Chapter Nine

As the battle wore on, Michael was definitely feeling the strain of handling three separate animals, and keeping his eyes on his opponent. Many times, he was barely able to get out of the way of a spell. Suddenly, a blinding blue light, which could be seen for miles, enveloped the entire White House property. In the center of this light, stood Jessica, angrier than Michael had ever seen her.

" Jessica, no!" Michael yelled as Jessica charged directly at the gargoyle. However at the last minute, Jessica stopped, but the spell she cast didn't. It slammed right into the gargoyle, sending him flying toward the White House.

"This is a magic arrow, milord." Jessica yelled toward Michael as she sent electric blue arrows hurtling toward the gargoyle. "Cupcake, kill the gargoyle!" Jessica said next. At that, Cupcake started charging toward him, roaring in blind rage. "All kill gargoyle!" Michael followed up to the remaining two pets, who leapt (and in Marcos case, flew) into action. From out of nowhere came the sound of multiple shots from automatic weapons.

Shocked, Michael turned around to see the NCIS team, loaded with various weapons, bearing on the battle. The gargoyle, realizing that he was outnumbered started to fly away. "Not this time." Michael heard Gibbs say as he grabbed a sniper rifle from President Ryan. As he lined up the shot and fired, Michael watched as the Gargoyle fell. After that, it was pretty much over.

As Jessica landed, the glow was getting fainter. As Michael approached the fallen gargoyle, he stripped him of the sash, and saying "Haelyn" regrettably, cast Wildfire on him, destroying him. After that, he ran up to Jessica who was barely conscious. Hunting around in her pack, he found what he was looking for.

"Jess, take this. Come on, you can do it. As she slowly drank the potion, he muttered, "Olorisstra" and she was enveloped in a fog, and before their eyes, her color started to improve. "Milord, I'm sorry. I know you forbid my using Rage, but I had to. I could feel you losing too much energy." Jessica said as Michael enveloped her in a bone crushing hug. "Jess, its okay. I'm just glad you are okay. I don't know what I would do if something happened to you."

As the NCIS team converged on the pair, Michael self consciously got up, helping Jessica up as well. As she imperceptably (to everyone but Michael) started to sway, he caught her before she could fall. He again dug into her pack, pulling out three vials. "Marcos, Marcus Come!" he yelled at the dragon, and Hiryu. As they approached, he popped the cork on both vials, and gave them the contents. Before the assembled party's eye, the pair started to shrink. Once they had reached roughly the size of a small statue, Micharel picked them up, and placed them in his pack.

"Jess, call Cupcake, and transfer him over, then go with the team back to NCIS, and let Dr. Mallard check you over, understood?." he asked. "Yes, Milord. I wish that we did not have to kill the gargoyle." "So do I, Jess. They are a noble race, and the shedding of any of Sosarias childrens blood is unacceptable. Agent Gibbs, will you remain behind?" he asked as the team started to walk off towards the cars.

At that, President Ryan spoke up, "My driver can get the two of you back to the Navy Yard." "Oh, I'm not shrinking Cupcake. This is for when we get back. Its just that Marcus is not as young as he once was, so I try to not use him in battles as much as I did when I was Young." Gibbs quickly added that he could ride a mount so a ride would not be required by him either.

At that the three men walked into the Rose garden where Cupcake laid her head down and quickly fell asleep."I did not want to discuss this with Jessica present, but I have no idea how we are going to get back to Sosaria, Gibbs." "I can have the best scientists in the US investigating how you got here in the first place." President Ryan offered. "That won't be necessary, Mr. President. I know how we got here, and it is partially my fault. Therein lies the problem, I can not figure out how to recreate it."

"You see, thousands of years ago, a human by the name of Lord British came into our land and created the splendor that we know. About 50 years later, Sosaria was attacked by an evil mage by the name of Mondain, and Lord British used a black moongate to transport a person from this realm to save us. Unfortunately, it rendered the island that the moongate on uninhabitable." As the other two men listened, one of the White House staff walked up with drinks for the three of them. "Don't argue, Gunny. Just drink it." President Ryan sad as Gibbs began to he was on duty.

Instead, Gibbs grabbed the drink from the tray, and began to sip.. As the men drank, Michael set his down untouched, and continued his story. "Twelve years ago, I found a passage through a shrine that I had never seen. Now, I am a Companion, and my job is to help new citizens who come into Sosaria. Part of that job is knowing everything about the landscape, so I immediately began to investigate. What I had found was the very island that Lord British and the Mages had created the moongate on. Foolishly, I kept this information to myself. Instead, I started to go to the island more often. It was my so called "thinking place" One day about two weeks ago now, I went to the island as usual. Afterward, I received a summons from the head of the Companions, who was in the land of Yew at the time. Well, I am ashamed to admit. Rather than leaving the shrine, I used my runebook on the island to create a moongate. What I am afraid of is the fact that I have no idea how to recreate the phenomenon here on Earth."

Suddenly, Gibbs phone rang. "Yeah, Gibbs." the man said as he flipped his phone opened. As the party on the other line spoke, Michael looked around at the Rose Garden. "Mr President, this is a beautiful garden, sir." As President Ryan thanked him, Gibbs closed his phone, saying as he did, "We have to get back to NCIS, Michael. I'm afraid the trouble isn't over.

A\N The Lord Brirtish\Avatar history is only half correct. According to what I have read, British and twelve Mages did summon the Avatar, however, I do not know if the part about an island is true, but it makes sense to me so... I'll try to post Chapter Ten, but I have to write it first. What do you suppose the problem is now?