Title: Baby Blue

Author: xxCallicaTruLovexx

Rating: T

Pairing: Jane and Maura (is there anyone else?)

Summary: Jane and Maura embark on a new leg of their life together.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this story and this idea. Rizzoli and Isles belongs to Janet Tamaro, Tess Gerrittsen, and TNT.

A/N: Jane and Maura are in an established relationship, but do I really need to clarify that? This takes place around 2x03, and the baby boy was unclaimed.

Jane smiled at the baby that rested in her arms. She couldn't believe that she had almost denied herself this feeling. She had never felt more complete, more needed.

She looked up at the blonde standing next to her and smiled again when their eyes met. Maura returned the smile as she wrapped her arm around her girlfriend's waist and rested her chin on the brunette's shoulder, looking down at the baby.

"What happens to him now?" Jane whispered, as to not break the magic of the moment.

"He'll most likely be placed into foster care and then hopefully adopted," Maura spoke, her voice low as well. Jane frowned. That's not what she wanted to happen to him. He deserved more than that.

"What if someone wanted to take care of him?" Jane asked, her eyes meeting Maura's once again.

"Well, that person would be evaluated, and given that everything checks out, he could possibly be placed with them. Why?"

"What if we take him home?" Jane asked, her voice holding a hint of hopefulness.

"Yea?" Maura asked smiling, and Jane nodded her head.

"We'd have to talk to social services, and go baby shopping," Maura started.

"So? We can do it. It's not like we don't already see him everyday. My mother loves him, you're perfect with him," Jane's eyes twinkled as she remembered watching her girlfriend hold the baby just the day before.

"Babies are a lot of work, Jane."

"I'll take some time off. Or you can if you want to. I don't care. Why let this baby go with someone else when we can provide everything he needs and we already love him."

Maura smiled as she took the baby from Jane and nestled him close to her.

"You think we can do this?" Maura asked, uncertainty taking over the excitement.

"We can do this," Jane emphasized, her smile contagious. Maura smiled again, her confidence returned.

"Let's do this."