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It was winter at Hogwarts and students and faculty were gathered in the luxuriously decorated Hall for the annual Yule Ball.

Shinko waited by the entrance for his boyfriend, his stomach twisting into a giant ball of nerves. When he saw Mujakina though, he knew that there was no reason for it.

Mujakina spotted Shinko instantly, bounding over to his mate for a kiss. When they separated, he held the blonde at arm's length. He looked him up and down, taking in the crisp, white shirt, silver tie, pale gray waistcoat and well-fitting, black suit trousers. The loving smile on his perfect face completed the look.

"You look gorgeous, love."

Looking down, he blushed as Shinko studied his own outfit which was similar to his but with a navy waistcoat and a turquoise tie. Shinko tilted his head up with his index finger and claimed his lips again.

"Speak for yourself, Kina."

Smiling, the brunette checked his watch, 7:02. He held out his arm and Shinko took it, leading him into the Hall.

They smiled at Tsuyosa as they passed her dancing with Neville Longbottom. They weren't mates, but he had asked her to be his date and she had agreed, even though she was worried as the dance started at seven and that was when she was due to shift to night form. She was wearing a knee-length, white prom-style dress tied with a black satin ribbon around her waist. The dress contrasted beautifully with her silver speckled black skin and the dark silver, tribal tattoo on her neck and shoulder reminded everyone what a fearsome warrior she'd been on the battle field. She had let her dark copper hair flow free down to her waist. Neville didn't seem to mind that she wasn't human and seemed to be lost in her glowing brown eyes.

Mujakina leaned in and whispered, "So damn cute," in her ear before following Shinko to a free spot on the dance floor.

The lover's soon slipped into a tight but comfortable embrace, dancing slowly. Mujakina had his head against Shinko's chest, one arm around his waist and clasped his hand with his own free one.

Shinko brought his hand up and kissed it, "There's something I've got to ask you." He used the hand to gently pull him to a quiet corner of the Hall.

Getting down on one knee, Shinko pulled a box from his jacket pocket. He opened it, revealing a beautiful platinum ring adorned with a single diamond in the middle and a pearl and ruby on either side; their birthstones. The people near the couple stopped to watch what was going on, then the people behind them, until they had the attention of every person in the room. Shinko didn't care though, to him, Mujakina was the only person in the world.

"Kina, I love you more than anything. I think I always have, but it took me finding out about you being my mate to realise it. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I hope that you feel the same way. Mujakina, will you marry me?"

With tears of pure happiness, Mujakina pulled Shinko to his feet.

"Yes! Of course! I love you, I..." He stopped his exclamations and threw himself into his fiancé's arms, drawing him in for a kiss full of love and hope.

Shinko was crying as well by now and he eagerly returned to kiss, deepening it as the gathered crowd clapped and shouted congratulations'. He broke the kiss to slide the ring onto Mujakina's finger and heard him gasp.

"It's amazing! Just like you."

"I was thinking more along the lines of a beautiful ring for a beautiful man." He stole another kiss and when he pulled away he saw that they'd shifted into their night forms.

Tsuyosa managed to squeeze through the now cheering crowd. Shinko took one arm off Mujakina and opened it out to her. She grinned and joined in the group hug.

"Congratulations, you guys!" She turned to Mujakina, "Shotgun Maid of Honour!"


Four years later, Mujakina was sitting in his bathroom peering down at a thin white stick. He heard the door swing shut to his and Shinko's apartment and went to greet his husband with a million watt smile.

"I'm pregnant." He waved the stick for emphasis before putting it down. Shinko stood, shell-shocked for a moment before dropping everything to sweep Mujakina up into his arms.

"That's fantastic! Wow, I...wow." He placed tiny kisses on his forehead, cheeks and nose before finally claiming Mujakina's lips in a passionate kiss.

He led the brunette over to the couch and sat, motioning for him to lie down. He did as requested and used the blonde's lap as a pillow. Mujakina smiled up at him, his hands coming to rest over his still flat stomach.

"I'm not going to break, love."

Shinko chuckled, absently tracing patterns over his lover's face, thinking about the future.


Scorpius Potter-Malfoy followed his Papa through the wall at platform 9¾, silently cursing his luck at being stuck with two last names when his parent's didn't even have one. His dad had a light hand on his shoulder and they ran thorough the solid looking wall together. He spotted his aunt Tsuyosa immediately and grinned, heading towards her.

Mujakina and Shinko smiled at each other as their eleven year old son was getting ready to leave for his first year of Hogwarts.

Tsuyosa kissed her brother's on the cheeks before bending to give her godson a tight hug. She let him go and twirled her finger. Scorpius blushed as he did a little spin for his excitable aunt.

"You look so much like your parents, Scorp." The young boy blushed deeper but knew she was right. He had his Papa's pale skin and clear silver eyes plus his dad's unruly black hair and (unfortunately) his slightly feminine face shape.

Turning to see who his parents were talking to he smiled politely up at Mrs. Weasley and ignored her husband completely. After he had discovered how much Mr. Weasley loathed Malfoy's, he had decided to hate him.

Scorpius smiled at his best friend Rose Weasley and gestured for her to sit next to him on his trunk as they waited companionably for the Hogwarts Express.

A chubby boy with blonde hair tapped him on the shoulder shyly. Rose scooted over, silently allowing the boy to sit with them. Scorpius knew his face was an obvious question mark because Rose rolled her eyes.

"Scorp, you must recognise his parents." She gestured to the new set of people talking to Shinko and Mujakina.

He nodded in understanding and stuck his hand out to the boy, who shook it, "So you must be Hector Lovegood-Longbottom."

Hector nodded and looked down, embarrassed. Scorpius looked to Rose and she shrugged.

"Remember that people used to hate your Papa." She muttered, sounding a lot like her mother.

He stuck his tongue out at her. He had never understood how people who supposedly hated his Papa now seemed to like him, it just didn't make sense.

The train pulled up in a whistling cloud of steam. Mujakina moved to help his son lug his trunk up the steep steps. Scorpius boarded, dumped it in an empty compartment before heading back out to his parents.

Shinko took his husbands hand as they kissed and hugged their son goodbye. The Potter-Malfoy saw the threat of tears in his dad's eyes and hugged him once more, hissing quietly in his ear, "If you cry and embarrass me I swear I'll kill you."

His dad laughed when his Papa hit him gently on the back of the head. He hadn't meant for his Papa to hear, but he was stupid to underestimate the hearing abilities of the blonde Incubus.

Turning his back on his parents, he stepped up into the train and headed to the compartment where he'd left his trunk, glad to see that Rose, Hector and a girl he vaguely recognised as Louise Finnigan-Thomas were already there.

The four stuck their heads out of the compartment window, waving as the train pulled out of the station.

Shinko and Mujakina waved back, clutching each other's hand. As the train rounded the corner and disappeared from sight, they headed back towards the apparition point at King's Cross.

"He'll be alright." Shinko murmured, kissing his cheek.

Mujakina smiled. "I know he will."



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