" He said as he put a finger on top of her lips to stop her from talking to let her hear him out.

She nodded in reply to his small question while her heart is going faster inside her chest, wondering if her dreams is coming true about him. She saw him coming closer to meet her face, he stopped just inches from her nose and smirks. "Well, then, your wish have been granted, but not roight now, love, since I am a sniopah and I have my standards within my duty for the cause, so, enjoy this moment for now." He whispered to her ear before standing up right and walking away, fully shaved and also, teeth brushed, leaving her in a position of one hand, awkwardness and embarrassment, with shaving cream in her hair from her rude awaking; and in another hand, almost had her dream come true, if she hadn't chickened out at the last moment while letting him manipulate her actions for that one second. "Dammit! I nearly had that kiss that I have been dreaming about for months since I arrived here, yet, he caught me off guard again. Why can't I do something to get at him back? Am I letting my emotions get the better of me right now? Ugghhh! It's too confusing!" She thought as she took her shower and thankfully, had a change of clothes to wear for the day, feeling frustrated before sighing and think of something else, ie, plotting her revenge on the Heavy and Medic. "But I will get back at the Medic and Heavy for that unforgivable prank, one way or another."

After getting dressed and cleaned up, she got ready for her missions of the day, avoiding the Heavy and Medic while being cool and calm, really focused on the tasks at hand.

"Oh, Poison, you are assigned to help spot kills with the Sniper today, changed of plans." the administrator told her in her headsets while smiling in her office, watching everything happening all over both the R.E.D. and B.L.U. bases through the series of monitors, via security cameras.

Poison blushed and gulped while accepting the assignment without a word spoken, thus, climbing up the ladder to the Sniper's Nest area, avoiding bullets left and right before holding up her hands to him as he was on high alert for any Spies sneaking up on him, showing him that she is unarmed and on his side. "It's me! It's me, Poison, not a R.E.D. Spy!"

"Sorry about that, Poison. One can't be too careful around 'ere when there are spies among us." He said as he put away his bushwacka blade and returned to his post. "Whoat brings you 'ere?"

"Err... The administrator has ordered me to help spot out possible head-shots from here," She replied while taking her place besides him, a few feet away for distance and space. "Which I know that you prefer working alone, but sometimes, you need help with covering your back, sir."

"Bloody roight I do, since those blasted Spies like to sneak up behind me and stab me in the back everytime I use me snoiping rifle, mate." The Sniper replied while keeping his sight on the target below and across the way from the nest.

She nods in agreement while feeling a bit sorry for him, but she went right to work while keeping her head in the game. As she was doing her spotting for him, she can hear something was wrong there, thus, she pulled out her dagger to cover Mr. Mundy's back, which she threw the dagger at the right spot to do her first kill on the R.E.D. Spy, as he was cloaked and thus, he fell on the floor dead with the dagger in his skull, missing his chest by inches. "Damn. A little too high." she muttered while walking up to him and pulling her dagger out.

"Crickey! That was some precise deadly knife throwing, love." He said as he ducked from the barrage of bullets coming from the R.E.D. Heavy's Sasha's gun barrel.

"Xie Xie." She blushed as she went back to work and an idea came to her and by using some spare rope, she slide down the wire and into the R.E.D. base to do her work while being ahead of the others that was unaware of how she keeps getting in. When she was stopped by the R.E.D. Scout, he grins while holding onto a what to be looking like a fish to fight with, which she couldn't believe.

"Yo, what's up, baby? Coming to steal our Intel again?" He taunted her while running up to her in hopes of knocking her out, but the fish was out of his hand before he could blink, since she learned some karate and judo in basic.

"Sirre! And night-night!" She said before knocking him out with a chop on the base of the neck, around the clavicle bone area, then running on ahead to steal the Intel again, having no one in her path, thus, running all the way back to the B.L.U. base again.

That night after all the cheers and happiness was going around, she felt tired and a little tipsy when she tried her first glass of ale, thus, she fell asleep on the bed, unable to write anything down.

[Author's Notes: Sorry for this part, but it was time to see if she can hold her liquor, which she couldn't, but at least, she does understand what the DEMOMAN had to go through everyday.]

-The next day-

Poison woke up with a hangover and splitting headache while looking around for her nihon, the Engineer, Pyro, and Mr. Mundy.