"Aunt Petunia," Harry said, holding each other's hands as they stood in the kitchen of number four.

"Yes Harry?" she answered. When she looked up and saw their very serious expression she washed her hands of the dinner fixings and sat down at the kitchen table, indicating for them to do likewise.

"Aunt Petunia, we want you to leave England. In fact, all of Great Britain and Europe in general," they said together.

"Why?" Petunia asked, slightly worried. "And where do you want me to go?"

"Antarctica?" offered one of the boys. Luna was escaping to live with Olaf and attend Durmstrang for the rest of her schooling. Not nearly far enough, but a good amount of distance anyway.

"He is back," the other answered meaningfully. They didn't mention that the git had already raped a pretty young girl, Aunt Petunia didn't need to know that. They were just glad to have gotten the news that Fleur wasn't going to have to suffer bearing his child on top of the terrible act. It had been in the papers. There was a letter of thanks from Fleur to all witches and wizards who had been so supportive of her in her distressing times, even as the terror returned to all of them.

"Oh," Petunia said softly. "Well, you've completed your regular high school education, you're out of college too, and university is always optional and can be entered at any time. Trade too if you'd prefer that. Hmm. If I do go, where will you two stay? I get the feeling you aren't leaving."

The boys shook their heads. "We'll move in with Sirius. His house is covered with all sorts of wards that mean people can't see the house, know where it is, or get in even if they get there."

Petunia sighed. "I don't like the idea of leaving you here, where it's dangerous, and running to safety myself," she said. "That's hardly the act of a responsible guardian," she pointed out.

"She who loves, and runs away, lives to love another day," the two Harrys said firmly. "We'll be fine. We had all those tutors last year and we study really hard anyway. No one will be getting the jump on us, we promise."

"You can't know that," Petunia said firmly. "You're only going to be fifteen in a month or so. The mad man you're up against has decades of experience on you!"

The Harrys grinned.

"But we have ingenuity," one said.

"And we know more about non-magical discoveries," the other added.

Petunia looked each identical boy in the eye, then smiled herself, recalling how ignorant James and his friends had been of anything non-magical when Lily had introduced them to her. "Well, when you put it like that," she allowed with wicked joy. "I'll go pack."


The last three years of their time at Hogwarts was spent aiding and abetting the war effort against Voldemort. The school slowly returned to its previous occupation as fortified castle, giving shelter to those injured in the fighting. Staff and students alike all kept wands handy to defend the school, and the medi-witch had a lessons with every year group from every house one day a week each so that she was not the only person tending to the invalids who came in when there was no longer room in St Mungos, and worse, when St Mungos was destroyed in a raid by the Death Eaters.

"The problem," Harry said as he paced in the room of requirement that a helpful house elf had pointed them to.

"Is that the good guys are too nice to use the spells that would make it an unfair fight in their favour," his brother finished, turning in his own pacing at exactly the same time.

"There are only what? Twenty, thirty Death Eaters in all of the UK? Forty at most," Harry continued.

"And yet they hold a population of almost a thousand in raptures of terror," the other Harry countered. "Always the way," he sighed.

They were seventeen and in their last year at Hogwarts. Their fifth year had been the beginning of the panic, of getting Auror training instead of just defence class and the beginning of the medi-magic classes for all the students rather than just those who had elected to take it. Their sixth had seen that trend continue, but with the addition of basic warding lessons for students who wanted to understand what was being set up around their homes, or so that the muggle-born children could set up their own wards during holidays. In that time, Harry had been staying with Sirius and Remus in the Black Family's old town house during the holidays. They'd also come clean about there being two of them. Sirius and Remus had been dumbstruck for a full minute before breaking down laughing and declaring them the greatest prankster of them all – even if he didn't actively prank like they had in their youth.

But things were finally coming to a head. Animagus scouts and Snape the Spy had reported that Voldemort had intentions of storming Hogwarts castle and taking over. The Ministry wouldn't be responding because, as much as they publicly opposed the big bad Dark Lord, they had long devolved to a puppet ministry, and Voldemort was the puppet-master. Hogwarts was the thing truly standing in the way of his complete domination of Magical Britain.

That, and he still had a personal vendetta against Harry Potter that he wanted to get through. Destroy a few soul-boxes and he gets all huffy and throws a tantrum like a spoiled child. It made the brothers snicker, but at least Aunt Petunia was safe from his posturing. They hated to think what Voldemort would have tried with her if she'd still been in the country. The great git had tried using Sirius as bait for a trap as well, and it was only that Harry had a communication mirror and called Sirius to check that he was safe which had stopped him from immediately running off and tearing the Dark Prick a new one back at the end of his fifth year.

The wards sounded the alarm: invaders at the gates and advancing.

"What we need is a bomb."

"Good thing we've been making gunpowder in potions class since first year then, isn't it?"

The brothers chuckled and ran down to their common room, fetching out the tupperwear container he'd been keeping the little sachets gunpowder in. Originally, they had intended fireworks for their graduation, and so each little paper of powder had a fuse of its own. Now, they emptied all of the sachets into a few hollow metal balls they'd conjured, packing the powder tightly before shoving the fuses in.

Brooms were grabbed and they raced out of the nearest window and around to where the invaders were. Bombs were lit and dropped in rapid succession before the boys went higher on their brooms to escape the blast-radius.

When the smoke cleared, there were a lot of dead bodies lying about. Protegro only protected against spell fire after all, not physical attacks like these. The Harry's descended and sought out Voldemort and his snake, a conjured sword carried by each of them. When they found who and what they were looking for, it was practically a mercy killing, as they were both more than half-dead, yet still suffering slowly in their last moments. The cold bite of steel put an end to the burning pain of shrapnel throughout their bodies and limbs (or in the case of the snake, half its tail) missing.

Their dreadwork done, the boys dropped their swords, no smile to be seen on either of their faces.

"It is finished," they declared softly, mounting their brooms once more and getting away before anybody would see them.


It was two years since they had graduated from Hogwarts, and they now worked part time for Fred and George Weasley in their shop Weasleys Wizard Wheezes – though they were also the main financial backing for the company. It was a four-part ownership, and the red-haired twins had laughed when the two Harrys stood before them, hooting something about a map that was never wrong and that they should have known all along.

When they weren't working in the shop – either serving customers or developing new products for sale – then Harry and Harry worked with displaced children. The kids especially liked playing with the twin supervisors, and the 'magic show' that they would put on for entertainment at the orphanages. They still hadn't told the wizarding population in general that there were two of them, but even as such public figures as the Ministry tried to make them, they felt that it was important to have a few secrets up their sleeves and carry an air of mystery. That they still had the time-turner they'd been given in their third year just meant that they could be having fun at the same time as they had to be at the Ministry doing boring political stuff.

~The End~