Chapter One. Sweet Serendipity

Rosalie laid on top of Emmett, her perfectly manicured nails making the trek down his chest as Emmett's hands stayed on her soft hips. Some would say that this was for modesty or even for her innocence, but Emmett knew that neither of these answers even came close to touching the truth.

It wasn't that Rosalie wasn't beautiful, because she was. It wasn't that girls didn't like him, because all girls had a soft spot for the quarterback. Especially when he was six and a half feet of muscle.

Emmett just didn't like girls.

He supposed that, if he really thought about it, girls were nice enough. They had all of those fantastic curves, one part of their body just flowing right into the next part. From boobs to flat stomach to hour glass hips to smooth thighs. Emmett thought girls were smart and independent and kind most of the time. He admired their firm physiques in cheer leading uniforms. But, while most of the guys were trying to see up his girlfriend's skirt, Emmett was trying to figure out how she managed to tone her butt so well. And when Rosalie pressed her boobs to him, Emmett wondered where the firm heat of a pectoral muscle was.

This was, as Emmett had come to realize, a problem.

Rosalie's nails slid across the front of his pants, and Emmett jumped. "Whoa, Rose."

Emmett moved his lips from Rose's, sitting up and moving over to the other side of the bed. He didn't like to think about how Rosalie would react if she knew that his penis was definitely still flacid. He placed a pillow gingerly over his privates, pretending that he was hard. Taking ever precaution to appear normal.

Rosalie's pink lips pouted out, her hand searching for his. "What's wrong, Em?"

He tried to smile at her, wishing more than anything that she was gone. He needed to go somewhere and clear his head. Emmett hated feeling like he had such a huge secret. He had never been a guy to hide things, always saying what was on his mind. Not now. There was no way he could confide in Rose. "I'm sorry, Rose. You know I can't." His voice was husky with something, but Emmett was sure that arousal had nothing to do with it.

She smiled, proud of herself. Thinking she'd somehow managed to elicit a sexual response from him. "I want to, babe."

"No, Rose. We can't. You know that." Emmett scrambled for some kind of viable excuse that he hadn't already used. "I'm waiting, you know that."
Rosalie snorted, straightening her white dress and sitting up, facing away from him. Her shoulders shook silently.

Emmett watched her, scrubbing a hand down his face. Really, the last thing he wanted right now was the water works. The last thing he needed was an excuse to resent her. He sighed. Straightening himself and dropping the pillow, Emmett pressed himself against her back, pressing placating kisses to her shoulder. Always with the show of affection. "You know I want to, babe."

She laughed bitterly, a sound that sounded like something her drunk mom had taught her. "Do I?"

He kissed her neck, whispering into her ear. "I have to wait, Rose. This isn't about you." The problem with Rose was that, in her head, everything was about her. Things like natural disasters and tanning taxes were inflicted or suffered for the sole purpose of torturing Rose. Snow storms happened because karma was catching up with her. Emmett breathed out evenly, chiding himself with the knowledge that he would be running with Jasper in under an hour. "Babe-."

"Why does half the school think we're having sex, Em?" Her blue eyes were open and vulnerable as she looked at him. To her, this was all bad publicity. Like a celebrity, Rose was using this to her advantage. People who had never heard of her suddenly knew her as the girl sleeping with the quarterback.

Emmett met her gaze, trying not to betray the fact that he had slipped an incriminating note into the garbage during a particularly boring Calculus lesson in a completely obvious fashion, hoping someone would find it and gossip about it. There was no better way to take attention away from himself then to start some completely untrue rumor. "I don't know, Rose. We both know the truth though." Emmett cupped her face in his hands, wondering how stubble would feel against his palms, if his heart would hammer against his ribs. "What's important, is that I have you." He half grinned, relaxing when she turned to putty in his hands. "I really like you, babe."

She grinned, kissing him. "I really like you too, babe."

Fifteen minutes and several pecks later, Emmett was pulling up his running shorts and tying on his Nikes. He knew it was completely insane, but he had it bad for the captain of the cross country team, Jasper Hale.

The boys had been friends for as long as Emmett could remember, and he knew almost everything about Jasper. Thier's was a friendship that had been borne out of convenience and carried on because of their shared interests. Now, they ran together every night and were partners in Physics for experiments.

Emmett knocked eagerly on Jasper's door, grinning as sweat rolled down between his abs. He took great pride in his body.

"Hey. One minute." Jasper appeared at the doorway, covered in a long sleeved T shirt. He sat on the front step, lacing up his shoes as his lanky frame bent over nearly in half.

Emmett chuckled as he saw Jasper's ruffled hair. "Hot date, man?"

Jasper grimaced, rising and punching Emmett's shoulder. As he took off, the man with curly brown hair hung back, admiring the pull of Jasper's leg muscles and wanting to know more than anything what they would feel like around him. Sick as he thought it was, he wanted to know what Jasper's sweat tasted like.

"Come on, Emmett!" Jasper called over his shoulder, heading toward the park.

Emmett's long legs easily caught up to Jasper's more even, measured steps. "How was Alice?" Alice was Rosalie's best friend, and they were two thirds of the three hottest girls in school. Bella Swan was also friends with them, and she was dating the third member of Jasper and Emmett's posse, Edward Cullen.

Jasper shrugged noncommittally. "You know how they get."

"Over react to everything." Emmett grumbled, pumping his arms and sighing as the adrenaline sang in his veins. He loved physical activities because they allowed him to hit this high where he felt completely invincible. "I can't believe I put up with her." Emmett said loudly. Then, in what he thought was a quieter tone, "Never did like her."

"What?" His jaw was practically hanging off his face as Emmett slowed to a walk, thinking he may have imagined the way Jasper's eyes dipped to take in the muscles on his chest. "What did you say?"

Emmett shrugged. "Nothing. It was stupid."

The blond shook his head. "It wasn't stupid. Not if you feel it." Then he blushed, clearing his face. "I mean-."

"I never liked her." Before he knew it, Emmett was spilling everything onto Jasper like some girl in a bad romance novel. "She was the easy choice, you know? The right choice. She makes my mom happy, makes her feel like I'm doing normal high school stuff."

Jasper nodded. "Ah. normal."

"I don't..." Emmett shook his head. I don't think I like girls. He'd almost said it, and for a brief second was appalled, but then he realized that if he told one person and knew they would accept him, Jasper would be that guy. "I don't like her." Once he'd said it, waiting with bated breath and avoiding Jasper's gaze, Emmett knew it wasn't as big a scandal as he had imagined it would be.

Jasper shrugged. "I know what you mean."

There was something so significant there, something that Emmett knew he was meant to catch. He stretched his arms over his head, sighing as the thick ropes of muscle released aches and pains he'd been feeling. "You feel that way about Alice?"

Jasper nodded silently. "She's a fantastic girl. She deserves better." His response was mechanical, exactly what he was supposed to say.

The brunette nudged the blond in the side. "Don't lie to me," he'd whispered it and he realized it way too late. Emmett almost stopped and physically face palmed himself. But instead, he kept walking, not meeting Jasper's gaze. "I know when you're lying. We've been friends for as long as I can remember. There's no point in lying."

There was a brief moment of silence as Jasper continued to walk, faster than Emmett. "I have to go." He said quickly. "I mean, I have to get home."

They hadn't even completely half of their normal trek. "Okay. See ya, man." Emmett punched his arm lightly, taking off at a jog away from him, not wanting to linger here in Jasper's space.

Jasper nodded, smiling slightly. "Bye."

Back at home, Jasper wanted to smack himself repeatedly. He had almost let his biggest, darkest secret slip. He couldn't do that. He had to make sure that he never did that. What would his beautiful, kind, caring mother say? She would blame herself. Blame the way she'd raised him. What would his conservative, Christian father say? "God didn't create Adam and Steve, he created Adam and Eve. This is an aberration. It's not natural."

But to Jasper, nothing had ever felt more natural. He had been thinking highly indecent things about Emmett ever since the time they'd gone, innocently, skinny dipping last summer. Emmett was pretty spectacular on the inside, incredibly kind and caring and funny, but he was pretty beautiful on the outside too. His skin was even and smooth, and the hair on his chest that led down to his manhood was... The thought made Jasper shiver. His manhood was something that Jasper fantasized about on a daily basis, especially when he saw Emmett in those tight football pants. His manhood was, to say the least, large and throbbing. It looked heavy. It looked thick. His balls hung like two appealing fruits between his legs. Jasper had never wanted to taste something so badly.

It was completely insane to believe that Emmett could ever possibly feel anything for him. Emmett was one of the most red blooded, American guys Jasper had ever met. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

"Crap." His cellphone buzzed on top of his Econ book, and he grabbed it, grimacing as he saw Emmett's number: You okay? :S

Smiling, Jasper removed his shirt and typed back a reply: I'll be okay. Hope the rest of your run was good. :)

Settling down to attempt to read his Econ book, he had a test in a week, Jasper waited for a reply, feeling a flutter in his stomach when he felt the buzzing in the palm of his hand: You sure? Wanna study tonight?

Jasper had never wanted anything more: Sure. Come over at eight? Maybe it was indecent to suggest a time so late, but Jasper sent the message and thought about taking a shower.

See you then. :) The text arrived about two minutes later.

Jasper smiled, sliding his phone into his bedside table and going to the shower.

When Emmett arrived at Jasper's house at eight, Jasper nearly keeled over. He was wearing a white v neck sweater, something light weight, but Jasper could see the nubs of his nipples through the material and dark jeans. Jasper felt under dressed and ugly by comparison in his sweats.

"Come on up." He ran ahead of Emmett shirtless, not worried about Emmett seeing the scar marring his side.

Emmett jogged behind him, eyes glued to Jasper's rear.

Jasper flopped onto his bed as Emmett sank onto the floor next to the bed, dropping his back pack heavily onto the floor. There was a long moment of silence as Emmett fiddled with the zipper on his backpack. Then, he turned to face Jasper. "I have to tell you something..." He trailed off, running a hand through his soft looking hair. Not that Jasper knew what it felt like. "And it's kinda big..."

Like your penis? Jasper thought. Outwardly, he said, "Shoot."

Emmett took a deep breath and while letting it out, mumbled something. It was an incoherent mass of words that Jasper didn't have any hope of making out.

He frowned. "What?"

Meeting his gaze, the brunette whispered, "I think I'm gay, Jazz."

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