Chapter One


The lab was very quiet with only the humming of the machines the only evidence that the forensic specialist was there. She put the last report on her desk, glancing down at the small child sleeping on the futon. His dark brown hair was tousle, along with his rumpled striped orange and blue shirt with his dark jeans hiked up his thin legs. He had his father's skin color, very evident Irish roots with red-tannish skin. She smiled as she moved from behind her desk to go closer to him. As she slid her hand up his creamy arm, she wasn't surprised to meet blue eyes.

"Hey Mikey, you ready to go?" She asked, casting a small smile.

"Is Daddy gonna be home?" The soft, innocent voice asked, unsure. He sat up, stretching and yawning.

She frowned, raising a hand to brush his hair back and caress his cheek. "Awww, no baby, he's a crime scene, but we can call him if you'd like." She really felt her heart drop just a little. Her son really looked up to his father, just like his uncles and aunt.

He brightened up, producing a wide smile. "Yeah?"

She smiled, rising from kneeling. "Yeah, Mikey." She shed her lab coat, draping it across the back of the desk chair and pulled her Blackberry out of her satchel. Putting it on speed dial, she walked back over to Mikey, handing it to the excited child.


Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was observing the scene before him. His three subordinates were busy cataloging, tagging and bagging, and interviewing witnesses. He had just talking with the local sheriff in regards of the case. Ducky and Palmer were busy doing an initial exam, prepping the decease for transport.

He felt a vibration in his right coat pocket and the ringtone that followed shortly after caused him to immediately pull it out of his pocket. The name Abby flashed on the screen. A smile instantly came to his face and his body filled with a light warmth. He answered it.

"Gibbs." He said as soon as he lifted the phone to his ear.

"Daddy!" The excited voice screamed into his ear, immediately causing him to pull the phone away. His little boy had definitely inherited his mother's excitement.

"Hey Bub, what are you doing up at this hour?" He asked, turning away from the others, trying to create a private area.

"Mommy just got done in the lab. We're getting ready to leave."

"Oh." He sounded disappointed that Abby would still be at work and not tucking Mikey in his bed at their house. "How was your day?"

Knowing that when his daddy was at crime scene that he was supposed to be short, Mikey was quick. "Daddy, when are ya gonna be home?"

Gibbs felt a tightness in his chest every time his son asked that question. At times, this job really sucked. He really wanted to be there whenever his son needed him, but he knew that didn't always happen. At least, Abby could be there. She was lucky, staying at the Navy Yard and being there whenever Mikey got done with school.


Gibbs shook his head, coming back to the present. "Uh...soon son. I promise."

This reply seemed to suffice. "Okay Daddy, see you when you get home. I love you."

Gibbs smiled. "I love you too Mikey. Tell me Mommy I love her too."

"I will!" Mikey replied, hanging up.

Gibbs smirked. Mikey had definitely inherited his tendency to hang up without a goodbye – one trait he would have to teach his son. His mother would surly scold him for doing such thing.

"Was that Mikey, Boss?" Tony asked out of nowhere as he came to stand next to him.

"It was." Gibbs answered, his smile fading only to be replaced with his normal cold stare. "Are we done here?"

"Definitely, Boss." Tony responded, putting the camera back in its bag. "We'll get the stuff back to Abby's lab so that she can–"

"She's left to go home with Mikey." Gibbs quickly told him.

Tony just looked at him. "Okay, then we'll just drop it off so she can get to it first thing in the morning."

"That's more like it, DiNozzo." Gibbs said as he started heading to the Charger. He saw McGee and Ziva over at the van, putting what evidence was collected in. Ducky and Palmer were heading back to NCIS to get everything there for in the morning. "Come on, I'll get us back to NCIS so you all can go home."

Tony, for once, didn't say anything as they headed to the car.



Gibbs opened the door as quietly as he could, looking the door behind him. He set his jacket, cap and keys in their appropriate places as he shed his shoes at the front door. Then, he walked upstairs – first, checking on his son and then second, going to bed.

Things had changed after Mikey came along. He had become even more protective of Abby when she told him that she was pregnant. One drunken night drowning in the death of his mentor had changed things for the better. Although he still held pain over the deaths of Shannon and Kelly, Abby had smoothed over that pain, opening up the happier side of him. There were many words to describe when he was told that he was going to be a father again. His heart went separate ways – thrilled that he'd have a second chance and hurt that he never got the chance to watch his daughter grow up or meet her brother.

Nearly six years ago, Mike had passed away and then the following events of the Port-to-Port killer that went down had caused strain on his team. Ziva's proposal and Tony's undercover assignment had caused his world to be unstable. McGee seemed to be the only that hadn't had any change. He had worried that his team would go their separate ways, but luckily Ziva had called off the proposal and ended her relationship with Agent Ray Cruz. Tony had accomplished his assignment, bringing his then-girlfriend Special Agent EJ Barrett under the scope. By the end of that year, the team had grown even closer.

"Jethro?" His beloved said in a sleepy tone. She moved, opening her eyes as he moved around the room, getting ready for bed. Her pitch-black hair splay around her face, tousled.

"Yeah, Abs?" He said in between brushing his teeth. He had changed his clothes, now only wearing a T-shirt and boxers. "I'll be right there." Within minutes, he finished with his teeth and slipped under the covers, immediately wrapping his arms around her. "Told ya, didn't I?"

She didn't answered, only snuggled closer to him. He smiled, drifting to sleep.