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"And it's done!" Shadow exclaimed, dropping into his chair. The cafeteria was bustling as usual. The rest of his filming crew had already been there for quite a while. ""And you will be amazed by all our hard work." He waved his camera around like it was some sort of magic item.

Reds face lit up. "Oh my gosh! Its finished! I wanna see! I wanna see!" He reached across the table for the object but Shadow held it back.

"That's not the way it works Red." Vio pointed out, his hand searching for his drink, since he didn't want to remove his eyes from the book he was holding to actually see where it was located. "The completed version is on the computer."

"Aw…" He whined, sitting back down with a pout.

"So when are we going to be able to see the finial version?" Green asked eagerly. He had been looking forward to seeing Shadows first master piece (and himself) on the big screen.

"At the official unveiling." Shadow replied. "And not a moment before."

"Aw, not even a private showing for your boyfriend?" Green asked, leaning over with a sexy smile.

Shadow leaned in close. "Oh, I'll give you a private showing~" He purred. "But you have to wait for the movie, just like everyone else."

"Oh gag!" Blue complained, pointing to the back of his throat. "Not even five minutes and you're already- Come on Red. We have to help Zelda before class anyway." He grabbed his tray and stood up. "Later guys."

Vios eyes drifted over the top of his book. "Bye Blue."

Blue flushed looking at him. "Y-Yeah…Later!" He turned and ran off. Vio held the volume so that it hid his smirk from anyone else at the table.

"Blue!" Red exclaimed. "Wait!" He snatched up his stuff, and chased after him, not wanting to be left behind.

"We should go too." Green said, kissing the purple-haired boys forehead. "See you after class." He left with Spirit.

Shadow grinned, leaning back in his chair and looking over at the table's only occupant. "You and Blue seem to be on better terms. Did something fun happen?"

"Who knows." Vio answered, like he hadn't even noticed. "It's probably just your imagination."

Shadow pouted. "Come on. You're hiding something from me, Vio. I know it." He gestured in the direction Blue had gone. "You made be a good actor, but your boyfriend is an open book. Spill."

Vio waited long enough, before turning to look at him like he'd missed the question. "Hm? I'm sorry. What?"

Shadow glared. "Fine! Be like that." He pulled away and started messing with his camera.

Vio went back to his book, adjusting his glasses. It wasn't like there was really anything to tell… yet. For the moment it had just been a onetime fling. However… It had only been a week since, and Blue had already tried to invited him over four times. Each time he'd done so with a red face, and each time freaking out before he could finish, and running off. Usually shouting that it was a joke.

But it was cute.

Vio smiled to himself. It seemed like Blue wanted it too be more then a onetime thing. It seemed like the older boy had liked their little side adventure. Vio didn't mind. After the situation, he had found himself thinking a little too fondly of the other as well.

Not that he was going to make it any easier on the idiot.

Shadow chuckled at something, before pausing the tape. "I love this scene." He muttered, holding the camera out to him.

Vio accepted it when Shadow held it out, took one of the ear buds so he could hear, and then pressed 'play'. The blue screen flickered to life.


It's a good thing he got all that work onto his computer already.

In retrospect, this is more like an afterwards, then an alternate ending but… How was that? Any good? Up to expectation? This was my original plan; I just really wanted the scene with Blue's mom.

(1) And that's hard too do. He really slammed it down.

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