It was the most extraordinary thing. Lily Potter had given birth to only one child, and yet, after the encounter with Voldemort, there were two children, identical in every way, who both responded to the same name – Harry. Somehow, rather than being killed, the child had been split into two bodies. It was quite the most remarkable case of magical twins ever seen.

Except that no one would see it for some years, as Dumbledore had ordered for Hagrid to remove little Harry Potter from Godric's Hollow and bring the babe to Privet Drive to be left in the care of his aunt. Hagrid, sensible fellow that he was, wrapped up both of the children in the same blanket – they wailed when he tried to wrap them up separately or leave one behind – and promptly made his way to that particular area of London's outer suburbia.

(Sirius, for those of you wondering, had been keeping company Remus as it was a full moon, and would not learn of the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew until he read of the Potters death in the morning paper.)

Dumbledore, upon being handed the children, seemed to not notice that there were two of them, and Minerva who stood beside him and protested their placement likewise saw only the one child. Further proof for the idea that people will frequently only see what they expect to see. Why, Minerva was calling on Dumbledore to remove a scar from Harry that was not even there. Dumbledore, no more observant than the woman who was his junior by fifty years, argued that he would not even if he could, as he thought scars could some day be useful. He did not say that he could not remove what was not there, as he saw it with the eyes of belief himself.


Petunia Evans stumbled to her front door to retrieve the milk that was delivered in the mornings. She had been Petunia Dursley until a mere week ago. When she miscarried her first pregnancy, now over a year ago, her husband had become violent with her. When his beatings caused her to lose her second child she had divorced him, taking all of his assets and putting him behind bars at the same time. Soon she would be living off the payments that she had received by order of the judge as well as government payments to supplement her living when she began her studies to become a councillor. She never wanted anybody to have to go through what she did, and she knew from experience how grateful she was to have been directed to a councillor. The woman she'd had her first appointment with just yesterday had been wonderful.

Upon opening the door, she found two babes wrapped up together in a blue blanket, a wax-sealed letter set atop them, sitting beside the milk and covered in dew like the grass. Petunia collapsed onto her knees as she stared at these children, then her senses began to kick in and she bundled them up into the house and set to making sure that they were both alive and not made ill from being left on her doorstep for however long they had been there. Eventually assured that the infants were not ill, and relieved because of this, Petunia turned to the letter that had been left with these two identical boys with hauntingly familiar eyes.

"Except that Lily only had one child," she whispered, even as she broke the seal on the letter and turned her attention to the script contained within.

Petunia's whole face became slightly pinched as she read the missive, and she looked over at the two babes again. No. There was no mark on either boy at all, despite what the letter said. It also made no mention of the other child. She was going to have to take them to a hospital and get them registered properly, though she had a feeling that...


"It's uncanny," the nurse said as she stared at the hand- and foot-prints of the two baby boys. "I've never seen anything like it before in my life, and I've printed identical twins before. They have never been this identical. I mean, usually they're at least an inverted version of their twin!"

"They really are identical then," Petunia said as she cradled both children on her lap. "Well, Lily only told me about Harry, so I'll register one of them as Harrison and one as Harold. I'll tell them apart by their clothes and that will be that."

"I have the nasty feeling they'll be terrible pranksters Ms Evans," the nurse said with a commiserating smile.

Petunia chuckled dryly. "That's fine," she said. "As long as they aren't bullies as well."