Warning: Rating went up to M. Enjoy.

As Conrad was laying in his love's arm, happy that Yori had returned to him, and still shocked and scared of losing him that he need the confirmation and love from his boyfriend. He needed to be with Yori. Twisting in Yori's arms, he pressed small kisses down his chest, trailing down to his stiffening member, licking up the side before engulfing the head, and taking more slowly in.

Yori was having such a sexy dream of Conrad going down on him. Slowly opening his eyes, he realized it wasn't a dream and pulled him so he could kiss his loving and oh so sexy boyfriend. Feeling their lengths rub and grind each other was amazing. It would better without his love's underwear though. Waving a hand, the offending garment was vanished and oh it was so much better! Moaning he let his hands travel down to the firm buttocks and grasped them pulling Conrad against himself harder. Hearing Conrad moan made his cock jump. He wanted to make love to him so bad. Pulling away from the heated kiss Yori look into Conrad's eyes, he saw the love, devotion, and fear of losing him again. He sat up so Conrad was in his lap, his eyes never leaving those warm brown eyes, his pulled back and smack Conrad on the cheek.

Conrad felt his eyes water, when he felt the stinging slap. Yori proposed to him through his demon heritage. He knew Yori knew that's what a slap meant.

Whispering, "Are you positive you want to marry me Yori? I'm just a soldier. I don't really have anything to offer you beside my sword, heart, soul and love."

Bringing his hands cup Conrad's face, he gently brushed a kiss to his lips and thumbed away the loose tear that fell, "Yes, I'm sure. That's all I want from you is you. I have enough riches, and I'm not royalty."

"You are a Lord though," Conrad whispered.

"And threw marriage to me so are you. I love you and I want you forever."

"Then yes." With eyes swimming in tears he leaned forward and crashed his lips to Yori's. Whispering against his lips, "Make love to me" He saw a flash in Yori's eyes and the next he knew his beneath Yori with him licking and biting him. Then he felt wet fingers probing his entrance. As he was being stretched, Conrad wrapped his arms around Yori's neck, moaning his fiancée hit the spot. When the fingers were removed he whimpered until he felt a larger tip press against his hole.

As Yori entered his love, he groaned, he fiancée was so tight. Starting off slow and gentle, he kissed Conrad with all the love he had from him. When he felt him relaxed and start to move with him, Yori started to thrust harder and faster. He heard Conrad gasp; he knew he found that spot. Angling so he would hit it continuously, after a few more thrusts he felt Conrad cumming as he tighten around him, Yori wasn't far behind.

Collapsing unto Conrad, he peppered his neck with gentle kisses as they came down. "Merlin I love you Conrad. You are amazing."

Still panting, Conrad answered, "You were as well. And I love you too."

Pulling out, Yori saw Conrad wince, immediately worried he asked, "Are you ok love? I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No you didn't hurt me worry wart, just a sore."

"You know you will have to repay the pleasure sometime." Yori stated as they wrapped their arms around each other.

"It'll be my pleasure Yori. But not right now, I'm rather sleepy." Snuggling into his fiancée's warm chest.

Kissing his forehead, Yori said, "Sleep my love. When you wake up we'll go greet the others and eat"

" mmm'kay" was the sleepy reply. And Yori fell asleep as well.

A little while later…

"Damn brat, still hasn't woke up" Severus grumbled as he made his way to Yori's and Conrad's room. Nearing the door he felt some magic up. He knew then that Yori had awoken and hadn't told anyone.

Approaching the door, he opened it mouth already forming a reprimand, but left when he saw the two men curling around each other looking very relaxed and the room smelled of sex. Closing the door, turned back the way he came, muttering about, "dunderheads who don't the decency to warn people".

Not watching where he was going he ran into Yozak.

"Hey there Severus! Were you coming from checking on Yori?" Yozak asked walking with Severus as he continued down the corridor.

"Yes, and he is wake and fine," Severus answered glancing at the handsome red- head, quickly looking away before Yozak would see the small blush. Unfortunately for Severus, Yozak saw the blush.

"Shouldn't we go get the others?" Yozak asked smiling.

"No, it would be better if we waited for them to come see us." Severus's blush spreading.

"Oh? And why is that?" Yozak asked curiously.

"They had been activate very recently and sleeping it off," Severus replied.

"Go Yori! Conrad needed it. So what are you planning on doing till they are ready?"

"Going back to the library to do more research on this kingdom."

"Would you like some company?"

Blushing slightly Severus answered with a nod.

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