Before we begin, I'd like to give a special thanks to Night, Olthar and everyone else who gave me the idea and moved the story along.

Chapter I

The two stopped kissing, and slowly began to walk away from each other. "I love you Gabe."

"I love you too Mike."

They kissed again, and Gabe slipped a baby boy into Mike's arms. "Our son. Our beautiful son Malakh. I shall bring him to safety. He will have no harm at Uriel's hand."

Gabe nodded. "Go. Before the soldiers arrive." Mike nodded, and spread his wings. In a few seconds, he was gone, and Gabe stood alone in the large house.

"Yahweh. Bless our baby boy."

Many years later

All of the kids piled into the homeroom class and took seats. Most began chatting about who they were, and where they came from. Not D. He just sat back and examined the crowded room, and wished that he didn't have to participate in this school. He was there for only one reason: To hunt and exterminate vampires.

For years, he fought vampires under the wing of his mentor, the late Professor Watson. He took a deep breath, and opened his textbook, which had the word 'HISTORY' written on the front cover in golden letters. He might as well get started on the work before it was assigned. Then, there was a tap on his shoulder. He looked up and at the boy who had interrupted him.

"H- Hello," the boy said. "My name's Timothy Callahan. What's yours?"

D blinked a few times. "D," he replied. The boy looked nervous. "S- So, where are you from?"

"Whitby. It's a town in England," D said.

"Oh. I'm from Toronto. My parents sent me here because it's suppose to be a really rich school."

D nodded. "It's nice to meet you Timothy."

Timothy was about to say something else, but the door opened and the teacher walked into the room. He had dark hair, good cheekbones, and was wearing sunglasses and snakeskin shoes. He set his coffee and briefcase onto his desk and looked at the now silent class. "Good morning everyone. My name is Mr. Crowley. I'm your assistant principal here at Dwafen High, and your history teacher. So, if you would all be so kind, I'd like you all to open your books to page one and read the first chapter."

D obediently turned back to his book and began reading. All he knew was that this mission of his would be very interesting.