HELLO! This story is for StuckInTheRain's Supernatural Crossover CONTEST! I'm going to do Wizards of Waverly Place and Avatar: The Last Airbender. As you know, the main couple is Alex and Aang. This story will be done by August 23 because that's the deadline, but I might be given more time until September 1st. So, LET'S GET THIS CROSSOVER STARTED!

Alex's P.O.V.

"Harper you have to do it." I said to my BFF who's now my sister. We were playing Truth or Dare and I dared her to use magic to poof me someplace then I would use my magic to poof me back home.

"Do I have to?" Harper asked

"Yes you do. Now just do it."

"Fine." Harper sighed, but before she could, Justin (my annoying brother) walked in the lair.

"What are you two doing here? Dad canceled class for a few days." Justin asked/said

"Nothing." Harper and I chanted

"Are you sure?" Justin asked

"Yeah, sure."

"Some are evil some are kind, but now all must speak their mind." Justin said, waving his wand at me.

"You know I'm always doing something. Harper and I are playing Truth or Dare and I dared Harper to teleport me someplace then I would flash myself back…Wait a second. DANG IT! THE TRUTH SPELL!" I said. Tricked again! I thought to myself, thinking about the first time someone did that spell on me.

In the past in Wizard School, Alex's P.O.V.

"Sounds like you need some hard evidence. I suggest that you knuckle down and go to the library." Professor Crumbs said. I was trying to help Justin drop out of the 12 Ball tournament.

"Sure, I'll go to the library." I told him, walking away.

"Really? Is that the truth?" Crumbs asked


"Some are evil some are kind, but now all must speak their mind!" Crumbs said

"I hate libraries. What am I saying? There's no way I would go to a library. What am I saying!" I confessed

"I put a truth spell on you to see if you were really on your way to help your brother or if you're just going to slack off again." Professor Crumbs explained

"I want to help my brother but not at a boring library." I told him

"Well go someplace where it's not boring, like um, Volcano Land."

Present Day, Alex's P.O.V.

"Alex, Harper isn't very good at magic. She could teleport you to another planet. No offense Harper." Justin told me and Harper

"None taken." Harper said.

"I really don't care where I end up, as long as I can be away from an annoying person like you." I said

"Harper do it now!" I told her. Then, with a wave of her wand, I was gone.

Justin's P.O.V.

"Harper, did you use a spell?" I asked her

"Umm, no." she answered


"She should of poofed herself back by now." Harper said

"I have an idea!" I said putting my index finger up in the air. I ran to my room, grabbed my wand, and then ran back to the lair.

"Harper, I need you to teleport me the same way you did to Alex. Then I'll go find her and come back." I said

"OK, but remember I didn't use a spell so you might not end up the same place you did." Harper told me. Then, with a wave of the wand, I was in…

"Rosie! Juliet!" I yelled. I looked around me. I saw Rosie and Juliet in the park.

"Hi Justin. What brings you here?" Juliet said

"Alex. I'm looking for her." I answered

"Oh. Well, she hasn't been here. I would have smelled her scent." Juliet said. Juliet is a vampire and Rosie's an angel.

"It's okay. See you guys later!" I said, waving my hand and walking away.

"See you later." The girls said, waving back. Then, I flashed myself back to the lair.

"Did you find her?" Harper asked.


"Where ever she is, I hope she's okay." Harper said

"Me too." I agreed

Alex's P.O.V.

"Where am I?" I asked myself. Then I shivered. It's cold! I thought to myself.

"Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket." I said, flashing one of my jackets on. After walking for about 8 minutes, I saw a little village by the water and snow.

"Aang THAT WAS FUN!" A little girl said. I ran to the closet pile of snow I saw. When I looked at the girl, she has brown hair and she had a blue coat on. She had a blue necklace on her neck.

"I told you Katara. Want to go again?" A bald boy said. I think that was the boy the little girl called Aang. And the girl is Katara.

"Yes!" Katara said. Aang and Katara walked away from the village and a few minutes later, they ended up by all these penguins. Again, I found the closet piled of snow and hid behind it.

"Aang, here's your fish. Choose you penguin wisely." Katara said, throwing Aang a fish. Then some of the 4 armed penguins swarmed around the boy. Then Aang gave the fish to one penguin. Katara then chose her penguin, and then Aang and Katara started penguin sledding.

"That kind of looks fun." I said to myself. Then I quietly got up and walked near the village.

"That village looks small." I said to myself when I got there.

"That's because most of the villagers got taken away by the Fire Nation." A lady's voice said. I turned around to see an older version of Katara, but without the necklace and gray hair.

"My name is GranGran." The lady said

"I'm Alex." I told GranGran, shaking her hand.

"What's the Fire Nation?" I asked

"A Nation where people live who have this special gift to bend fire. It's ruled by a man named Ozai." She explained

"Are you cold Alex?"

"A little bit." I answered. She told me to follow her to the center of the village where a big fire was.

"Where are you from, Alex?" GranGran asked me

"New York City." I answered

"You're not from the Four Nations. How did you get here?" GranGran said/asked

"…My friend used an object that can make you go anywhere and then I ended up here." I said

"I see. Would you like some tea?" GranGran asked

"Yes please." I answered. Then she gave me some tea.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." She responded. GranGran is really really nice! I thought. Then Aang and Katara came back.

"That was better the third time Aang!" Katara said

"I know!" Aang said. Then Aang and Katara looked at me and exchanged glances.

"GranGran, who's that?" Katara said, pointing to me.

"Katara, Aang, this is Alex. Alex, this is Katara and Aang." GranGran said, introducing them to me and vice versa.

"Nice to meet you Alex!" Aang and Katara said with a warming smile.

"Nice to meet you too, Katara and Aang." I said, smiling back.

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