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Katie Gardner. Katie Gardner. Katie Gardner. Katie Stoll? Ew. No. Definitely not. WAY too soon. Probably never going to happen. But I want it to. Or do I? I mean, she's so annoyingly bossy and hates our pranks and can grow plants, which is actually pretty cool, and she's pretty...wait no I didn't mean to say that! Or think it!

"Curse you Aphrodite!" I yelled at the sky. I stood there, just staring at the clouds like some idiot who expected a Katie Gardner to fall into his arms and confess her undying love for him. But I guess guys who curse the goddess of love don't get much luck in that department.

"Stop yelling at a goddess, Stoll." I heard a sweet voice say from behind me. I spun around to find the one and only Katie Gardner smirking at me. "You look like an idiot."

"But I have to yell at the goddess Katie!" I flung my arms up into the air as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She frowned, beginning to become frustrated at the fact that her insult hadn't worked. Bingo.

"Do you want the goddess of love on her bad side?" She raised a perfect eyebrow. I nodded. "Why?"

"Because I don't want to fall in love!" I really could care less that she found out I liked her, as long as she also found out that I didn't want to like her. She crossed her arms, looking even more upset with me.

"Who are you falling in love with?"

"You, of course!" Her mouth popped open in surprise.

"Well..." She began, but I cut her off.

"But I don't want to be! I mean, look at you. Why you?" I'm pretty sure that it was at this point that I realized that I had gone too far. Katie's eyes welled up with tears, and she ran away, her tears causing flowers to pop up along the grass in her wake. Normally, I wouldn't care if a girl was crying. In fact, I'd probably flee the sight to avoid all the mushiness that comes with helping a person feel better. With Katie though, whether I wanted to like her or not, the feelings were there. And it feels bad to hurt someone you have feelings for.

Just then, I heard two voices coming over the hill towards the canoe lake. I ran to the nearby stack of canoes and hid behind it.

Percy and Annabeth were walking hand in hand, and I couldn't help but wish that was Katie and me. He told a joke, like Percy would, and Annabeth laughed. They made it seem so effortless, like they never had any problems. Suddenly, they stopped at the edge of the lake and Annabeth lifted a necklace from around her neck. I scooted a little closer and peered at it. It was beautiful. And perfect for Katie.

Now, being a son of Hermes has its perks. For one, it's easy to get what you want, and at that moment, I wanted Katie Gardner, and that necklace. I was just starting to hatch a plan on how to distract the couple long enough to snag it, when Annabeth suddenly threw it into the lake.

"No!" I ran out and stared at the place where the jewelry had made a plop. "I need that for Katie!" I yelled in exasperation. Percy and Annabeth looked bewildered. "Percy, dude, use your powers to get it out or something!" He looked at Annabeth, who gave a sly grin.

"Uh, haven't you heard..." He began, but I cut across him.

"Yeah yeah yeah about how Annabeth almost died and then you fainted and you both made out and lived happily ever after. Can you get the necklace now?"

"Wha- I did not faint! Who told you that?"

"Percy. Just get him the necklace." Annabeth threw him a meaningful look that I didn't understand. He sighed and then moved his hands in a weird way, causing the necklace to erupt from the waves.

"I should probably tell you-" Percy started to say something, but I barely heard what he said. I was already halfway to Cabin Four.

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