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Petals of Feathers

Prologue: Rescued

By Arecus. Conberma

Darkness was everywhere; it consumed and lurked him farther more. It was wide, but cold and lonely…

The white peacock had been there after he was crushed by his own creation, cannon. Ironically, he didn't feel any pain afterward, perhaps that's what how it felt to be dead. The incredible heavy weight smashed on him, and the water gashed into his throat and nose, he couldn't breath but he didn't bother to. And suddenly, all of him memories came to him.

From his birth, his parents, his nanny the soothsayer, his wolf friend…and one blurry figure? He couldn't see it but slowly the figure formed into a small peahen. She looked soooo familiar to Shen but he just couldn't recall his memory.

Then, a flashback in his deep buried memories:

A young peahen was running joyfully on a wide flower field. Shen recognized the field; it was the flower field behind the Gongmen Palace! Everything was going to become a huge jigsaw puzzle as questions puzzled the albino peacock: Who is that peahen? Why is he remembering this scene? What is wrong with him?

Suddenly, a light shone in front of his eyes as the darkness immediately faded away. He was back to the living world. He flickered his eyes and again, everything was so blur and pain was the first to greet him as his body was badly damaged.

Just then, he saw shadowy tall figures surrounded him, mumbling something, he couldn't hear them right. But he could hear some sentences like: "Is he dead?", "This is unusual.", and "Should we leave him here?"

The peacock was ready to slip into darkness again, until he heard a feminine voice. She was tall and it seemed to be an avian, she placed one of her wings gently on his forehead and the other on his throat. She probably sensed there was a brief chance to save his life as she ordered her friends or companies to carry him carefully into somewhere else.

Before he fell into the darkness again, he heard the same female avian's voice soothed softly.

"You're safe now…"

Then he smelt the scent of flower: Prunus mume. After that, he slipped into the darkness once again…

To be continued…

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