Lazy Afternoons

A long, slow haze of fluttering eyelashes and a twitching of noses began to take place in the early hours of the afternoon. Suzaku sighed contently and sat up, shrugging his shoulders to get the creak out of his bones. Gentle green eyes smiled down at the collision of milky knotted arms knitted messily around his middle.

Lelouch returned the sleepy smile, only after a minutes lazy silence did he open his eyes and unravel his limbs; joining his tan friend in an upright position on the mess of a bed adorned with an array of colourful pillows, blankets and the occasional toy – which of course wasn't a belonging of the leader of the black knights; of course not.

The light hit the window softly and refracted itself across the room; prettily lighting up corners and carpet space with lofty splodges of lemony puddles. It was pretty and the warmth of the sun radiated from the glossy windows with a clam energy.

"Morning, lulu!" Suzaku chuckled quietly at the nickname he took up for the scowling teen.

"Good morning…" Lelouch whispered. By nature, the prince was quite, controlled but he seemed to let go around his Japanese friend. It was odd when he had quiet moments; when it appeared his perky mood was struck down by nostalgia and these wonderful, dreamy moments where brought back down to earth with a sad, crushing speed. Moments like this, unintentionally ruined by overwhelming feelings of the leader of the rebellion, that Suzaku was consumed with unwanted, unneeded disappointment and filled with a want to squash the demons of the dark haired boy.

A sad smile spread itself across a tan face and green eyes fed upon the silence creating a distance between the two, rolling away like clouds in a cobalt blue sky. The soldier sighed as the atmosphere darkened as well as the light; fluffy clouds bursting through.

Lelouch began to giggle softly and when Suzaku turned his gaze towards his friend, this chuckling turned itself into a bellowing laugh and a frenzy of hysteria. The infectious laugh made itself present in the older boy who also began to laugh.

"Don't you have work today?" The raven haired teen smirked across the covers smugly.

A loud, anguished howl could be heard down the corridor that could only be explained as the-over-worked-maid's-work-finally-getting-to-her. Violet eyes began to water and a sparkling flood of tears flooded his face as he laughed in delight at his friends' irrational fear of his boss, Lloyd.

"AAhhhhh! Lulu, he'll kill me!" The tan teen cried as he walked remorsefully out of the door with sluggish steps.

"You should be more worried about Cecil-san!" Lelouch smirked.

"Don't you also have work to do?" C.C said, breaking the cheerful atmosphere in the room, who also managed to break the great Zero's resolve of staying in bed all day.



The scowling teen sighed in resentment and a smirk crept upon the mysterious witches face. "I'm getting up…"


This was a quickie although it took me about two hours. ^_^; haha…. I've been in a lazy mood and I haven't written anything in AGES so here you go~ The start is a lot more fluffy than the end. ^_^; I thought it was getting too serious to you can see where I was thinking "SHIT! I'M GETTING DEPRESSED!" So I made it KINDA comical? Haha XD Anyway ENJOY 3


I had a dream I was getting intimate with a blow up doll. IT'S MENTALLY SCARRED ME. T^T It was so weird that I was laughing when I woke up…. ^_^;

If anyone has any requests for a fanfic, I'll be happy to comply and write one Just message me; pairing, story, etc