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Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

-Jane Howard

Teach Me How to Fly

Contrary to popular belief, angels were all children once, though the correct terminology is actually a fledgling. Like all humans, each childhood was unique, different. But, as you probably already know, the only angels to ever see God were the four archangels, Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and, of course, Gabriel. And so these angels were charged with raising the next generation of angels.

Gabriel, best known as the Messenger Archangel, was the very angel who helped Sam and Dean Winchester stop the Apocalypse. He is well known as Trickster or Loki. The one thing that isn't known about him is that he raised two other angels who were also notorious for helping the two hunters. One of which you know very well. His name is Castiel.

There were many times during the apocalypse and the next two years that Castiel had wished that he could be back in that time. He just wanted peace. And he had done terrible things to get it.

But that is the story you already know. This is the beginning. Way before mankind, or the Winchesters, or even before the fall of Lucifer. Back when it was just three brothers together.

Chapter 1

"Be still, brother. What are you anxious about?"

Gabriel snorted, earning him a glare from his eldest brother, "What am I anxious about?" he asked, pointing to himself for emphasis, "How about having a little twerp shackled to you for the next millennia?"

Michael looked upwards thoughtfully in a way that irked Gabriel to no end. "It is Father's will," he replied flatly.

Gabriel rolled his eyes in exasperation. Sure, he loved his Father, but this… this was way over his head. He turned back to retort, but Michael had already vanished. "Hmph," Gabriel huffed, "Dick." Throwing himself backwards, he flopped down on a cloud, just waiting for his new assignment to arrive.

A muffled exclamation and a tiny plop alerted the archangel to the arrival of his tiny new brother.

Gabriel sighed, his wings ruffling in agitation. Dragging himself up, he turned to look at his brother square in the eye, opening his mouth to lay down some ground rules—basically, stay away from him at all times.

And his heart just melted.

Standing in front of him was a young, humanoid child with large, curious blue eyes set in a pale, rotund face. The angel was so small that if Gabriel wasn't looking down, he might not have seen him. The fledgling had dark, mussed up brown hair, and his wings were of the purest white, still not large enough to fly. His bottom lip was stuck out in an adorable pout. Still, he stood stock straight, wrapped in his snow-white robe, his pudgy feet just peeking out of the bottom. Gabriel's resolve simply vanished, leaving him staring at his brother with a newfound adoration.

The young fledgling muttered something inaudible, shuffling his feet. Kneeling down on one knee, Gabriel turned one ear towards the tiny angel.

"What was that?" he asked.

The fledgling rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "Are you Gabriel, sir?" he asked, his eyes downcast in awe.

Gabriel laughed, "You got it, kiddo," he replied, "So you're the young, impressionable mind I get to corrupt, huh?"

His little brother looked up at him with those sky-blue eyes, cocking his head slightly in confusion, "I'm Castiel, sir," he said carefully, as if unsure of what to say.

The archangel laughed, clapping a hand on his little brother's shoulder. "Call me Gabriel, bro. I'm your brother, not your prison warden."

"Yes si—Gabriel," the fledgling answered, his eyes shining as he pronounced his older brother's name.

Gabriel ruffled the fledgling's hair. "Don't worry, bro. I'll get you having fun in no time." Castiel hesitated, as if not knowing what to do, then let a small, bashful smile show. Gabriel smiled back in encouragement.

"Let's meet the others. Come on, follow me," Gabriel said, spreading his wings and taking flight. He briefly wondered where he would find his other siblings, whether they had their fledglings yet, or— his thoughts were interrupted by tiny thuds. Looking down, he saw his newest brother give a pitiful jump, his wings flapping rapidly, keeping him in the air for a few seconds before giving out and depositing Castiel back on the ground with a muffled thump. Gabriel swooped back down gracefully to land beside his brother.

Thump. Castiel leapt back onto his feet and propelled himself back skyward, only to fall back down.

Thump. "Okay, okay," Gabriel said, laying a hand on the tiny angel's shoulder to stop him from trying again, "Don't hurt yourself there, kiddo."

Castiel lowered his eyes in shame, "I'm sorry, Gabriel," he said in a small voice.

Gabriel knelt down beside the fledgling, who looked as if he were on the verge of tears. "Don't sweat it, bro," he said, brushing off the apology, "No one could fly on the first try. Not even me."

Castiel's head snapped back up, his eyes as round as saucers, "Really?" he asked.

Gabriel chuckled. "Really," he repeated. The archangel turned around, offering his back to his little brother. "Climb aboard, kiddo," he called over his shoulder. He felt Castiel hesitate before clambering into the space between his wings, wrapping his small arms around his older brother's neck. Bracing himself, Gabriel shot upwards, feeling the air rush by his face. Castiel giggled cheerfully as they flew, making Gabriel grin.

"You like flying, huh kiddo?" he asked. Castiel simply nodded, still giggling a little. Gabriel grinned even wider, flying in loops and patterns, all thought of finding his other siblings forgotten.

Gabriel touched the ground again, gently prying his little brother's arms from around his neck. Castiel's eyes were closed, the fledgling gently snoring as he slept. Gabriel laid him gently on the cloudbank before falling back on it himself. Maybe, he thought, it wouldn't be so bad to have a new little brother after all.


So there you go. The first chapter of my new fanfiction. Just a cute little story about a family of angels. The POV will switch off about every chapter. The third angel in the family won't appear until the fifth or sixth chapter. Any guesses who it will be? Please leave me a review. They are much appreciated! :)