Two weeks passed slowly. Michael closed on the house with no issue. Fiona, as far as Michael knew, had no clue.

Michael was working at the house nearly every day. He had already painted each room downstairs a color he thought Fiona would like. The living room was green like the color of the hills in Ireland, the kitchen was as yellow as the sun and the family room white was as white as snow. Sam helped Michael refinish the wood floors to their original condition.

One of the things left to do downstairs was to fix the kitchen sink, which leaked Michael was under the sink when he heard the front door open and close.

"Michael? Are you here?" Michael heard Fiona's familiar voice calling through the hallway.

She walked through each room admiring the different hues. She made her way into the kitchen where she found a dirty and sweaty Michael kneeling on one knee.

"Michael, I told you to see a doctor about that knee. You've complained for about it for weeks and now you can't get up."

Fiona went to grab Michael's hand to help pull him up, but he wasn't moving. Instead he held onto her hand tighter than she could ever remember. She tried to pull her hand free but she couldn't. She looked at his face. There was a mixture of happiness and terror in his eyes.

"Fi, I have been in love with you since Dublin. Even after I left, I never forgot you or stopped loving you. You have stuck with me through the good and the bad. You have even loved me in my deepest, darkest moments of obsessive insanity. You love my family and Sam. You have always been and always will be the one. Now I want to make it official. Fiona Glenanne, will you do me the honor of being my wife?" Michael finished his speech and pulled out the ring Maddie had given him. He looked at her face. She was smiling and crying as he slipped the ring on her finger.

"You idiot! Get up. Michael Westen of course I will be your wife."

They stood there in the kitchen kissing for several minutes. Fiona stopped kissing Michael and gave him a concerned look. "Whose kitchen are we kissing in?" She asked with a worried voice.

Michael backed up and answered. "Yeah...about the's our house. I bought the house about a month ago. Sam has been helping me fix it up."

"You, Michael Westen, who has lived in a hole in the wall loft since you got back to Miami, bought a house? What possessed you to buy a house? "

"Go look upstairs and look at the door frame on the last bedroom on the right." Michael pushed her gently out of the kitchen.

She came downstairs five minutes later. Michael was opening a bottle of Fiona's favorite red wine. "Michael, tell me you didn't buy a house because of the names on the height chart?"

"What if I said I did?"

"Then I would call you a fool!" Fiona was laughing at Michael. She went on to explain "The names on the chart, Michael Jr and Fiona, were written by Sam! You didn't recognize his writing? I'm surprised at you Michael!"

Michael stood at the kitchen counter, quietly thinking. Finally he said "My mom and Sam set us up. My mom nagged me to come here to fix the sink. Sam even bugged me about it because I was dragging my feet. Mrs. Colletti nagged me to go upstairs and into the room where the names were on the frame. How did I not put this all together?"

Fiona wrapped her arms around Michael's waist. "You wouldn't have bought the house if you didn't feel it in your heart that is wasn't right. You needed a push and they gave it to you. I'm glad they did. I am going to look forward to being Mrs. Fiona Westen. That has a nice ring to it." Fiona stuck her hand out and looked her ring in the sunlight.

"That ring was my grandmother's." Michael said as he kissed her head.

"Well, I love it. I love my ring. I love my house and most of all...I love you."

Michael took Fiona in his arms and began to kiss her again.

Later that night they made their way over to Maddie's house to share their good news.

"I can't tell you how happy I am that Fiona noticed Mrs. Colletti's house was on the market." Maddie said. As soon as the words came out, she put her hand over her mouth in horror.

The sound of Fi, Sam and Jesse also gasping at the same time filled the room.

"Was there anyone who wasn't involved in this? Jesse, you have anything to tell me?" Michael asked.

Jesse shifted nervously. "You know my girl Shannon, right? She works at the same bank your mortgage is at, so she pushed you loan through quicker than usual."

Everyone was quiet. Michael took a sip of his beer and smiled. "It's ok. The end result got me something that will have for the rest of my life...Fiona."

Fiona came over to where Michael was sitting on kissed him on the cheek. "Michael has me and I have him...forever."