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"Give me your money, man or I will cut you." the man said as he looked at the sailor that he had cornered. "Look man, I am a dentist. I work at Bethesda Naval Hospital. I don't carry much money on me, okay. Here is what I have." As he handed over the bills that he had, he could tell that it wasn't enough. "35 bucks" the thief yelled as he reared back to knock the sailor out. At that moment, the two of them heard a whistling and the crackle of electricity. Suddenly, they both saw a black oval appear before them and saw a a man dressed in all green and the strangest blue creature appear from out of the oval.

"Marcus, where do you suppose we are? This does not look like the town of Yew." The creature merely growled and looked at the thief. It was then that the other man noticed the two men. "Excuse me, gentlemen. Can you tell me where in Sosaria I am. My Hiryu and I seemed to have gotten lost, and... " Suddenly, the thief started to run toward the strange man. "Marcus, stay." the man told his companion as he started to lunge at the thief. Then, the man pulled out a crooked sword and a silver shield. "Friend, you do not wish to attack me." he said as the thief continued to run toward him.

"Okay, maybe you do. Crap." Suddenly, without warning, he put his weapons away, and pulled out a battered looking lute, and started to play , the thief stopped in his tracks, and just stood there, gaping. "Now, drop the knife, please." the man said in a soothing voice and to the sailors surprise, the thief did just that. "Now, walk away from this place, and go to your home." As the sailor watched open mouthed, the thief started to walk away. As the sailor started to approach the pair, he heard growling coming from the blue creature, which looked like a giant bird.

"It is okay, friend. Unfortunately, my peacing can affect Marcus as well. He will not attack you." The sailor nervously approached the pair and asked, "What are you?" "My name is Michael Helmsley, and allow me to introduce Marcus, my constant companion. Tell me, what land is this." Confused, the sailor replied "What do you mean, land. It is the United States of America, on the planet Earth." "Did you say Earth? That is where our Lord British was from." Michael said as he looked around. "Do you need a ride somewhere?" the sailor asked. "No, thank you friend" Michael replied, "If you could direct me to the nearest moongate, I can go on from there." "What is a moongate?" the sailor asked as the two men and the bird started to walk away.

Michael and Marcus stopped in their tracks. "You do not have moongates?" he asked as he looked incredulously at the other man. "How do you get from one land to the next?" "Follow me and I will show you." the sailor said as he started to walk off. Michael followed, with Marcus on his heels.

Authors Note: OK, the team will be appearing in here, starting with Chapter Two. Michael Helmsley is a character I created on an Ultima Online shard called Pandora and Marcus is his pet. Also, if you wish to know what a Hiryu looks like, check my profile.