On Harry's 17th birthday he received an inheritance, a powerful one. He gained control of water and wind. Now that is not normally possible. But it turns out that Harry was not only a wizard but also a demon.

A few days after his birthday he went to Gringotts to figure out why he had his new gifts. After doing a blood test, it was revealed that he was adopted. The Potter's couldn't have children and Albus had told them that he had found the perfect child for them. Not really questioning it, they went along with and loved their precious Harry.

Finding out that his real parents were the Shibuya's and that he had a younger twin brother and an older brother was exhilarating, but he was also furious. It was one more thing that hid from him. You would think that after everything he did that he would be told the secrets of his life. No more. Dumbledore and everybody burnt the las t straw.

The Shibuya household was having a normal day when a knock was heard. Miko (or Jennifer) answered the door she squealed then promptly fainted. Shoma came to investigate and promptly fainted as well. Shori heard all of the noise and came down the stair and looked to the door and fainted too.

Looking at the people fainted on the floor, Harry just sighed and levitated them to the couches and waited till they woke up. Ten minutes late Miko and Shoma woke up and looked at each other, "Did you see our son?" they both questioned. Hearing a cough they looked towards the noise and saw their son standing and looking at them.

"Is it really you?" miko asked

"Are you referring to your long lost son?"


"Then yes, I am he."

Miko squealed and jumped up and started looking at him circling around. Letting out a disappointed sigh.

Harry heard the sigh and tensed. 'Apparently I'm not meant to belong anywhere.' Turning on his heel, he began to make his way to the door.

"Ahhhh! Where are you going?" Miko cried!

"I'm not wanted so I am leaving"

"WHAT! NO! You are wanted! Come back here!"

"Really? Your sigh said different" Harry retorted.

"No, I just hoped that at least one my kids would have wings."

"That's it?"

"Yes, come back over and sit, and call me mama." Miko grabbed her son dragged over to where her and shoma were sitting.

"ok mama" Miko was so happy to be called mama that she started to cry. Calming down, she asked "Now the last I saw you was when you me and yuuri went to the park. We were so distraught we looked for you everywhere and the police couldn't find anything."

"Ahh, well I can fill you in. You see there was this old man named Dumbledore and he was looking for the perfect weapon. He was in Japan at the when he came across us. Apparently he felt great power coming from me. I don't know if you know or not but I am a demon and a wizard. So he took me and gave me to another couple. But that couple was murder by an evil wizard named Lord Voldemort."

A gasp was heard and Harry and Miko turned to look at Shoma. "I know that name."

"How?" Harry questioned

"He was sending messengers trying to get us to join the war. We told him no of course."

"Ahh well that makes things easier. So you have heard that he is dead correct?"

"Yes, killed by the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter."

"Right well" instead of answering he lifted up his fringe and revealed his famous scar. It has faded a bit but still visible.

Shoma didn't say anything. Instead he reached over and pulled Harry into a hug. A few seconds later he whispered, "I never wanted that for you or any of my sons. But I am proud of you my son."

Hearing that praise from his father, caused Harry to break down and cry. Hearing that from his real dad was overwhelming. Sniffing a little later he looked at his parents and said, "well you now have one of thee most powerful son on the planet. And mom, I do have wings"

"Wha? How" she stuttered.

"Part of being a is being able to transform into an animal. Usually people only get one form, but I'm not normal and have two. One is a pure black wolf and a griffin."

"OH oh oh can I see?" Miko asked

"Sure." Transforming into his wolf form he sat down and tilted his head looking at his mom and dad. His dad had a look of shock and his mom was cooing. Shifting to his other form, he continued to look at his parents. Both his parents had look of complete shock and was speechless. He knew that his griffin form was one to behold. His wings where pure white and as was his feathers but his body and tail was light gray near his head and wings and the further away it was the darker it turn, his feet and tail were black.

Hearing a loud squeal he saw his jump up and rush over to him and started to pet his wings.

Shoma finally breaking out of his daze, just shook his head and smiled.

AN – alrighty what do you think so far? Both the brothers will be introduce next chapter.