I know it's been AGES since my last update. And if you are reading this, I'm going to help out by giving a little summary or two of what happened previously, assuming that a lot of you already forgot the story.

Though, I'm an author that likes making the smallest hints, so if you're the type of reader that likes to make predictions and get ahead of the game, then feel free to go back and skim a little, in the meantime, I shall write a 'calendar-like' summary of the events included so far. By the way, I made have made huge mistakes when it comes to dates...Sorry...^^; So...I guess the weekdays I assign the chapters too aren't going to be too useful.

Now if you remember the story or just started, kudos, so you probably don't need to read the summary.


Unknown Time, Somewhere In Downtown Portland:

-A mysterious meeting occurs in the roughest place of the town, resembling something similar to organized crime?

Monday, the week after the Rosalia Outbreak:

-Naomi refuses a top-secret case and continues her new life with Alyssa working on smaller cases; Wayne has no argument.

-CR-SO1 is released from prison on an agreement to work at Resurgam for one year, completing as many operations as he can to decrease his sentence.

-Maria Torres arrives to an orphanage fire and saves two kids, one unconscious and the other a 'hero.'

-CR-SO1 arrives to Resurgam to be dragged into a current rebellion started by the orphanage survivors. The kid that pushed him over somehow has his name.


Same Day (Monday):

-Meet Erhard and Gary. The first being accused of starting the fire. The uprising was nothing more than unnecessary trouble.

-Tomoe shows CR-SO1 his room. Nothing special other than the fact that CR can earn cash... Tomoe puts really high hopes in that opportunity.


-Esha shows up late to the conference and reports that a few kids are staying behind. Maria volunteers to take some custody of 'Erhard' during his stay, who she soon discovers is mute. Gabe is told to check on Gary's condition.

-Gabe passes by CR's office, but Gary and 'Erhard' were stowing away there. Gary was hiding from Gabe, supposedly.



-Maria crashes into 'Erhard's to start him off on volunteer work. They attempt to clean the backroom but end up going to a scene of an unexplained but large car accident (Carson Incident).

-There were some bullying problems with the team before Maria notices Rosalia. 'Erhard' managed to save a kid from getting killed...again.

-Gabe sends 'Erhard' off to the lounge. He later learns that Tillman is involved in the presidential elections, but was cut off to deal with 'Erhard' stealing food from the lounge.

-Argument with Esha was handled without any scars. Gabe sends 'Erhard' to CR, and has news to tell the prisoner.


Same day (Wednesday):

-Maria goes to a mechanic and hears a conversation about Jet screwing up at his job. She also heard about his bad knee and advises him about visiting Resurgam.

-Naomi hears about the Carson Incident. Wayne tells her it's federal business and she leaves it alone.

-In the OR, 'Erhard' recalls being found out as female and her flying kick. She later supplies CR-SO1 with the stabilizer he needs to complete the operation.

-'Erhard' takes CR-SO1 to lunch. CR grows more doubtful of the girl's identity; he was unable to take her to the Mall next-door.

-Gabe fails to find Gary yet again. He hears about Esha talking to a former Caduceus member who wants to work in a hospital again.

_FIVE_ Stories


-Maria figures 'Erhard' didn't get the right food and personally takes 'him' out to the mall to eat breakfast. She tells 'him' of her history as an orphan and informs 'him' that CR is a prisoner.

-'Erhard' runs out of the old ward during a meeting with new paramedics. Maria is confronted by Kevin about this event. Rosalia sends another message.

-CR leaves a concerned Tomoe behind and finds 'Erhard' secluded in a corner. He leaves her alone, but was eventually followed.

-Gabe 'assigns' CR to take care of 'Erhard,' who later comes in. Gabe says he's still looking for Gary. CR later learns that 'Erhard' became an orphan at perhaps through the Cumberland Incident, since the times match up. 'Erhard' later tests her trust of the surgeon with the window.

_SIX_ Runaway

Same day (Thursday):

-'Erhard' finds Gary wandering the halls.

-Maria aids CR in an operation, showing concern for her apprentice.

-'Erhard' and Gary successfully avoids Gabe and Hank, despite the fact Gary has an injured leg. 'Erhard' goes to CR's office to grab lunch, but Tomoe gets in the way by reporting the discovery of Gary.

-'Erhard' ran out and into Gabe, after a small fight Gabe tells about Gary's operation.

-Naomi is forced to start the top-secret case regarding a impossible-to-catch thief with the alias "Raven."

_SEVEN_ Exploration


-Maria hears about the issue with the two orphans from Tomoe and tries to confront 'Erhard.' She ends up just finding an empty roll of gauze and running into Jet, who she told to come tomorrow since he had no reservation.

-CR-SO1 finds 'Erhard' frustrated. He informed her of the transmitter and she surprisingly managed to unlock it.

-CR-SO1 was lead to the Mall, and witnessed a bunch of ruffians go by 'Erhard.' He took the step accidentally and was taken away for dinner...

-While CR was forced to browse, 'Erhard' ran into the punks again and saw them cornering a few kids. The situation was handled with some littering and a wild goose chase.

-The rescued kids recognized 'Erhard,' but weren't familiar with the attitude.


Same Day (Friday):

-Naomi, now working with a dead body discovered not long ago, finds herself stuck in the mystery. The only progress is her belief that 'Raven' is a group rather than just one person.

-'Erhard' ran out on Maria again, Kevin shows disappointment in her for no addressing the problem, which Maria is uncertain of.

-Jet meets Gabriel, the doctor Maria has recommended. Other than some conversational hiccups, Gabriel didn't do much for the strange knee pains. Jet later suggests Gabe to the cafe he works at to attend one of his performances... as thanks.

-Esha talks to Gabe about hiring another diagnostician, Gabe is indifferent with the decision, and notices the Chief is a ton more clumsier.

-Hank meets up with Claire at the mall for another shopping trip. Claire asks about Hank's most recent patient (Gary) before they encounter Elise, Claire's 'rival' chef who does rather charitable work while owning an orphanage on the borders of Portland. Kevin, who was with Elise, told Hank that he was the first to arrive to the Carson Incident. Claire regrets that she didn't ask more...



-Ian storms into the hospital with other officials... because the contract with the prisoner had supposedly been broken.

3 Hours Before:

-Gabriel and Nurse Emma becomes the laughingstock of the visitor, Jet. Jet tells Gabe that Sunday would be a better time since he has a family emergency to attend to that day. Gabriel was fine with that, but now has to track down Hank.

-Gary, stuck in his cast and in his room, meets Alyssa, who is playing hide-and-seek with Tomoe and also Chloe... Little Guy passes by, but was sent off with a phone call. Alyssa talks a little about Naomi's current case before someone else shows up...

-(A little before:) Hank leaves the OR and thanks Maria for supporting him, he also talks about his little night out with Gabe before heading to Gary's room.

-Gary and Hank start out peaceful with talking about the orphanage arson, but later create tension when Gary refuses to explain his running off. Alyssa eavesdrops from the bottom of the bed.

-After Hank leaves, Gary and Alyssa start to move out of the room, just as Esha declared the lockdown and Ian announced the termination... there were also gunshots.

_TEN _Conspiracy

Same day (Saturday), though a little back in time...

-CR-SO1 and 'Erhard' argue out another trip away from the tracker, but as they approached the orphan's room, the announcements were made. 'Erhard' reveals a gun after the prisoner reads the mysterious notecard that was left in the strange cloak the girl had...

-Tomoe catches Chloe and meets up with Little Guy, who was talking to Naomi about Raven... They team up and later meet Hank. They had a plan to follow the cat, but then the PA turned on.

-Gabriel and Maria seemed to come to the worst point their quarrel, when Gabe failed to keep his little secret about 'Erhard'... just as Esha brought Resurgam to lockdown mode. They notice Kevin, who runs by without answering much. Ian later comes up on the PA, and Maria sees Rosalia once more. They run in the opposite direction of the gunshots, despite Kevin having went that way earlier.

-Everyone meets up just as 'Erhard' and CR-SO1 were about to run through. Ian and Esha appear, both surprised to see everyone. Ian and 'Erhard' point their guns at each other, forcing Gary and Alyssa to intervene, both assuming that this was for the orphanage arson. Little Guy and Ian interrogate 'Erhard'...eventually answered.


Same day (Saturday):

-With 3 words spoken, the supposedly mute 'Erhard' stuns the crowd. Gary, still believing 'Erhard' didn't cause the fire, allows the fugitives to get away, but on the condition that the arsonist is found. Gary later reveals to Alyssa that he feigned ignorance about the Raven story to defend his friend.

-The staff and Ian watch as CR-SO1 and the girl manage to access a motorcycle and ride out from the second floor. After their escape, Ian learns that the cameras were disabled, the storm and lock-down situation seemingly causing this.

-The runaway pair arrive to an orphanage on the outskirts of town completely soaked. They enter the building with Elise (the orphanage owner mentioned in chapter 8) and an eye-patch-wearing Candice recognizing them. CR-SO1 notices Candice making a phone call to further research his identity and report the return of "Sparrow," another pseudonym for his copycat.

-The staff back at Resurgam talk to Naomi and Ian. They explain the high-profile Raven case being involved, and the futility of responding hastily toward the kidnapping. With little hope of the specialist's quick return, the staff split up to tend to the patients.

-Maria finds Hank and Gabriel staying behind to discuss the postponement of having dinner at Jet's cafe. The two men assumed she wanted to join, but instead Maria discusses the motorcycle that was used as the getaway vehicle. It was apparently hers.