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The Tale of Sierra WinterBreeze

by TwilightWakerofTime/Windlilly/Sierra WinterBreeze

Part One

Something totally unexpected happened to me today. This was stranger than any of the weird things I "accidentally" do with my strange, abnormal powers – and I do a lot of strange things. And the question seems to keep repeating itself: why didn't I ever really think about how different I was before?

Okay, okay, so if you knew me, you'd know that I was not the most popular kid around. In fact, my life up until my epic "most unexpected, dramatic moment of my life" occurred, my whole life was torture. It seems that from the day the orphanage owners found my by the ocean and named me Sierra I was doomed to suffer. "Strange Sierra" is my nickname now. John, of course, is the worst, especially when I mess up and do something with my weird powers. Actually, the most satisfying moment of my life (not the most unexpected and dramatic – they're totally different, I assure you) was when I accidentally froze him solid by glaring at him. He had been blue from the cold as the caretakers thawed him out with hairdryers, and for once the kids were laughing at him, not me.

But he's had plenty of chances to exact his revenge. Our orphanage-wide field trip to the swimming pool, for example, turned into an ice skating rink when I wished for the water to become solid. Last winter, a snowman began talking to us… but that really waspretty funny. I mean, the younger children were all bounding around him, totally excited, screaming, "Frosty! You are real!"

Now, all these things are awfully decent reasons to ridicule someone, at least in the mind of a bully, but what the other kids really loved to make fun of was my love of the cold. I always refuse to wear a jacket, even in the harshest days of winter when blizzards seem endless and everyone else is curled up by the fire drinking hot chocolate. On the other hand, I avoid fire. I feel nervous by it; just standing in its presence feels like it will make me melt.

Over the years, I had managed to slowly gain a bit more control over my "odd abilities," as others in the orphanage called them. But somehow I still let something slip the day I learned of my true self.

The day began with the usual jeering and joking and calls of "Strange Sierra's here! Oh no, don't touch her or you'll be infected with odd-itus!" That was their explanation for the things that happened to me. John had made it up, claiming that it was a rare disease from Africa. Yeah, right, I thought, smugly wondering if he would like it so much if I froze him again. Unfortunately, this wasn't going to happen any time soon. I couldn't figure out how to do it again, no matter how hard I tried.

By some miraculous way I endured living through the day until dinner. I was super hungry, so I went in to the kitchen to see if there was any food ready. When I arrived, I didn't see anyone, but I was too hungry to wait. So I opened the fridge.

It looked normal, and then I reached in and…

The milk next to my hand turned frozen solid in a split second, even making a slight cracking sound. I was so surprised that I jerked my hand back, crashing it in to the glass cup that had been sitting on the table behind me and knocked it over. It toppled over the one behind it, and then the one following that, creating a domino effect. They all smashed in to a million pieces.

Afraid that my day of avoiding trouble was about to end, I staggered out of the room, and found myself face to face with one of the orphanage owners.

"Umm, I can explain," I began, but it was no use. He already had gazed back in to the kitchen, where there was the glass from the spilled cups all over the floor. I had left the refrigerator door open, and you could see plainly inside that everything in there was frozen over. The shelves on the side of the fridge door were dripping with icicles.

"I don't think you have to," said the owner sternly, though he was still gawking in the direction of the fridge. "Sierra, I don't know what you did, but I cannot allow you to come in here anymore tonight. We can't have anything else breaking. Go and… I don't know… play with a friend, or something."

Yeah, sure. Play with a friend. Great idea, if I had any friends.

I walked out, head down, miserable. Without any idea what to do, I stumbled outside, just because I knew that on a cool October day like this there would be no one else there.

I settled down, sitting on the steps leading up to the orphanage. It was times like this when I would dream of a family. An actual family, with two parents, maybe a sister or brother even. I'd seen so many others find their perfect families from the orphanage… but no one appeared interested in me. I probably would have scared them off with my freaky powers, anyway, if they actually considered adopting me.

I was still attempting to conjure up a mental image of a family when I noticed the owl in the tree in front of me. Now, it isn't like owls are anything supernatural, but I felt a peculiar sense of familiarity. Like I'd seen it before. I gazed up at its big eyes, and it stared right back. I began to feel uncomfortable. It almost looked like he was… examining me or something.

Silly Sierra.

"Hmm… yes, you must be the one…" a voice said. I jumped, startled by the voice. I glanced around, but there was no one in sight. Just the owl. The strangest part was that its beak had moved just when that voice had sounded.

I stood shakily and walked over to the tree. I waved my hands in the air, as if to scare the owl off. It just cocked its head and continued staring.

"Get out of here!" I yelled, suddenly becoming overcome with a feeling that something very, very life-changing would happen if I did not get that owl away from me.

"Are you Sierra?" the same voice asks.

I stared at the owl in disbelief. Again, its beak had moved at just the right time. "Maybe," I replied timidly to the voice, scanning my surroundings for any other sign of life. "Why are you wondering? And who are you?"

The owl flew out of the tree and landed in front of me. I backed away as if it were inflicted with some kind of fatal disease. It laughed. "I am Gamma, Headmaster Ambrose's pet. I need you to come with me."

"What?" I exclaimed, still not daring to believe that it was actually an owl talking to me. An owl. I tried my best to evade looking at it, as if that would confirm my fears.

When I finally mustered the courage to peek back down at the owl, it was still looking at me. I wanted to run away, just forget all about this. Yet in some way, I was curious. I then racked my brain to think of some explanation. Was I hallucinating? Or was this some kind of nightmare?

"Sorry," said the owl. "I suppose I am forgetting what world I am on…" World? Oh yes, definitely a dream. It had to be. But had the entire day really been a dream? Or had I somehow fallen asleep on the steps?

"Sierra, you're a wizard."

I froze, unable to comprehend this new piece of information. A wizard? No. Impossible. Was this a bizarre mind-reading owl that knew how much I had always dreamed of something similar to this to happen? To tell me that there was a legitimate reason I was so strange? "A… a wizard?" I echoed. "It can't be. They aren't real."

"You are a wizard. A very talented one, in fact. At least that is what Ambrose tells me. I don't think he would have let you in to our school if you weren't special, anyway."

"A school? You mean with other wizards?" Now I began to wonder if it were a trick. It seemed real enough, and this would be a wonderful opportunity for John to prove that I was a freak.

"Yes. It is called Ravenwood school of Magical Arts. You are very lucky. It is the most prestigious school in the whole Spiral, rivaled only by perhaps Pigswick Academy. So, I need you to teleport with me to-"

"Teleport?" Oh, I'd love to see how John did that. Now I was completely convinced this was his doing.

"Yes. Teleport," said the owl impatiently. "Are you ready? Grab my wing."


"It is completely safe!" the owl laughed. "I assure you, you will not be harmed."

After a brief moment's hesitation, I grasped the owl's wing. Some remote part of my mind screamed that I was trusting a talking owl that I knew virtually nothing about to keep me "safe", but… I couldn't help it. Curiosity and hope were clouding my judgment.

The world turned grey around the two of us. I felt like I was inside of some raging hurricane; it was windy, and yet not frightening. Then, my feet touched solid ground and I was in some kind of office. There was an old man who was dressed as a wizard, complete with a snow white beard.

"Hello!" he greeted. "Welcome to Ravenwood! I'm assuming you are Sierra, correct?"

"Ravenwood? So, it's not a trick."

"Of course not. Why would anyone pretend about something like this?"

Now I was back to thinking it was a dream.

"Sierra, answer these questions and we will discover what kind of wizard you are." I peered at the book he had placed in front of me. It was labeled "Book of Secrets" and was brown and old. When I turned the pages, I saw that each was filled with questions. I stammered out responses to the wizard man. When I had answered them all, he took the book and said, "It turns out that you are Ice! That means you will be taught by Professor Greyrose."

Ice? Apparently he knew me well. It would make sense. Hadn't I frozen John with ice? And turned the fridge colder than usual? And seemed not to be bothered by cold?

"Ice school is weak, but they make up for it with great stamina," the wizard continued. "You also are great for shielding with Tower Shield. You're just like your father, Sierra. You-"

"What?" I shouted. "What did you just say? My… father?"

"Oh yes. I forgot. I must be taking you to see your family now."

"My family!" I gasped. "I have a family?" It was even more impossible than being a wizard. I couldn't have a family. Not even in a dream. I had always imagined my parents as heartless people who would leave a baby on the side of the ocean, but now… "Um, sir," I began.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We haven't been properly introduced, have we? I am Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts."

"Okay. I'm Sierra. And I just wanted to explain that I can't have a family. I'm an orphan."

"An orphan? Goodness, is that what you thought? I guess we have much to tell you. Come here. Sit." Headmaster Ambrose gestured towards a chair across from his desk. I dubiously took a seat. Then he began:

"When you were born, you somehow learned to teleport all on your own. We don't know exactly how you disappeared from your home when you were only six days old, but we have some suspicions. We believe that you somehow teleported yourself all the way from Wizard City to the world called Earth. Although that may seem hard to believe, it is the only possibility we can think of. Except for…" His voice trailed off.

"Except for what?" I asked, curious.

Headmaster Ambrose shook his head. "Never mind. Anyway, are you ready to see your family?"

"Are you kidding? I've been waiting for this moment my whole life!"

"They are at their home. But before you meet them, I want you to complete enrollment. Go and meet all your teachers."

I was sent on a quest to go and meet all the teachers of Ravenwood. I met the Storm, Fire, Myth, Life, Balance, and of course Ice teacher, Professor Greyrose. I also discovered that the poor Death school had fallen in to a hole and now had to be taught by Malorn Ashthorn, a student that used to go there. Since I felt sorry for them, I used my only training point to learn the first Death spell, Dark Sprite.

When I finished, Merle Ambrose teleported with me to my family's house.

When he knocked on the door, a man with brown hair opened the door. "Hello, Merle," he said. Then he looked at me. "Oh, is this your newest student?"

"She's more than that," Merle replied, smiling.

"What do you mean?" Then his eyes lit up. "You can't possibly be…" He turned around. "Angela! Come here, and hurry! Bring Rowan, too!" He faced me again. "You're Sierra, right?"

"Uh… yes."

"I'm so glad to see you! What school are you? Life? Ice? Or something completely different?"

Just then, two people appeared beside him. One was a woman with blonde hair and light green robes with darker green trim that could be my mom. Next to her was a girl a little younger than me with similar robes, but hers had a silver trim instead. She had red hair that was gathered in a ponytail and intelligent green eyes.

"Rowan," said her (and apparently my) father, "this is your sister, Sierra."

She gasped. After taking in my appearance, she walked over awkwardly and smiled an uncomfortable smile. "I'm Rowan WillowLeaf," she explained.

"WillowLeaf? Is that my last name then?" I questioned.

"Unlike on Earth, wizards do not always have the same last names," explained Ambrose.

"Then what is my last name? And what are my parents' names?"

"Your mother is Angela UnicornRider. I am Caleb FrostSong. We do still need a last name for you. We never named you, but when we heard that your name was Sierra on Earth, we liked that name. Besides, it would be too hard to change your name completely. What is your school?"

"My what?"

"What type of wizard are you? Your mother and sister are both Life, but I'm Ice." He glanced at my purple T-shirt and jeans from Earth. "If you are Ice, I can get you some normal clothes."

"I'm Ice," I replied.

He smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. He turned to his wife and second born daughter. "Did you hear that? We finally have another Ice wizard in the house!" Then he looked thoughtful. "But we still need a name for you."

"I think it should be Winter-something," suggested Angela UnicornRider.

"Yes, that's good. But Winter-what?"

"WinterHaven?" offered Rowan. "I like that name. Why couldn't you have named me LeafHaven?"

My dad ignored Rowan. "How about Winter… um…"

"WinterBreeze?" said Angela suddenly.

"I like it!" put in Rowan.

"I guess," agreed Caleb. To me, he asked, "Is that all right with you?"

"I'm just glad I have a last name for once," I answered, still a bit shocked by the fact that I had a family and they were speaking to me, and that I'd just pinched my arm and it had hurt. "I've never had one before, so I don't care what it is."

"Then it is settled," declared Caleb. "From now on you will be known as Sierra WinterBreeze!" Grinning excitedly, he beckoned toward me. "Come on inside. I'd love to show you around!"

Caleb led me into the house and in an old room that didn't look as if it had been cleaned in forever. Still, it felt cozy. "Well," he said, sitting on the bed, "I hope you don't mind sleeping here. I know it is a little dirty, but it will work, right?"

"Yeah, sure," I mumbled. "Did you say you had some clothes or something?"

"Oh right!" He got up and stooped over a chest that had been sitting in the corner of the room. He took out a white robe with light purple trimming. They didn't look at all like they were made for girls my size. In fact, they looked as if they belonged to an older man.

"Um, they're boy clothes," I point out.

"I know. I hoped you wouldn't mind for now, until we can go to the Shopping District and get you some real clothes. They're from when I was a boy, just after I'd graduated from Ravenwood. Are they okay?"

Great, now I won't only be wearing boy clothes on day one, but outdated robes as well. Of course, I couldn't say that to my new father. All I did was pick them up and slip them over my current clothes, grimacing at the baggy look to them.

"Perfect." He grinned. "Now you're ready for classes."

"Classes? I have to go to classes?"

"Yep. Today there isn't any classes, but tomorrow they start up again."

"Oh, you mean thosse kind of classes? I took some of those from Malorn Ashthorn today."

"What do you mean? Is that the student that teaches the Death school? Oh no! What were you training there for?" He suddenly appeared very anxious.

"I felt bad for their school so I used my training point to learn Dark Sprite. But I didn't really understand it. Pretty much all that happened was that he summoned a fairy thing and handed me these cards…"

"The Death school. I can't believe you decided to train second in the Death school! Your mother and sister are both Life, and therefore they despise the Death school! Your mother won't be happy about this."

"Oops. Why do they hate Death?"

"It's sort of how we don't like Fire."

"We don't like Fire?"

"No, we don't."

"Oh." I acted as if I understood, but I didn't. Professor Falmea had been really nice today. What was wrong with Fire? …Besides the fact that I felt uneasy every time I went near it; I hardly counted that as a proper reason.

He sighed. "What's been done has been done and we can't change that. But I'd better tell your mother. Angela!" he called.

Within a minute, Rowan and our mom appeared at the door. "What is it?"

"Guess who just decided to train second in death?"

Then Angela (or should I start calling her mom?) glared at me and asked, "It wasn't you, was it?"

"I'm sorry! I didn't know!"

Rowan was looking at me wide-eyed. "You decided to train second in death? Wow, that's totally awesome!" Then Angela glared at her. "Um, I mean, you should be ashamed of yourself. Death is terrible and evil." She rolled her eyes and glanced at her mom. Angela just smiled at her approvingly. When Rowan looked at me again, no longer did she appear uncomfortable. Now she just looked curious and maybe even a little respectful.


I took the day to explore my house and get to know my family better. I met Rowan's many pets, including the main one that our entire family loved, Bandit, a small Heckhound. I also found myself slightly jealous of Rowan, because her room was so nice. Then again, she had years to decorate and personalize it. I decided I needed to take a day to work on my own room.

The day was fantastic, and it even ended wonderfully. It took me forever to sleep; I was so excited for what the next day may bring.

It was a day later that I jumped out of bed, ready for school. I hurried there, and made it in the classroom just in time. The class had already started, but luckily it wasn't too far in the lesson.

When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that the room was a sea of blue and white. The sky blue walls were adorned with pure white snowflakes, and even the other wizards wore those colors. At the front of the room, Professor Greyrose was deeply engrossed in teaching a lesson. She was drawing this strange circular figure on the board. "Everyone try it for yourself," she was saying. When she spotted me, she smiled and announced, "Oh, you must be, Sierra WinterBreeze! Welcome to Ice magic!" She turned to face the classroom. "Everyone, greet Sierra. She is new to this Novice Ice Magic class."

The class mumbled "Hello Sierra" before returning to their work. It looked like they were waving sticks around.

"Sierra, have you gotten your wand yet?" asked Professor Greyrose.

"Um, I'm supposed to have a wand?"

She sighed. "I suppose that means you haven't received one yet. Here, I think I have a spare in my desk." After rummaging around, she pulled out a black handled wand with a pretty white gem on top. When I waved it around, miniature snowflakes fell off of it.

"Now that you have your wand, you can take a seat. Go ahead, choose anywhere you want."

I sat at the back of the classroom, away from everyone else. I suspected that this wouldn't be much different than the orphanage.

But that was the thing. Here, I wasn't so different. The kids around me were doing ridiculous things; the group of giggling girls nearest to me were freezing their desks and accidentally giving their friends Frostbite. It resembled the things I had done on Earth.

"Okay, now you are ready," stated Professor Greyrose. "Right now we are trying to produce the Ice symbol. It is like that on the board over there." She pointed to the circular item she had put on the board. "The first person who manages to do it gets to learn Frost Beetle!"

"Um, sure, but how do I do that?"

"Just focus your energy on it and think about what you have to do."

I groaned as Professor Greyrose walked away. What did that mean?

First, I tried to draw a circle in the air with my hand. Nothing happened. Then, I decided that I would use the wand and make the snowflakes come out again and try to get them to form a circle. But when I waved the wand again, no snowflakes would fall. I wanted to scream. Unable to help myself, I secretively gazed around the room to see if anyone was having more luck. But everyone seemed to be having as much trouble as I was. Some were even saying random words to make it appear. I hoped that might work, so I tried all the Earth wizard words I could remember. "Hocus Pocus! Abracadabra! Alakazam! Um, uh, I don't know. Magicy icy thingy!" I finally realized that it wasn't going to work.

I let out a long breath sat back. Okay, nothing was happening. Maybe I should just give up…

In a desperate last attempt, I tried to recall what my teacher had told me. What was it? Oh, yes: "Just focus your energy and think about what you have to do." So, with one last good long look at the symbol on the board to make sure I memorized it, I grabbed my wand and closed my eyes. Deep within myself, I could feel… something. What it was, I had no idea, but I reached out to the bubbling energy source and concentrated deeply. Carefully raising my wand, I imagined the Ice symbol and traced it in the air.

I heard a strange noise that reminded me of a blizzard. When I opened my eyes again, in front of me was a floating blue sign that looked exactly like the one on the board. I'd done it!

"Well done!" exclaimed Professor Greyrose. The whole class turned to stare at me. I blushed. "Since you did it so marvelously, why don't you come up to the front of the class and demonstrate how to do it?"

Uh-oh. This wasn't what I'd been expecting…. Still, I didn't want to get in trouble on my first day of school, so I grudgingly walked over and placed myself in front of Professor Greyrose's desk.

"Err, okay… I think that all I did was, um, draw it in the air…"

"No way!" cried out a boy in the second row. "I tried that and it didn't work."

"You have to focus your energy on it."

All the students tried, and to their disbelief, they found that they could do it to. After everyone had accomplished it, Professor Greyrose taught me the first Ice spell, Frost Beetle.

When I was jubilantly walking out the door, I ran into a girl that was on her way out as well with completely white robes and blue hat and blue shoes. "Sorry!" I exclaimed.

"Oops. Don't worry about it. That was my fault, I'm sorry. I should have been looking where I was going instead of studying while walking."

Wow, that was a relief! If this had happened back at home – no, on Earth; this was my home now – then the other kid would have started yelling straight away. For someone to apologize for running into me was a huge difference!

"What's your name?" I questioned.

"I'm Jasmine IceFlame. You're Sierra WinterBreeze, right? I thought you did a wonderful job at teaching the class Frost Beetle today."

"Thank you." I smiled at her. This girl was really nice! "I guess I will see you in class tomorrow, then?" Maybe I would have my first friend!

"Actually, no. I just graduated to Apprentice Ice Magic today."

"Oh. I hope you enjoy your new classes, then."

"And I hope you like Novice Ice Magic as much as I did! Good luck!"

"You too!"

When I came out of class I found Rowan waiting for me. I began to talk to her, and I really got to know her better. No longer was she awkward around me. It is as if my choice to train second in Death really got her attention.

Then I discovered that she didn't always like the Life school. They all healed, and never damaged. "That's why I usually rely on my secondary school, Fire."

"Fire?" I asked, surprised. "How on Earth did you get our parents to agree with that?"

"Mom thought it was a good school for me, so after a lot of arguing, Dad allowed it. And what is 'Earth?' You mean like in spells?"

"Um, never mind; I forgot that you wouldn't know that." Though wizards didn't know about the world I came from, apparently they used it in some other way. Maybe it referred to nature? I shook these confusing thoughts out of my head and continued talking. "What are you doing after school? I have homework. Do you?"

"No. I'll probably go to Triton Avenue to finish up some quests."

"Triton Avenue?" I repeated. "Where's that? Sounds interesting."

"It is in a gate in Olde Town. But you can't go there yet."

"Why not?"

"You aren't trained enough."

"How much training do you need?"

"I don't know. I'm level 8 and you're level 1. You wouldn't have the spells required to protect yourself."

"Aww, that's not fair! I'm older!"

"It doesn't matter how old you are." She spotted my disappointed expression. "Well… I've heard Unicorn Way needs help," she offered. "Higher levels like me don't have time to deal with that."

"Perhaps I'll go check out that then…" My voice trailer off as I realized where we were. We'd arrived at our new house, so our conversation had to stop for the moment.

That night, I was just going to sleep for my second night in Wizard City. Angela UnicornRider came up to check on me before I climbed into bed. She smiled at me. I beamed back. "Are you comfortable?" she inquired.

"Yep! Very," I replied truthfully.

"Just tell me or your father if you need anything, sweetheart. We'll do anything we can to help you." She leaned over and kissed me, and I relished the feeling. I'd never been babied by my mother before, no matter how childish it may seem. "Goodnight Sierra."

"Goodnight Ange- I mean, Mom."

As she left I thought, If this is a dream, then it is the best one I've ever had.

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