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That day started out normal. You know, simply beating up an evil immortal army, there's an explosion, and your long lost brother who nearly killed you last time appears. Yep, nothing new.

Bam! Out of nowhere, your sword can supposedly kill immortals. Of course, this causes your...immortal stalkee (?) to question your sword.

"Do you...want to die?" She asked the question even if she knew the answer. Why else would he ask if the katana really could kill him? Naoto just wanted to hear it from the immortal himself.

"..." It was obvious Heine was shocked she asked. Though he instinctively guarded himself in preparation to the question, he was still surprised.

"If...if that katana could really kill me-" Heine started out slowly. Confessing you're slightly suicidal wasn't exactly a normal topic for him. " It'd be a happy ending to this nightmare."

Before Naoto could respond, Loki and Noki's voices were heard in the same room as Nill. Dang. Her response would have to wait until after that "#$%^& up situation" (as Heine put it) was resolved.

Later that day...(after the "#$%^& up situation" was resolved with Loki and Noki obediently sitting in Buon Viaggio)

Naoto stood a step behind Heine. Heine glanced back, wondering what made her suddenly stop.

"Happy endings are boring. That's why it rarely happens in real life. Plus, you dying would be a pain since you still haven't told me where the underground entrance is. In short, I'm not gonna let you die," she couldn't resist walking away in the other direction like in so many movies.

"Then I guess dying is gonna have to wait... and she doesn't want me to have a happy life," said to no one in particular while grimacing at the last part. After processing her statement again, Heine stood there awkwardly. He was wondering why Naoto decided to walk off in such a cliched way after also implying cliches are boring.

Ten seconds later, Naoto finally realized her apartment was the opposite way.

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