I actually own pretty much of this, at least, the names of Lily's friends. I don't own any references to Hogwarts, its professors, Lily, James, or James's friends. But otherwise, it's all mine!!! I thought, when writing Worthy Adversaries, that Lily's friends needed developing, so here we go. They've each decided to start a diary, around about chapter five of Worthy Adversaries. Each chapter will be devoted to a friend, starting with Lily's and going onto James's. I don't know how I'm going to work the timings, but I'll do it. Anyway, I'll let you read it. This chapter's on Lily's best friend. Please R/R!



Dear Diary,

Lily gave me the idea to write a diary, when I saw her writing in her own this summer.  It's a good idea, and I'm sure it will help me get things out.  I don't think I can just rush into writing out my thoughts and feelings without a background, though, so that's what you'll be getting. So who am I?

Well, my name is Mia Hedgerswitch. I don't know where it originated, since both of my parents are muggles. I don't have any relatives that are magical, so when I got my letter through the post, I thought it was a joke. To cut a long story short, I continued thinking it was a joke until a man appeared at our doorstep and proceeded to convince me that magic was real. And then I couldn't wait!

My looks I am not going to bother much with, because there isn't any point. Inside beauty is what counts, and I hope I have that. I'm seventeen, turning eighteen in two weeks. I wear glasses, because my parents don't want me magically messing with my eyes. They say I can do whatever once I get my Hogwarts certificate, but until then, I am their daughter. I know they mean well, so I don't complain much.

Academically, I do okay. I'm in the top half of all my classes, which isn't bad. I often study in my spare time, which is how I manage to keep up my top grades. I'm not, like Lily, able to pass exams easily without studying, but that's the way I'm made. So deal with it. I think I'm going crazy, telling a diary, or in effect myself to deal with myself. Why am I even writing this, anyway? I don't know. I think I started a craze, though. Kate, Trinity and Lisa all seemed very interested in what I'm doing. They'll start diaries, but how long they'll keep them up, I don't know. I don't even know whether I'll keep my diary going. I admit it is quite relaxing. I don't know. One thing I will do is hide this. If I write anything important in here, I don't want blackmail material just lying around!

One of Kate's boyfriends coming in here and finding it! Kate's nice, but she's gorgeous and she knows it. She has had about the same number of boyfriends as Sirius has had girlfriends, which is a lot. I don't have boyfriends. I've never dated. Why? I just don't think that it's necessary. Unless I feel really strongly for someone, why should I go through the pain of the inevitable break-up? And we will break up if I'm not head over heels in love with some guy. So I'll wait for Mister Right, thankyou very much. And now I'll go on to talk about something else, talking about my own lack of boyfriends gets boring.

Lily's my best friend. I've known her since the Hogwarts Express, but we didn't become close until second year. I'm not quite sure why, it just happened. As I said before, Lily could get great marks without even studying. But she studies enough to get top marks of the year, except maybe James. He studies less than Lily, but he gets marks just as high as hers. That's probably why they disliked each other for so long, their friendly competition got a little too competitive. Lily's parents died a while ago, and since then she's been staying at my house in the holidays. I'm glad that she's staying with me, although I can't imagine what she must feel like without parents. That's another similarity she has with James, he doesn't have parents, either. They died, too.

How do I know so much about James? It's because of Remus. We're close friends, but it's purely platonic.  But he's close to James, so naturally I hear a lot about him. Remus is nice. I would say more, but it's late, my hand is getting tired, and I've already written pages in this! I'll lock this now with a charm, find out a good place to hide it, and then go to sleep. Tomorrow's Sunday, and Lily will be here when I wake up. I hope she and James don't decide they hate each other over their detentions! It would not be fair if they had a fight again. I'm going now. Until I write again,