You Still Won't Know What It's Like

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter 4

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The woman who came out of the shower was not Brooke Davis, there was no way that she was the same confident woman that Haley had seen on the basketball court cheering her best friend on in his games. This was someone completely different, vulnerable. There stood the gorgeous brunette clad in a pair of carebear shorts and a tank top that seemed a little loose on her. Probably because the tutor did not share the same perfect form, not that she was heavy in any means, she just wasn't perfect.

It was cute seeing the beautiful woman dressed up in such childish clothing, clothes that she more than likely normally would never be caught dead wearing, but that was not what made her look vulnerable.

Perhaps it was the sorrow and tears held in those puffy hazel eyes, the redness from where she had obviously furiously batted away those salty signs of her pain, or maybe it was the bruise that was now spreading clear across her face despite her nose not actually being broken, and the many bruised fingerprints that were now littering her arms, more than likely it was a mix of everything. Haley had never seen the other woman, or any one for that matter, look so broken.

Forcing a dimpled smirk Brooke was about to say something flirtatious but the tutor caught on and quickly interrupted.

"Brooke, you need to stop hiding behind the teasing and talk about what happened with me."

"You wouldn't understand." She stated glancing away from those beautiful caring brown eyes; she still did not understand why they held such concern for her. All that she had ever done was tease tutorgirl in high school.

"You don't know that." Haley started as she moved toward the cheer captain reaching out and placing a comforting hand on her arm, hoping to help ease the worries that were evident in her voice as well as her eyes. She wanted Brooke to know that she could trust her enough to talk to her; she wanted her to know that she would be there for her despite their pasts and not ever getting along. Though momentarily she wondered why? But just as quickly dismissed it, she knew it was the right thing to do, that was the only reasoning she needed.

Taking in a deep breath she tried to calm herself, closing her hazel eyes she spoke honestly. "You couldn't possibly understand what it's like to never be good enough for your parents Haley, to be treated like you were a complete mistake. You're parents are awesome."

Large brown eyes widened even more so than they already were as she heard the comment. 'Her parents did this to her… how could they do something like that to their daughter?' "Brooke." She whispered as she watched tears start to fall down the brunette's cheeks, rolling down her neck as she looked away, obviously ashamed.

"Come here." Haley stated softly pulling Brooke into her arms for a short hug that the cheerleader was grateful for as she wrapped the other woman up and sobbed into her shoulder. The tutor lead the crying woman toward her bed signaling for her to sit down with her, which she did, never breaking the contact of the hug. She could tell that the broken woman needed to hold onto her and honestly she did not mind.

For a few moments they sat there on the bed without exchanging any words, Brooke simply crying against the tutor's shoulder. Her breathing was ragged and she felt embarrassed for being so weak but she could not hold it in, even if it wasn't the other woman's responsibility to help her with it she was grateful she was. "Thank you." She whispered finally.

"You don't have to thank me Brooke, I am more than happy to help." Haley whispered in response stroking her fingers through dark locks, subconsciously rocking their bodies back and forth.

After nearly a half an hour of rocking back and forth the tutor smiled softly as she felt Brooke's body start to calm and the shaking begin to subside. She assumed that she was calming down, which was good because she wanted to talk with her about what had happened and maybe help her out. Pulling away slightly she felt the brunette cling to her body not wanting to put too much distance between the two of them and this caused her to smile softly before raising a hand and stroking wet hair away from her face.

Brown eyes met hazel and the tutor asked. "Brooke, who did this to you?"

"Haley—" She started to protest.

"Please Brooke, I need to know. I want to protect you and make sure it doesn't happen again." She stated truthfully. Hazel eyes searched brown for the honesty and what she found surprised her, the other woman was being genuine.

After a few moments of silence, the cheer captain swallowed in hopes to clear her throat before saying in a raspy voice. "It was my father."

"You're father?" Haley asked a little too loudly due to her shock, but she quickly calmed her tone when she realized that it had put Brooke on edge. "Sorry." She whispered. "I just don't understand how someone could do this to their daughter."

"I guess it's easy when it's a daughter you wish you never had." She stated huskily before laughing and glancing away only to have herself forced back with fingers. They were gentle, not controlling, but she allowed them to guide her and glanced once again into those confusing, caring brown eyes. "I'll never be good enough in their eyes Haley, they never wanted a daughter in the first place and all I do is disappoint them." She sighed out.

"Brooke." Haley whispered stroking her finger against the brunette's cheek, noticing the shiver that it elicited. "You are an amazing girl, you just have to see that for yourself."

The cheer captain laughed a little in disbelief. "Yeah, right, this coming from the girl who told her best friend I was a bad influence on him."

The tutor was a little shocked that Lucas had actually told Brooke about that, but it made sense, you told your girlfriends things like that right? Still, it did make her feel slightly betrayed. Smiling softly she spoke honestly. "That is because I only saw the person you pretend to be Brooke, the person you are to hide from all of this. I did not think that there was more to you than a drunk flirtatious cheerleader but now I see I was wrong about that, you just need to see that for yourself."

"What if I can't?" She rasped out.

"You can, it will just take time to turn yourself around and see the true talents you possess. To see what you can truly be and prove it to not only yourself but also your parents."

"They will never see me as talented Haley." She mumbled in a broken voice looking down.

Pushing Brooke to once again look her in the eyes the tutor smiled causing a small smile to form on the other girls lips as she spoke. "Well, then do it for yourself Brooke, because I know there is an amazing girl in there. Someone who is more than sex, parties, and cheerleading, you have more to you than that."

"You really think so?"

"I know so, and I am going to be there to help you along the way with whatever you need help with in order to make your dreams come true." She stated as her smile started to widen as hope filled hazel eyes. It made her feel amazing knowing that she was helping to lift the other girls spirits and maybe set her down a better path than the path that she had been leading. She knew that they would have to deal with Brooke's parents eventually, but for now she could simply stay with her and work on herself.

"Thank you Hales." Brooke smiled, a real smile, something she had not done in some time. She felt closer to the tutor now than she thought she ever would.

The new nickname was enough to melt the tutor's heart, she had only been called that by close friends before and it made her feel like she actually meant something to the other woman. It was so strange how things happened, perhaps it was fate, or maybe mere coincidence, but she was happy that she had been late that night and ran into Brooke. "No need to thank me, and like I said you can feel free to stay as long as you'd like."

Smiling brightly, those beautiful dimples showing in her cheeks, the brunette was about to say something before stifling a yawn. Letting out a squeak at the end that Haley could not help but find adorable. The cheer captain really was not what she had been expecting.

"Let's get some sleep, we can figure things out in the morning." The tutor said standing and ruffling the other girls hair as she headed toward the light in order to turn it off. Just now realizing that she was going to be put into another uncomfortable situation in a few moments. She would be sharing a bed with Brooke Davis; this thought was enough to make her body heat up and a blush cover her cheeks. Luckily the light was out so the brunette could not see it.

As Haley returned to the bed she noticed that the other girl had already crawled under the covers and claimed a side. It was the side that she normally slept on, but she decided to allow the other to steal it. Climbing in on the other side she crawled under the covers and lay there very still and uncomfortable as she forced her breathing to stay calm.

The tutor had never slept with anyone else in her bed before, aside from the few times that Taylor had seen a spider and ran in forcing her to sleep with her that was. But, that was her sister, this was different. This was the most popular and beautiful girl in school, perhaps the most beautiful girl she had ever seen in her lifetime, lying in bed with her. 'At least she is keeping her distance, I don't know what I would—' Her thoughts were cut short as she felt a strong arm wrap snuggly around her stomach and a head bury its way into her chest. 'Oh god.' She thought taking in a breath.

Glancing down brown eyes watched as the other woman slipped into a deep sleep, not even noticing how uncomfortable Haley seemed to be. She had never snuggled with anyone before, she was tutorgirl after all. Blushing brightly she allowed her eyes to wander over the other woman's face. 'God she is so beautiful… she looks so peaceful, even with the bruises across her face…' Smiling softly she stroked the dark hair and felt her body growing comfortable in the cheerleader's arms. She knew that it probably meant nothing to the brunette, but she could feel her heart pounding away from the contact. It meant more to her, and that was terrifying.

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End Chapter

Authors note: If anyone likes heroes I am writing a new fic based on Elle and Claire. :) It has not been read much which is why I am telling everyone. Also adding to some of my other fics as quickly as possible considering school and everything. But I have been adding more. Decided to give y'all another chapter because of the two amazing reviews and knowing the last chapter was too short by itself. Please tell me what y'all think! Love you guys so much!

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