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It was 7pm and Connor and Abby were waiting, in the pub, for the rest of the ARC team. Both of them hoped that their plan to get Jess and Becker together will work, but they couldn't be sure. They would have to see where the night led them.

"So Abby, do you think this plan is going to work?" Connor asked leaning in closer to Abby.

"I dunno, it was your idea, Con." Abby replied.

"Well of course I think it's going to work. Like you said it was my idea. I just wanna know what you think." Connor said.

"Well I think it could work. But we have to be prepared just in case it doesn't." Abby told him.

"Try to keep optimistic, Abby. We'll deal with that when and if it happens." Connor told her.


Matt and Emily were the first to arrive. Shortly followed by Jess and Becker.

"Right, now all we have to do is wait for Lester." Abby said.

"Hold on, you invited Lester?" Becker asked, surprised. "And he's coming?"

"Yes I invited him. Whether he comes or not is a different matter. He did say he would though. Guess we'll find out soon." Abby told him.

"While they waited to see if Lester actually turned up or not, the group went up to the bar and got their drinks.

10 minutes later, the door opened and Lester walked in. He looked the same as ever; black suit with white pinstripes. Lester noticed the group by the bar and walked up to them.

"Right, let's get this over and done with. And I don't want this mentioned ever again, got that?" Lester said. The rest of the group nodded. "Good,"

Lester sat down on one of the free stools next to the bar. "Why don't you go off and do whatever it is you need to do and I'll stay here and relax with my drink." Lester suggested.

"Sounds like a good idea to me." Matt said winking at Connor and Abby who smiled back.

The group went off, left Lester by the bar and went to find a spare table where they all sit and talk.

They found a table by the back door and sat down.

After a few minutes of chatting about random things, Abby spoke:

"Me and Connor just need to talk about something private.

"What?" Connor asked.

"Come on, Connor." Abby grabbed his arm and pulled him from his seat. She then led Connor outside.

Once they were outside Connor looked at Abby as if to say: 'what are we doing out here?'

"Yes Connor, I know you want to know why we're out here," Connor nodded silently and Abby got her phone out and began to text Matt. "But hold on a sec and then I'll tell you." Abby finished texting put her phone away and looked at Connor.

"Right, we're out here so we can give Jess and Becker some space; which will hopefully lead them in the right direction of finally getting together." Abby told him. "I've texted Matt and told him to come outside here with Emily to give Jess and Becker the space they need." Abby explained.

"OK, that makes sense." Connor said.

A few minutes later Matt and Emily walked outside and the four friends peered through a window, where they wouldn't be seen, so they could watch Jess and Becker.

"Things look a bit awkward to me." Matt said.

"I think that's a sign that they really do like each other." Emily said.

"If we're lucky they might lose this awkwardness soon." Connor said.

"We hope," Abby said.

"Yeah; we hope." Emily said.

Back inside the pub Jess and Becker were sitting in silence. Both of them were trying to think of a conversation to bring up. So far neither of them had anything.

"Jess, do you want me to get you another drink?" Becker asked, there was most certainly some nervousness in his voice.

"Yes; thank you Becker." Jess replied they smiled at each other for a moment and the crew at the window also smiled. Becker got up and went up to the bar.

"So, you and your girlfriend having a good night?" the Bar Man asked as he got the drinks.

"Actually she's not my girlfriend. We're just good friends." Becker told him.

"Sure you are," The Bar Man said smiling. "You have a good night," Becker smiled at the man, picked up the drinks and walked back to the table.

"Here you go, Jess." Becker put her drink by her on the table and sat down. "Do you have any idea where the others went?" he asked her.

"No, why?" Jess asked as she picked up her drink.

"Well, they've been gone for ages now. People- like me- might start to think they're..." He paused and sipped at his drink, "...up to something." Becker shook his head as if to clear the thought from his head.

"Oh well, their loss if they miss out on a good night." Jess took a sip of her drink and at the same time a thought went through Becker's mind:

'God she's beautiful.' Becker smiled at Jess and as she put her drink back on the table, she smiled back at him.

From the window, Abby, Connor, Matt and Emily thought the same thing:

'This night might be the night for Jess and Becker'


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