Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Flan/Fran is a calm demeanor known to possess high grade tolerance to pain and illusionist whom rescued Mukuro in the Future Battle Arc and he held a box weapon which is little Bel. Furthermore, he is always ready to mimic anyone when it is urgently needed by anyone who sought his assistance.

In the Battle Force, Flan/Fran is distinguished as Giant Apple Heart instead of a frog head, he was with his grandmother and he called to be leader of New Varia in the Ten year later version as Xanxus is no longer leads the group.

A part of the episode of this Arc, he called Mukuro as Fairies and Varia as tooth decay where the two groups were faced in search of Fran/Flan. The decision was really cleared to whose group that Fran/Flan was needed.

There are things totally unexpected when you least expected it that it would happen, life is indeed full of surprises, better be brave, than neither coward nor misdemeanor, it was return back into hundredfold scenarios.