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I couldn't believe all the emotion I saw in Tori's eyes as I sat there in her spiny computer chair in the middle of this blaring silence. She wants to talk to me. Me. The girl who destroys her on a daily basis. This is why I like her. She takes all my shit and still come after me trying to change me. She starts picking up her books and placing them to the side. I watch her as she leans over to grab her math book and I can see slightly more cleavage then before, I can feel my breath catch as my mind runs. I immediately start thinking about what that smooth skin would feel like under my roaming hands, taste like under my relentless tongue, and look like covered in a layer of sweat as her sweet voice hit that high note as I make her crash over her edge. I shake myself back from my thoughts, remembering that she is right in front of me, only to see that she is staring at me strangely.

"What?" I ask in my signature annoyed voice.

"You were staring at me like… like you wanted to eat me." She said, almost hesitantly. I hid the smirk wanting to break over my face. Yes Tori I want to eat you, but not necessarily in a cannibalistic way. I shook my head slowly.

"No just lost in thought…" She nodded.

"I understand that." I smiled softly, hiding by spinning the chair around. When I spun back around she was standing. I looked at her funny.

"The hell are you doing?" I asked partially serious, trying not to show my actual interest or care. She laughed softly, sweetly. A laugh that I could listen to all the time.

"I'm sorry; I have a dance class in a little bit and need to stretch. Do you mind?" She asked innocently. I shook my head not trusting my voice. I watched as she bent over, her back bending beautifully. My imagination began to run, thinking about how wonderful it would look for her back to be arching off the bed… hell the floor if I had my way…just how great it would feel to run my hand over the arch as I make her moan and scream and writhe… I need to stop thinking like this, at least while Vega is right in front of me.

"So what do you want to talk about?" She asked me, looking up to meet my eyes. I took in a quick breath. Something about Tori bent over like that then looking at me makes my breath hitch. I force a breath and shrug.

"I don't know… or care really." She laughed lightly, dropping her ass to the ground and stretching one leg out to the side. I bit my lip subconsciously. How could I not? I mean she is teasing me…. I know she is. This is what I fucking hate. These fucking games. I know she knows what she's doing. I don't doubt for a moment that she is doing this just to torture me…. Bitch. I'm still watching her, I can't stop. I hear a faint noise that sounds like a ringtone but I don't really pay attention to it. Then Tori looked at me funny standing up again.

"Are you gonna get that?" she asked pointing to my pocket. I look down and pull my phone out staring at the screen to see who it is. The screen reads "Satan". I stand up suddenly.

"Shit…" I say angrily. Tori looks at me worriedly as I answer the call.

"Hello?" I answered annoyed.

"Jadelyn where are you? Your date is in an hour." Fuck I forgot about that.

"I'll be there in like ten minutes." I hear her growl.

"Fine Jadelyn, you better be. Your father will not be happy about this." I hear her hang up and growled softly. I looked up into Tori's worried eyes and felt most of my anger drain.

"I have to go…" I said calmly. She cocked her head slightly, like she does when she's confused. I hate that I notice these little things about her.

"Why?" She asks softly.

"I have…. A date tonight." I whisper almost inaudibly. I start walking toward the door only glancing at Tori. She looked kind of hurt and I didn't want to see that. I walk down stair and out of her house without interacting with anyone else. I climb in my car and start driving home trying to prepare myself for what is to come. I'm going to get home, the bitch is going to yell at me, force me to get ready for this date I don't want, I'm going to go out with this guy and use my acting skill and self-control to not kill him as he hits on me all night. That about sums it up. I pulled into my driveway and climbed out of the car staring at my house.

"Wonder where she put the 'welcome to hell' banner." I mumbled as I started walking to the door. I threw it open and was immediately assaulted by her voice.

"Jadelyn? Jadelyn, get up stairs and get in your dress. Ruby will be up to do you make up in a couple minutes." I simply nod and start for the stairs.

"What was that Jadelyn?" She asks, her voice getting higher telling me she is not in the mood for me to act like I am.

"Yes mother." I say obediently. I march up the stairs and nearly punch the wall as I enter my room.

"Fucking bitch…." I angrily ripped my clothes off. Catching myself in the mirror, pausing and staring. Would Tori even want me if I told her? I mean look at me, I'm not much. Her body is just so beautiful, curvy in all the right places, toned, tight, fit. I take in a soft breath. I need to stop thinking like this, it's getting me all worked up and I have a date and I certainly can't take this out on him. I grab my phone and pull up Beck's name composing a text.

"Babe can I come over tonight? –Jade" I sighed tossing my phone on my bed. I can't take it out on the half Latina that I want to but I can take it out on the boy I'm dating. Beck may have a crush on Cat and I may have a crush on Tori but we still fuck because we have needs.

"Is it for what I think? –Beck" I smile as I read the message.

"Yes- Jade" This is what we do. We go about our normal lives and fuck when needed. I pulled my dress up and held it there as Ruby walked in.

"Ruby will you zip my dress?" Ruby smiles, nodding. She walked over and zipped my dress. Ruby is our servant maid lady. She's about 19, long black hair, a little shorter than me. She kisses my shoulder softly.

"Do you have to go Jade?" I sighed looking into Ruby's reddish-brown eyes in the mirror. Ruby has the hugest crush on me, and I know it. I've had sex with Ruby a couple times, mostly when I can't get to Beck's. If I had the time I'd do her now but I know I have to go. I nodded slowly.

"Yes Ruby I have to go." She looked up at me as I turned to face her. She's looking at me sadly. I look at my alarm clock on my nightstand and see that I have twenty minutes to get ready. I can do my make up in five. I pull Ruby close to me, my lips locking to hers. I pull her close to me, my hands anchoring to her hips. She's not Vega, but I have a really good imagination and I need to get off right now. I know I don't have time to go all the way but hell even making out with her a little bit before having to go out with this guy. I pushed her back on my bed and she immediately flipped me over. Another thing I love about being with Ruby is that she isn't afraid to take control of me, and that's how I like to think Tori would be with me. I hear my phone go off and reach for it as Ruby starts kissing down my neck.

"Yeah sure –Beck" I smiled before moaning softly as Ruby bit my neck softly. Everything is going as planned, thought Ruby is a bonus. My head rolls to the side and looking over at the clock, ten minutes. I should probably stop now.

"Ruby… Ruby get off, I have to get ready now." She looked at me with her big blue eyes and kissed me softly before climbing off me and nodding. I walked into my bathroom and did my make up quickly, checking myself in the mirror.

"You look beautiful Jade." Ruby said walking up behind me. I'm watching her in the mirror.

"Thank you." I said softly. She wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing my shoulder softly. It's nice to feel wanted like this, but I know I don't love Ruby and Ruby doesn't love me. It's just a thing to get by. Like a drug I used to get over my real addiction I can't get a fix for.

"Do you have to go?" She asked me softly. I smiled softly. I'm nice to Ruby because my parents treat her like shit and she doesn't deserve it. But I know she's asking me this because she got worked up by our make out and wants more.

"Yes I have to go." She sighs and releases me.

"Well you look great and I'm sure your mother is waiting for you down stairs." I nod sighing. I walk out of my room and down the stairs to find my mother in a pastel pink dress at the bottom of the stairs talking to a blonde haired boy dressed in suit pants and a tie.

"Ah Jadelyn, this is Adam." Said blonde turned to me and gave me a cocky smile.

"Adam Powers, of Powers power plants." She said like it's a big deal. I smile and nod my head in a gracious way. I may hate it with a fiery passion but I do know how to act my part. He held out his hand and I delicately placed mine in his. He kissed my hand softly before turning to face the she-demon.

"Well Ms. West, we must be going." He said clasping my hand. He pulled me towards the door.

"Have a nice time you two." My mother called after us.

"We shall." He called back. I stared at him like he was crazy. We walked down the driveway, my hand still captured in his, toward his midnight blue Mercedes. He held open the door for me and I climbed in smiling at him, my smile fading as soon as I hit the seat. He climbed in and looked over at me with an annoyed look.

"So are you as against this as I am?" He asked in a nonchalant tone. I cocked an eyebrow at the boy.

"Yeah, I hate it when my parents set me up like this." I say going along with his sudden change. He smiled and laughed.

"So this happens often I presume." He said starting the car and driving away from my house. I crossed my arms and stared at him, testing his will.

"My my Adam, such a sudden change for such a rich boy." I said mockingly. He glances at me laughing.

"Yeah, I hate playing pretty boy for my daddy's friends." I smile softly at the sincerity in his voice but decide to have a little fun with this.

"What? You don't find me appealing?" I asked, fake anger seeping into my tone. I know that he doesn't know me well enough to tell the difference between when I'm acting mad and when I'm mad so to me this is fun. He glances over at me again, my arms crossed over my chest and a weak glare pointed at him.

"No it's not that, I just wish I could have met you on my terms instead of a set up like this." That sentence threw me for a loop.

"Wait, even if this wasn't a set up and we met outside of our families you'd still want to date me?" I asked, confusion clear in my voice and on my face. He nodded and shrugged.

"Yeah, you seem like my type of girl." I crossed my arms again. We'll see. We passed by Tori's street and I sighed. I'd rather be there being tortured by the bitch then be in the car with this cocky asshole who isn't that cocky or that much of an asshole. Fuck I'm confused…

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