The tragic accident on willow way


It's been 17 years since that tragic accident on willow way. I still remember the ice cold weather and sound of your screaming voice.

You we're only 16 when it happened. So young and so pretty. I miss the very cold kisses you gave me that always made me shudder and squirm. The way your fingers slid into mine and fit perfectly in the slots.

Why did you have to go? Why did I survive only to suffer without you here? It would be much better if I was up there with you in the warmth and sunshine. Your scream that night made my heart stop and shatter. The moment I saw the truck coming I reached out to pull you back but my cold body wasn't enough to save you. The impact was so rough and hard that my body wasn't enough to shield you.

Your blood covered my hands and face. Your lovely eyes closed and your hand slowly dropped from my cheek and onto the cold ground as you left the earth. Then, I saw you, water dripping from your dress and pale body. You looked so real. So beautiful and elegant, you looked the same. Exactly like you were at age 16.

"Are you still here with me…..Haruhi?"