This is my special tribute, in song, to the soon-to-be late Impulse comic series. Sung to the tune of ABBA's "Thank You For the Music."

I'm no one special,

A fangirl like thousands before.

I buy 20 comics a week

(on average; sometimes more)

But I have a favorite, a wonderful thing,

Cause when I see Impulse,

My heart starts to sing.

And tho' it's over ere long,

I just had to sing you this song . . .

Thank you for the Impulse,

The books I'm reading.

Thanks for all the speedsters speeding.

How'll we live without them?

I ask in all honesty,

What would life be,

Without an Impulse to read, what are we?

So I say thank you for the Impulse,

For bringing it to me.

I must admit that I started

Quite late in the run.

I picked up a book at the shop

And said, "This looks like fun."

I've never regretted an issue I buy,

I tell everybody to give it a try.

I've made many a fan,

So I'll sing it out, once again:

Thank you for the Impulse,

The best book ever.

We will miss its fun forever.

Going to the comic shop—well, it

Just won't be the same.

Who do I blame?

For taking Impulse away, what a shame.

So I say thank you for the Impulse,

We love to hear his name.

I've been so lucky,

I've had the boy with lots of hair,

I want to shout it out

To everybody, everywhere.

Read this book!

You will laugh!

What a joy!

Thank you for the Impulse,

We'll say it louder.

Even Barry could not be prouder.

It's been such a fun ride

We hate to leave it, you see,

Where would we be

Without our Impulse to love, who are we?

So we say thank you for the Impulse.

Now put him on TV.