A/N: I love, love, love, love, love you guys! Well, I love all my fans, so here is a special chapter of You Just Gotta Love Them for you guys. Four one shots for each of my own going, multi chapter stories with over ten reviews :D

For the Fans Who Correct Me When I Make A Mistake:

Wally was typing away on Dick's laptop, busy changing his wallpaper from Thirty Seconds To Mar to Justin Bieber.

"Let's see, I...Love-" Wally typed some text on a picture of Justin. Everything was going according to plan, until...

"You misspelled 'love', it's l.o.v.e, not l.u.v."

"Not now, Dick, I- DICK!?" Wally yelped and threw the laptop, watching it fall to the floor and smash into pieces, "Eh...sorry..."

Dick laughed, "Don't worry, man, I got like, twelve other laptops at home."

Now that Wally knew this valuable piece of information, he would find every one of those laptops and change every one of those backgrounds!

For The Fans Who Stay Up Late To Read My Stories:

"Is it done yet? Is it? Is it!?" Wally ran around the Dick's room.

"It would be finished a lot faster if you helped us." Roy protested, putting his leg out and watching the speedster trip.

"Hey! Remember what happened last time I worked on something?" Wally sat up and pouted. Each boy visibly shuttered at the thought.

"Nevermind, we're almost finished." Dick sighed, putting on the finishing touches.

"Okay, Walls, go ahead." Roy stood and handed the redhead the last domino as Dick set up the video camera. Wally jumped up and down a few times before kneeling toward the end of the row of dominos, set the block down, then knocked it over, sending the other 1,000,5000 dominos cascading down the floor.

"This was so worth it man." Dick commented, making sure to get plenty of footage.

"For sure, dude."

To My Fans Who Have Become My Best Friends:

Kidflash was just getting the hang of his new power, running up and down the streets of Central City with his uncle.

"Hey, Kid, turn left." Barry, now The Flash, nodded his head in that direction.

"Got it." Wally turned and continued to follow the man. After what seemed like seconds of running, Barry came to a halt.

"Where are we?" Wally asked, looking at his new surroundings.

"There are some people I want you to meet." Wally looked up to see a blonde haired man and a redhead teenager standing on the roof of a near by building. A man in a dark cowl and a black-haired boy emerged from the shadows.

"Glad you guys could make it." Flash approached these characters. Little did Wally know, the boy and the teenager would become his best friends.

For My Fans Who Make My Day:

Everyone has their days, some have more days than others. Dick usually felt like everyday was his day. Yes, Usually, not everyday. Why not everyday? The teen had been through so much, it would make sence right? Wrong.

"Wally, stop it!" Dick laughed as the speedster tickled him.

"Not until you smile! Roy, help me out here!" Wally moved aside, allowing the older male to get in.

"Guys, stop!' Dick laughed, finally cracking a smile. As soon as it came, it stopped.

"YAY! You're happy now!" Wally exclaimed.

"Now you can make us sandwiches!" Roy added.

"Guys, I would have made you sandwiches."

"No you wouldn't." Wally scoffed.

"Yeah, you're right."