Title: Grazed Knees

Disclaimer: If I owned, I would be sitting on the couch with J2, eating popcorn and watching A-Team reruns. But I'm not, so I don't.

Summary: A worn five by seven.

Characters: Dean and Sam

Notes: inspired by Bad Day at Black Rock (3x03) - melded from Sam finding the trophy in John's storage locker and when Sam falls down and scraps his knees. Weird tie back to this I guess... Just a little something, mostly Dean-centric.

Word Count: 186

A worn five by seven. Just the two of them; awkward kids, gangly. Years apart and faded but frozen forever on that grassy soccer field, the sun bright to their back, and smiles as big as the world.

Sammy holds his trophy in the air. Dean's got his arm slung around his brother's shoulders, pride beaming from his face. It was a moment long since gone and occasionally remembered when the dust of the past was disrupted by a passing footfall. It was a fond time.

Sammy is covered in grass stains and both of his knees are cut open and bleeding. He'd put up a fight to win that tournament.

Dean has kept the photo ever since, shut away in a tin, buried in the depths of his trunk. He doesn't take it out much. Old memories always find themselves tainted with bitterness; he doesn't like the taste of the melancholy - doesn't like the way it reminds him of things they used to be and hoped to have.

Of a time when grazed knees and grass stains were once the worse of their worries.