You Still Won't Know What It's Like

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter 1

The War Is Over

"It isn't my fault!" Victoria shouted as she through the glass of wine she had been drinking across the room, narrowly missing her husband's head as it shattered against the wall behind him.

Standing from the couch the middle-aged man shouted out accusingly. "It is your entire fault you selfish bitch! When we found out you were having a girl I told you to get a fucking abortion!"

"I was too far along!" She screeched at the top of her lungs moving toward the angry man.

"We could have found someone to do it! I would have paid anything to get rid of her! I hate her and I hate you too…" Richard's voice grew even as he stated the ending of his sentence; it shook with agitation and honesty. It was hard to believe that any person could be so cold hearted and hollow.

From the staircase watering hazel eyes watched the two people fight, the two people she was supposed to call "Parents." Brooke Davis had never felt so unwanted in her life, well that was not true, honestly she had never felt wanted in her life. Aside from the few times she would sleep with a guy and they would make her actually feel like they cared for her like her parents never could. That was the only time she felt as if someone noticed her, despite her popularity.

Finally she could not take it any longer as her father slammed his fist against her mother's jaw. Victoria screamed out in anger and partial pain from the contact before lunging forward and pinning him against the couch, usually she was the verbal attacker and he was the physical. This was self-defense.

"I am leaving! It is clear to see that I am unwanted here and I am so tired of seeing you guys fight so I figured I would just give you what you wanted!" Her voice came out shaky as the tears fell freely down her cheeks and she rushed toward the front door. Heart pounding in her chest, she was terrified of what could happen if they stopped her. If her father—

"Ow!" She groaned in a husky and uneven tone as her father wrapped his hand around the back of her neck pinning her against the door she was attempting to use in making her escape.

"Where the hell do you think you are going you little bitch?" Pulling Brooke's head back her father slammed it against the wooden door, hard. Again the brunette girl yelped out in pain trying to force her tears to stop and her breathing to calm. "I have raised you the last sixteen years and I'll be damned if you just walk out now."

"You don't want me, why can't you just let me go?"

Turning her quickly Richard pressed his body against his daughters pinning her down to the best of his ability. "Because you would tell someone and I couldn't have that, now could I?"

Leaning forward he laughed against her neck and it made her sick to her stomach. She felt the urge to vomit as her stomach flipped, memories she never cared to remember returned and she hated him more than anyone. Taking a chance she leant forward and bit down on his shoulder as hard as she could, drawing blood. It did as she hoped and the middle-aged man let go of her long enough to scream out and cover his wound in order for her to slip out the door and make a dash down the street. If she had it her way she would never go back.

Brooke was not paying attention to where she was running, she was not paying attention to the pain she felt or the blood rolling down over her lips from her nose, all that she could focus on was moving her legs faster than she ever thought possible and getting away from her family. The young girl had no idea where she would go, she and Peyton were not talking because of their fighting over Lucas but she was sure she would understand—

'Slam!' Due to the speed she was running, making impact with whomever was walking down the street caused enough force between their bodies to throw her back against the cement. Luckily her reflexes still seemed to work as she caught herself with her hands.

Haley was more than shocked to feel herself be bulldozed into by someone running down the street. The tutor had just gotten off of work and was heading home to another sleepless night in a full house without any privacy when she had been crashed into. Although it was a lot of force somehow she had managed to control her balance and rush over to the young brunette girl who was now curled up into a fetal position in the street sobbing.

"Oh god, are you okay?" She asked as she quickly knelt down beside the other woman. "I am so sorry I didn't know—Brooke?"

As hazel eyes turned to meet large and worried brown they once more filled with tears. Haley knew who it was of course, Brooke Davis was the most popular girl in Tree Hill, and up until now she was completely invisible to the brunette. Did she despise the cheer leader? A little, but right now all she could feel was compassion.

Brown eyes wandered the bruised neck of the beautiful woman then the blood from her bruised nose caught her eyes. "Brooke, what happened are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." She stated simply in that raspy voice with a forced trademark dimpled smile.

Haley looked at her with skepticism as she reached out a hand offering it to the battered woman, even with a bruised up body and bloody nose her beauty was unmistakable. Strangely enough she found herself mesmerized. Perhaps it was not all that strange. Everyone got mesmerized by her at some point.

The last thing that Brooke wanted to do in that moment was take the tutor's hand. It was bad enough that she had already shown someone aside from her best friend that she had a weak side, but accepting the help from someone who never liked her that much was a bit too much.

"Brooke, I can tell you are not fine. Please just let me take you back to my place?"

"I've been asked that so many times before but never by a girl, who would have guessed the first would be tutorgirl?" She teased playfully and seductively. Doing what she always did in vulnerable situations. Covering it with her sexual devious behaviors.

Even though she found her body reacting at the thought of her and Brooke going back to her place and doing inappropriate things that was the last thing on her mind. Haley had never slept with a man before and she was not going to have her first time with a crying and vulnerable woman who would not remember her in the morning. "I mean to get you cleaned up. Nothing else."

"Aw. What a shame." She laughed out as the tutor forced her arm over her shoulders in order to hold the brunette up as she led the way down the street toward her place.

In all honesty Haley did not understand how Brooke could simply make jokes at a time like this? Did she not understand how severe her injuries could be? That it was alright to show pain from time to time? These questions were going through her mind along with why her body had reacted so strongly to the thought of doing more with the diva and how her family was going to react when they saw the popular girl drenched in blood being taken up to her bathroom. That would be hell.

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End Chapter

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