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"Just a little more, Daphne. Come on."

"I'm trying! It hurts!"

"Suck it in!"

"I am!"

"Well suck in more!"

Doing as Ariana commanded, I took in more oxygen, sucking in my gut in as much as I could. Ariana yanked on my zipper, trying to force it to the top. She let out a small, strained groan, pushing down on my shoulder. Finally I heard the sound of it zipping up.

"Lo hicimos! It worked!" Ariana cried excitedly. "It fits!"

I let go of my breath and made a face. It was going to be difficult to breathe in this dress. "I should have just got a new dress…"

"Well you didn't have time, so mala suerte. Besides, this shade of lavender is so your color. Tu eres bonita!"

Pursing my lips, I turned to give her a disapproving look. "I can barely breathe."

"Come on," Ariana ordered, tugging on my elbow. "We were supposed to meet Mr. Firay and Sage in the lobby fifteen minutes ago."

"Hold on," I demanded, pulling my arm out of Ariana's grasp. "Let me just check my makeup—"

"You look fine," Ariana responded, quickly snatching up my arm again. "Now vamos!"

Warily, I allowed Ariana to pull me out of our hotel room. Being the nice friend I was, I had allowed Ariana to do my makeup for the wedding. Ariana being Ariana had decided not to let me see it before we left— for all I knew I could have clown makeup all over my face. To make things worse, I didn't even know how I looked in this dress. It was obviously too small. Ariana let me borrow hers, but hers was from a few years ago, so it didn't fit so well.

"Come on, we're late," Ariana urged, yanking me down the hallway. "Rapido, rapido!"

I staggered unevenly through the hallway after her, trying to keep my balance on my high heels. "Slow down, Ariana!"

Ariana threw an impatient glance at me. "Do you really want to be late for the wedding?"

"We're not going to be late."

"What if Sage gets lost on the way?"

"He won't get…" I trailed off, furrowing my eyebrows. Knowing Sage, he probably would actually get lost. "Maybe we should hurry."

When we arrived in the lobby, Mr. Firay and Sage were nowhere to be seen. It was completely empty aside from the receptionist, who was sitting at her desk half-asleep. Ariana turned to me, the corners of her lips turning down.

"They wouldn't leave without us, right?"

I shook my head. "Sage might, but Mr. Firay wouldn't let him…"

Suddenly Sage appeared from behind one of the pillars by the exit. He was readjusting his tie, looking down at it with an annoyed look. Moments later Mr. Firay stepped out from the pillar too, also pulling at his tie.

My breath caught in my throat for a moment. Mr. Firay couldn't look bad in a suit even if he tried. His hair was damp, making it look darker and more messy than usual. Ariana gave me a gentle push from behind and I stumbled forwards a few steps before walking on my own.

"What were you two doing behind there?" Ariana inquired when we were close enough for them to hear us.

Immediately both their heads snapped our way. Mr. Firay inhaled sharply as his eyes landed on me. I blushed, quickly adverting my gaze.

"Wow, Daphne," I heard Sage start. "You look—"

"Absolutely perfect," Mr. Firay finished, cutting in. "That color suits you well."

I looked back up now, smiling slightly. "You don't look half-bad yourself."

He grinned. "I know."

"Well who is this strapping young lady?" Sage said, turning to Ariana with a wide grin.

Ariana raised an eyebrow. "You clean up good."

Sage shrugged. "I try."

"But what were you two doing behind that pillar?" she questioned again, slowly smirking. "Something you shouldn't be? All alone? You guys were fixing your ties…"

Mr. Firay rolled his eyes. "We're not gay, Ariana."

"Well it is jueves. And you're wearing purple."

Sage looked surprised. "What? It's Thursday? Shit! I was supposed to work—"

Mr. Firay slammed his elbow into Sage's side. "It's Sunday, stupid."


I laughed. "Okay, so are we ready to go?"

"As soon as you put on your coat," Mr. Firay responded, giving me a disapproving look. "It's the middle of winter, Daphne."

I grimaced. "But Ariana…"

He sighed, taking his jacket off his arm and handing it to me. "Since we're already late, just wear this."


"Wear it, Daphne."

I slowly took it reluctantly. "What are you going to wear? You know, Ariana doesn't have a jacket either."

"I've got her covered," Sage responded, and I turned to see Ariana pulling on what I assumed to be his jacket. "Us manly men can handle the cold."


"Come on, Daphne," Mr. Firay interjected, holding out his jacket for me to slip into. "Just wear it."

After another moment of hesitation I finally sighed, putting my arms into the sleeves of the jacket. Mr. Firay pulled it tightly around me and started buttoning it up for me. I blushed, swatting his hands away.

"I can do that myself."

"But I can do it quicker," he responded with a smirk. "But if you insist. Come on, you can button while we walk." With that, he grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the exit with no regards to the fact that I couldn't button my coat if he had one of my hands.

The trip to Lake Champlain, where the wedding was being held, didn't take very long at all. Sage had thought ahead and booked us a hotel only about twenty minutes away— and he had mapped out the drive beforehand so he knew where he was going. Mr. Firay seemed just as impressed as I was. Sage had a smug expression on the entire time, and when we drove into the parking lot of the lakeside cabin, he looked extremely pleased with himself.

Swarms of people were entering the cabin, the women all dressed in lavender gowns, the men dressed in black tuxes. Mr. Firay quickly grabbed my hand again so we wouldn't be separated. I looked over to my shoulder to grab Ariana's hand, but I realized she had disappeared in the crowd behind us. Sage had too.

"Mr. Firay, Sage and Ariana—"

"Daphne, I'm going to ask you to try your very best to call me Matt today, okay?" Mr. Firay interjected, giving me a serious look. "Please."

I blinked, a bit taken aback by his serious tone. "Um, sure, Matt… But Sage and Ariana are still gone."

He surveyed the area around us, frowning slightly. "They'll find us when we sit down. Come on."

We started moving again, going into the main room of the cabin where pews after pews were lined up. A narrow strip of purple carpet separated the pews into the bride's side and the groom's side. Most people were seated already, aside from the ones still filling in. Mr. Firay led me to one of the pews closest to the front, pulling me to our seats.

"I didn't expect Daphne to have so many friends," Mr. Firay muttered, dropping into one of the seats.

I quickly sat down next to him, adjusting my dress. "Well there's family too…"

Mr. Firay frowned, gazing towards the front of the room where the altar was set up. For a second I thought I saw regret and his eyes and a nervous feeling spread through me. When Mr. Firay finally looked away he turned to me, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"Are you sure you want to be here?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Why wouldn't I be?"

Color rose to my cheeks as I realized how stupid my thoughts were. "I… Um, never mind actually…"

Mr. Firay chuckled. "Were you thinking I would be uncomfortable watching the girl I used to love marry someone else?"

"Not exactly…"

"You can't lie to me, Daphne."

I sighed. "I know. Sorry."

Mr. Firay offered me a small smile. "Don't apologize. I'm over her, Daphne. I'm happy that she's found someone to love who won't cause her any problems. And besides, I have someone I love much more now."


Mr. Firay lightly slapped me on the forehead. "You, stupid."

I pulled his hand off my forehead, but didn't let it go. He entwined his fingers with mine, setting our hands down on his lap. I gave his hand a hard squeeze.

"One day our friends will be the ones sitting here," Mr. Firay stated, sending me a grin. "And you'll literally be a blushing bride."

To no one's surprise, a warm blush spread across my face at his words. "I—I won't blush."

Mr. Firay laughed. "Whatever you say, Daphne."

"Ariana! They're over here!"

My head snapped towards the sound of Sage's voice that had abruptly appeared next to me. He sent me a quick grin, sliding down the pew that was suddenly full of people. Ariana came down the aisle next, apologizing as she passed each person. Sage sat next to me, forcing Ariana to sit on his other side, and next to a man who rather resembled a bear.

"You ready for this, Matt?" Sage asked, leaning around me.

Mr. Firay rolled his eyes. "There's nothing to be ready for. I've attended a wedding before."

"But this is Daphne."

"And this is my Daphne," Mr. Firay responded, holding up our entwined hands.

Sage chuckled, nodding his head. "Touché."

"You guys are so cute together!" Ariana gushed, leaning over Sage so she could see us better. "Ustedes son adorables!"

"Don't… call me cute like I'm a child," Mr. Firay responded, making a face. "I'm four years older than you."

Ariana frowned. "Fine. Old man."

I laughed as Mr. Firay scowled at her. A sudden silence seeped through pew after pew, causing the room to fall noiseless. Guests were turning in their seats, looking all around them. My gaze met a pair of sharp looking eyes from a young man in the row in front of us. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and I quickly adverted my gaze, turning to Mr. Firay.

"Making eye contact with strangers is so awkward," I muttered quietly to him.

He chuckled. "You're cute, Daphne."

My heart skipped a beat when he leaned in and planted a quick kiss on my forehead. Involuntarily my eyes returned to the spot where the young man I had made eye contact with sat. He was smirking at us. He nudged the person sitting next to him, and she turned around, a pair of equally sharp eyes landing on me. They widened slightly in surprise. She then nudged her neighbor, who also turned to look at me. This time it was an older woman.

"Daphne?" the woman questioned, sounding surprised.

Taken aback, I stared at her with wide eyes. How did she know my name? I didn't know anyone here besides Mr. Firay, Ariana, and Sage.

"You've got the wrong person," Mr. Firay finally responded for me. "This is my girlfriend."

Girlfriend. It was silly, but when Mr. Firay called me his girlfriend, a thrill of excitement ran through me. It was like knowing a secret that no one else knew.

The old woman furrowed her eyebrows. "Oh, I'm sorry… She looks so much like the bride though…"

I gave her a small smile. "So I've heard."

After another smile from the old woman, she turned to face the front again. The other boy and girl followed her example, facing forwards. Mr. Firay chuckled quietly, giving my hand another squeeze.

"Watch out, Daphne. You might be congratulated at the reception."

I grimaced. I hoped that wouldn't happen… I still hate being reminded about how much I looked like Daphne. It was weird. But, I was excited for the reception. Weddings always had the best food.


I turned my head, coming face-to-face with yet another stranger. "Um, you have the wrong person…"

Mr. Firay snickered from beside me as the embarrassed greeter apologized and walked away. I shook my head, taking a sip of my sparking cider. I wasn't allowed to drink the wine— Mr. Firay's orders.

"I told you," he taunted.

I waved him off with my hand. "I don't get why people are confusing us. We're wearing two totally different dresses…" I trailed off, remembering when Daphne first entered the room. It was the only time in my life I could remember when a girl took my breath away. "She looks ten times better than me."

Mr. Firay snorted. "No way."

I smiled at him. "You're biased."


"Where's Ariana?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

Mr. Firay hooked his thumb towards the dance floor. "Making a fool of himself with Ariana."

A laugh escaped my lips when my eyes landed on Ariana and Sage, who were indeed dancing like maniacs. They were sort of doing the tango… and flamenco at the same time, with a touch of salsa. Those dancing around them were shooting them wary looks every so often.


Sighing quietly, I turned around to fend another exited guest away. When my eyes landed on my doppelganger, I gasped. She seemed to be surprised too, because she stopped short, her eyes widening.

"I forgot how much we look alike," she breathed, smiling again. "It's weird."

"Yeah," I responded, feeling shy.

Her eyes dropped to my hand, which was holding Mr. Firay's. She turned her attention to his face, a grin spreading across it. "Matt, I see you finally made your move."

Mr. Firay shot her an embarrassed look. "Shut up."

She laughed. "Follow me, I want to introduce you to my husband."

I sent Mr. Firay a concerned look but he shook his head, taking the lead, and pulling me after Daphne. The three of us weaved through crowds of guests, who all called out congratulations to Daphne, and gawked when they realized there was two of her. Finally we made it to a quiet sport around the food stand, where the groom and a young child were waiting.

The groom, a curly haired brunette, stared at me in disbelief as we grew closer. "Daphne, you didn't tell me you had a twin."

Daphne chuckled, taking her husband's hand. "Terrance, this is Daphne. She's Matt's girlfriend. Daphne, this is Terrance, my husband."

Terrance slowly held out his hand, still taking me in. I quickly placed my free one in his, and he grasped it firmly, shaking it twice before letting it go.

"Nice to meet you," he stated after a moment.

"You too," I murmured, feeling shy again.

"This is Phillip, my step-son," Daphne continued, pushing a young in front of her.

I bit my tongue so an "awe" couldn't escape my lips. The little boy in front of me had to be one of the cutest toddlers I had ever seen. He had curly hair like his father, and the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. "How old is he?" I asked curiously.

"Two," Terrance responded, putting a hand on his son's head. "His birthday just passed."

Phillip stared at me, a goofy grin spreading across his face. "Hi!"

"Hello," I responded, catching his smile. "I'm Daphne."

Phillip quickly hid behind his father's legs, dropping his gaze. Terrance laughed, giving me a sheepish look. "He's not good around new people."

"That's okay," I responded, still enthusiastic about how cute his son was. "He's adorable."

Daphne flashed me a smile. "Do you like children, Daphne?"

I nodded. "Most of them."

She smirked, sending Mr. Firay a suggestive look. Immediately I flushed, understanding what she meant. Mr. Firay rolled his eyes at her, shaking his head. Terrance looked confused, obviously missing the whole exchange.

"Daphne, do you want to dance?" Mr. Firay suddenly asked, tugging me towards the dance floor. "Let's go."

"Um, but—"

"You too have fun," Daphne interjected, looking smug. "I have to go talk to more of our guests."

Terrance groaned. "But we've already talked to like a thousand people—"

"You're exaggerating," Daphne cut him off, rolling her eyes. "Bye Daphne, by Matt."

I bid the trio adieu, and Mr. Firay pulled me towards the dance floor, where Ariana and Sage were still having a blast. Just as we stepped on the wooden flooring the song changed into a slow, calm one. Mr. Firay gave me a small smirk, taking my other hand in his.

"Perfect timing, right?"

I blushed as Mr. Firay wrapped my arms around his neck and dropped his to my waist. "I feel like you knew the song was going to change."

Mr. Firay rolled his eyes. "I'm not psychic."

"I wouldn't be surprised." My gaze turned back to Sage and Ariana, who were now surprisingly dancing just as Mr. Firay and I were. "Hey, Matt, look."

Mr. Firay froze for a moment. I cocked my head questioningly. He shook his head, staring to move to the music again. "Even though I told you to call me Matt, it still threw me off guard."

"That's good… I think."

He laughed quietly. "I don't know if it is or not."

"Anyway, look at Ariana and Sage. Don't they look cute together?"

Mr. Firay glanced at said pair and made a face. "Don't even think about that, Daphne."

I pouted. "Why not?"

"Sage having a girlfriend? That's impossible."

"You never know…"

Mr. Firay shrugged. "True, but come on. It's Sage."

"You just don't want him to have a girlfriend because—"

"Daphne if you make another gay joke I will not talk to you for the rest of the night," he cut me off, giving me an exasperated look. "I love you, Daphne. I'm not gay. Unless you're secretly a man."

I chuckled, trying not to laugh too hard. "No, I'm not. I was kidding, Mr…" I made a face. "Er, Matt."

"I know, but still…"

Without any warning, I moved to my tiptoes, reaching just high enough to quickly kiss Mr. Firay. Once again he was nonplussed. He stood still for a moment, looking flustered. I smirked at him. He gave me a cautious look.

"That's not fair, Daphne."

"You kiss me without warning all the time," I pointed out.

Mr. Firay pursed his lips. "It's different."

"No it's not!"

"Okay," he said with a shrug. "But if I attack you because you do something like that, it's not my fault." As he said the last words, an amused smile appeared on his face.


He wagged his eyebrows seductively. "You know what I mean."

Warmth spread across my cheeks and I had to look away from him. "You're secretly a pervert."

"I love you."

"I know."

Mr. Firay suddenly pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arm all the way around me, and squeezing me against his chest. "What was that?"

"I love you too," I corrected myself, mumbling into his shoulder.

He let me go, smiling in a satisfied way. "That's much better, Daphne. Much better."

"Mind if I cut in?"

In the blink of an eye I was swept away from Mr. Firay, suddenly in the arms of Sage. Mr. Firay sent Sage and annoyed look, but dropped it when Ariana was suddenly shoved into his arms.

"Partner switch," Sage sang, pulling me close to him.

"We didn't even have one dance," I protested but still wrapped my arms around Sage's neck.

Sage shrugged. "There will be plenty more."

"You could have waited."

"I'm impatient."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Obviously."

"What did you think of the wedding?" Sage inquired, slowly swaying side-to-side with the beat.

"This is a really nice place for one," I responded, smiling. "Daphne looked really good in her dress."

"Do you want to get married?"

"Some day."

Sage grinned, suddenly letting me go. I paused, staring at him curiously. He suddenly dropped onto one knee, taking my hand in his. "Daphne, would you marry me?"

There were a few gasps from around us, and I looked around to see the guests closer to us were all staring with wide eyes. A few of the women broke out into huge smiles, nudging their partners in the side. A blush spread across my face as I glared down at Sage, who was also staring around in surprise. When his gaze returned to my face, he gave me a sheepish grin.

"Say yes!" one of the young women to my right urged.

"Yeah, do it!"

"You'd have to be a bitch to turn him down here."

I smiled wryly, trying my best not to glare at Sage. My gaze shifted, landing on Mr. Firay, who looked extremely irked.

Ariana on the other hand, looked absolutely amused. She was trying her best not to laugh.

"Why is she hesitating?" the same woman that had made the 'female dog' comment whispered loudly.

Now annoyed, I sent Sage a hard look. "Yes, I'll marry you." There was no way I was going to be the bad guy here.

Applause broke out as Sage slowly returned to his feet, scratching the back of his head uncomfortably. A few people came up to him and congratulated him, slapping him on the back. Some of the women sent me wide grins, but didn't come over to me. I didn't blame them. They didn't know me.

Mr. Firay suddenly appeared, going straight to Sage. He stopped about a foot away, putting on a broad smile. "Hey, congratulations, man!"

Sage sent Mr. Firay a heedful look. "Um, thanks dude…"

"You really deserve a slap on the back."

"No that's quiet alright, Chri— Ugh," Sage groaned as Mr. Firay seemingly used all his force to slap Sage on the back.

"I hope you live a long and happy life with my girlfriend."

Ariana burst out laughing, suddenly appearing by my side. I started, turning my head to her quickly. She gave me an amused smile, gesturing to Sage, who was still making a face in pain. Mr. Firay came over to Ariana and me, crossing his arms. After a few more moments Sage came over to, putting a hand to his back.

"Daphne, I think I'll have to call this wedding off…"

"That's too bad," I responded, frowning. "I was really looking forward to it."

He grinned. "Maybe after you and Matt marry and divorce."

"We're not going to divorce," Mr. Firay interjected, giving Sage an annoyed look.

Ariana gave me a secret smile, obviously catching what I did. Mr. Firay didn't say we weren't going to get married.

Sage pursed his lips at Mr. Firay. "You ruin all my fun."

"You're annoying."

Sage turned to Ariana, a grin slipping onto his face. He was one resilient person. "Ariana, will you marry me?"

Ariana cocked an eyebrow. "I don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about men who by women's lingerie in Victoria's Secret for themselves…"

"I didn't!"

"I saw you."

"No you didn't!"

Ariana narrowed her eyes. "Are you calling me a liar?"

Sage's face faltered. "No, but—"

"But what?"

Suddenly I felt someone tug on my elbow, and I turned my head to see Mr. Firay nodding his head towards the other side of the room. While Sage and Ariana were distracted, we quietly snuck away from them. I laughed quietly; a bit surprised we had gotten away so easily. Mr. Firay slipped his hand into mine, pulling me past the rest of the dancers, towards the exit.

"Where are we going?" I questioned as Mr. Firay continued to drag me through the entrance hall.

"To be alone for a moment."

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Mr. Firay suddenly made a right, pulling me to a side hallway. "Are we allowed to be down here?"

Mr. Firay shrugged. "Maybe."

The corners of my lips twitched into a small smile. "I don't want to get in trouble."

He suddenly stopped, causing me to run into him. He steadied me, an amused smile crossing his face. "Then I'll make this quick."

"Make what quick?"

He shoved his hand into his pant pocket, suddenly looking a little embarrassed. "Well, you were in the hospital on Christmas, and we didn't really have any alone time when Sage and I came over to your house, so I never got a chance to give you your Christmas present…"

My heart skipped a beat in surprise. "You got me a present?"

"It's kind of both a birthday and Christmas present, since I didn't get you one of those…"

"I don't need anything—"

Mr. Firay shook his head, suddenly thrusting a small package in to my hand.

"Take it, Daphne."

I looked at the poorly wrapped package in my hand and smiled. "You're not good at wrapping things, are you?"

Mr. Firay narrowed his eyes. "Just open it."

"Okay," I responded, sliding a finger underneath one of the flaps so I could open it easily. My mouth went dry when I realized it was a small, velvet box. That could only mean one out of three things. I looked up at Mr. Firay, not sure if I wanted to open it.

He gave me an impatient look. "Just so you know, I'm not taking it back."

My heart pounded in my chest as I slowly pulled the top of the black box up, opening it to reveal a necklace. The pendant was a piece of beautiful, sparking blue gem shaped in a heart. Above the heart necklace was a small diamond, attached to the back that was holding the gem in. The chain was made out of white gold.

"The gem is Topaz, your birthstone," Mr. Firay informed me, ducking his head. "I thought it was funny that it was the same gem on the bracelet that your sister gave you, so I thought, 'Why not'?"

"This looks… really expensive," I commented, barely able to form the words because my mouth was so dry. "It's so pretty…"

"I take it you like it?"

I looked up at Mr. Firay, giving him a crazy look. "Of course I like it! I love it!"

He let out a sigh of relief. "Good. I wasn't sure if you'd like it or not."

Grasping the necklace tightly in my hand, I threw myself at Mr. Firay, wrapping my arms around him tightly. "Thank you, Matt."

He chuckled, slowly rubbing my back. "You're welcome, Daphne. Want me to help you put it on?"

I nodded, pulling away from him, and dropping the necklace into his outstretched palm. He gestured for to turn around, so I did, and I soon felt him pushing my hair to one side of my neck. Then he put his arms around me, lying the pendant face up on my chest, and pulled it tighter so he could clasp it. When he was finished he let the chain drop and the necklace lay against my chest high enough up so everyone could see. I smiled down at it, picking it up.

"Thank you again," I said, turning around to face him.

He smiled, slipping his arms around my waist. "Anytime."

"Should we go back to the wedding?"

"Hmm… I vote no."

I cocked my head to the side. "Why not?"

Mr. Firay smirked. "I'd rather spend it out here with you. Alone."

"Oh," I responded lamely, feeling my face heat up. "Um, I guess that'd be okay. But Ariana—"

"Has Sage to play with," Mr. Firay finished for me, bringing his head closer to me. "Right?"

"Right," I mumbled. The proximity between us had my heart racing and I tried to calm it, hoping he wouldn't hear it.

"Right," he responded simply, pushing me back a few steps so that I was against the wall. "Now we can stay out here and…" he trailed off, bringing his face closer to mine.

Immediately I closed my eyes, preparing myself.

"Admire your necklace."

My eyes shot open when I felt my pendant being picked up. Mr. Firay gazed at it, a smirk playing across his lips. I stared at him, a little disappointed. When his eyes met mine, he cocked his head to the side.

"You look a little let down."

I blushed. "I— I do not!"

"What were you expecting me to do?"


"Kiss you, perhaps?"


"Like this?" he asked, quickly leaning forward and kissing me.

I blushed as he pulled away. "No…"

He chuckled. "I have a feeling you no what I'm going to say."

"Daphne, you can't lie to me."

Mr. Firay nodded approvingly. "You're getting the hang of it."

Rolling my eyes, I grabbed the front of Mr. Firay's tux. "Why don't you shut up and kiss me."

He raised an eyebrow. "It seems our roles have been reversed."

"Seems so."

"I guess I'll let it slide for tonight," he responded with a mockingly reluctant look. "Do as you wish, Ms. Grimm."

I smiled. "I plan to."

For The First Time

I thought I knew adventure

That when it came to danger and peril

It was normal procedure

But then I was suddenly pushed into the centre

Of the menaces that came with having a devil

Of a teacher

I never was the rebel kind

Always acting as the perfect one

Until the thought crossed my mind

To fight back and please none

And when my mother died

I did not realize

My troubles had barely begun

How could I have known?

What you would bring into my life.

So many feelings that would moan

And ask to rise and be alive

And finally confess and convey

All those things I couldn't say

When I first saw you

It was like seeing someone back from the dead

Before I even knew you

I decided to take advantage of your appearance

Not knowing that I would later dread

The day you would become suspicious and find out by chance

It took a long time to grasp

What my emotions truly were

But even then I couldn't admit the clasp

You somehow managed to make, good sir

On my heart

Believe it or not

It was only the start

The pure innocence inside you

Only made the astonishment and puzzlement grow

How especially after you knew

Acted as if it didn't matter

And cared more than ever

Despite how low

I had gone

Softening the blow

Of disgrace and failure

This dream you have drawn

Makes me feel for the first time

As if I actually belong

That mask of arrogance

Is simply something you hide behind

The past sorrows are but clear evidence

Of the gentleness, I know is inside

You can try to lie

And pretend you are bad

But the truth is you're scared

Of being considered among the damned

If you'd just listen to me

You might understand

What you feel is

What I feel

Only take my hand

Protecting you seems like a full time job

But it's one that I'm proud of

And don't mind at all

Except that I fear the day

When harm will come

Far be the time

When my enemies cross the line

And cause you to fall

Happiness, bliss and joy

This is what I feel now that the danger's gone by

Finally alone

To go about and satisfy

Our desires that was different when we were both shy

Because now

For the first time

I have someone who comforts and makes my spirits fly

For the first time


I can call mine

A/N.Welp...that's the end of FTFT...*flood flood*...

YARR! We have a sequel on our hands! Yippeeee! And it'll be my first sequel for FF! Ah! I'm so excited. ^^

Thank you very much for the amazing poem, SweetShireen! It's really a piece of art, don't you guys think? By the way, if some of you don't get it. The thoughts switched from Daphne to Firay and back and forth. :)

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With the arrival of two troublesome new students, Daphne and Mustardseed's secret relationship starts getting rocky, and Mustardseed is finding it harder to stay away from Daphne in school. To top it all off, Sage has a big surprise for everyone.

There you go. :) So if I ever post something with that in the description, you know it's the sequel. I'll be glad to have old readers and new readers come read the sequel, but be forewarned: Daphne and Mustardseed are together. So it will be mushy. Fluffy and mushy. Like mashed potatoes. I've already gotten a few reviews from people saying, "UGGGH. THEY KISS LIKE EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. UGH. THIS STORY SUCKS SO MUCH NOW. STOP ITTTTT." or something. I won't be mad if you don't appear in the sequel. If you really don't like romance, you can start reading other FanFictions (trust me, there are much more gravy SG fics written by more experienced authors). And actually, if you came reading FTFT for action, there will hardly be any in the sequel except for -ah, I'm not saying anything. ;D I'm so evil.

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