Not exactly a songfic, but based on Darius Rucker's 'This', because that song makes me cry. Listen to it, love it.

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Rhyleigh xoxox

With little Ava sleeping in their bedroom, Jake Barton wrapped his arms around his wife- it was the perfect night. Rain pattering on the roof, the football game about to start, he couldn't picture his life any other way.

It was crazy to think that one thing could have changed it all.

Life hadn't turned out the way he planned- but he was a lucky man.

All the stoplights he didn't make were irrelevant. Every chance he did or didn't take. The nights he went too far, the girls that broke his heart. He missed them, but every moment had lead right to Rachel and Ava.

There was the girl he told he loved in high school. The girl had claimed she was too good for him, when he first started TAFE. All the fights and heartache, and the moment he almost gave up. He hadn't understood it then, but at that moment, it made perfect sense.

He had cried, when Rachel's grandmother lost her battle. But he knew that there was an angel looking over them, making sure there were no mistakes.

It didn't matter, all those moments were in the past.

But it was those moments that led Jake to Rachel, to their baby girl.