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An arranged marriage caused by the stupidity of their fathers. A woman who has been the third party in the marriage from the beginning. Now three years on when the affair hits Bella in the face and she can no longer hold on to a husband who is anything but affectionate and a shammed marriage. Will she find herself leaving her so called marriage or will she find love in the person that made her think love never existed?


"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride."

Edward turned to my tear stained face and touched his lips to mine for a second before turning and forcing out a smile, after swiping the tears off my face I followed his lead except my smile wasn't as convincing. I wasn't as good of an actor as he was.

"I present to you Mr and Mrs Cullen."

Before I knew it a whole line of family, friends, distant family and business associates all came to give us hugs and kisses of congratulations.

The tape rolled to an end. This was my 'Happy anniversary' ritual every year along with a big dinner for my husband.

By 6 I had prepared most of the meal but Edward was a no show.

By 7 the table was set, the food was done and I was nursing a glace of wine waiting for my husband.

By 8 two full plates were on either side of the table, I nibbled bits off of my plate while listening intently for the door to creak open.

By 9 most of my food was in the trash and Edward's plate waiting for him in the oven.

By 10 I was in our cold bed alone with a note downstairs telling my husband where the food was, like I did every night, with an exception that tonight I signed it off with 'Happy Anniversary' instead of my name.

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