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As Rosie walked back to her house, she held onto the necklace that Toshi had given to her not long ago. She never took the necklace off, not even when she slept.

He's always doing that. She thought. Always taking the burden onto himself so he doesn't hurt others. Why doesn't he understand that when he does that… hurts me?

The girl stopped with a determined look and glanced back at the police station before she ran into the Richmond building, passing her grandfather on the way.

"Hello, Rose- -"

"Hi, Gramp. Bye, Gramp. Can't talk now."

Mr. Richmond paused, staring after his granddaughter who had already disappeared before he shrugged, deciding it was nothing, and continued on his way.

The next day, after formulating what she thought was a pretty good plan on her part, Rosie headed back to the police station and peeked inside the door.

The two guards that were sitting at the front desk were asleep and Rosie smiled.


Quietly, she crept past them and into the nearby room that held the cells. Once inside, she looked around before heading deeper in.


The pink-haired girl stopped when she heard the voice and instantly turned to look beside her.


The boy was laying on his side near the center of the cell, his wrists bound in front of him and Rosie could tell from where she was that the scar on his right arm was bleeding a little. He looked a little worse for wear.

"What are you doing here?" Toshi asked with a slight wince. "He only stepped out for a minute. Get out of here."

"No! I came to save you!" Rosie tried the door to see if it was locked and was mildly amused when she found it wasn't; typical Bullwort. She ran to the boy's side and crouched beside him so she could untie him.

"You foolish, idiotic girl!" Toshi once again pushed the girl away from him, using his left arm and wincing slightly as he used his other arm to pull himself up slightly. "Get out of here! If you get caught again, then you're even more dumb than I first thought."

"What are you doing?" Rosie asked as she poked the boy in the forehead. "Trying to make sure I'm safe while you endure whatever it is Bullwort does to you? You think you're doing it to help others because you've been through so much pain in your life, but this doesn't help me! It hurts me! I don't like seeing you in pain just cause you think that you're helping others when you're hurt! That's not how it works."

"You….you're concerned for me?"

"Of course you foolish boy!" Rosie grabbed Toshi's arm and helped him to his feet. "It's because I like you!"

Toshi remained quiet for a while as they began to slowly head out of the police station before he smiled a little as he gave a soft chuckle.

"I guess I'm the foolish one. I guess I just don't know how to act in certain situations."

Before Rosie could react, Toshi brought his head up and put a soft kiss on the girl's cheek.

"I'm sorry."

Rosie quickly looked away to hide her blush.

"Lone wolf."

"Hmm….rich girl.", that's not their first kiss. :3 But it's technically not a kiss either. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.

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