Okay, uh, my other IA story didn't go as I planned. So! To make up for that horrible mistake, I have thought this up! To all my readers to "Do You Remember?" I am SO sorry!But here is a peace offering! Please except it and wait till I get the inspiration for that other fic back! I didn't want it to seem strained, so I just paused. I'll press play eventually :)

Anyway, here's the full summary: Diego was never evil. He never had a grudge against the humans for what they did. He realized sabers were a threat to them. He took his daughter and ran. That's right, he has a daughter. Read as he is forced to hunt down the baby to save his daughter from the claws of his old pack-mates. Read as the course of the IA movies are changed, though not too drastically. Join Diego, Mariana and the herd on their adventures throughout the course of the three movies.

The title comes from my OC's name. Mariana means "Star of the Sea" and Diego views her as "The Star of His Sea." Get it?

DISCLAIMER: I only own Mariana.

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"What do you want?" Diego asked, exhausted. His old pack had randomly showed up as he was watching his daughter play. He didn't want them around her, but there wasn't much he could do about that. They could easily outnumber him.

"We want you to help us catch something," Soto said, glancing to the east of where they were.

"Do it yourself, I'm a little busy," Diego said.

Oscar glared. "We can't do it without you." Diego heard him grinding his teeth. "We've already tried."

"If four of you couldn't do it, what makes you think five can?"

"You will," Soto ordered.

Diego glared. "Or what?"

"Or your daughter will serve as a replacement."

Diego snarled. He sprung up, but didn't attack. "You won't touch her," he said lowly.

"What are you gonna do about it?" Lenny asked.

"Y-Yeah!" Zeke shouted with a twitch. "You can't beat us!"

Diego glared, but then sighed. It was true. There were four- no, looking at Zeke- three strong tigers against one rouge and his six-year-old daughter. He glanced to the side.

She was the spitting image of her mother, may she rest in peace. The same peach fur, the same hazel brown eyes, the same long tail. She was jumping through the snow chasing snowflakes as they fell to the Earth.

He looked into Soto's eyes. "What do you need help with?"

Soto chuckled. "That's the Diego I know. You know the humans that slaughtered our pack?" How could he forget? "Well, we're getting them back."

Diego raised a brow. "Explain."

"The pack leader had a baby," Soto informed. "We take the kid, eat him, and live happily ever after with our revenge quenched and bellies full."

"Sick," Diego spat. "I won't help you murder an innocent child."

"Then prepare to watch another one, your child, take its place," Oscar sneered.

Diego glared. He was stuck. There was no way he was getting out of hunting that baby. He sighed. "Fine. When does this hunt happen?"

"Meet us before dawn by the old cave," Soto ordered as he turned. "Don't be late."

When they left, his daughter ran toward him. "Daddy, who were they?"

Diego sighed and nuzzled his daughter's cheek. "You don't need to worry about that, Mariana. Everything's fine."

Mariana smiled. "Okay, Daddy."

"Now listen, Mari; Daddy's gonna be gone tomorrow a while. When you wake up, don't leave the cave. I'll be back, I promise."

"Okay, Daddy!" she shouted happily, nuzzling his leg. "Don't be gone too long!"

Diego smiled, if not a little sad.

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It was short, I know, but it is just the beginning. The chapters will get longer, I promise!

Again, sorry for my other story!

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