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Hermione cried less now. She also slept less. They hadn't had sex in weeks and she kept trying to force her husband to read childcare books, both magical and Muggle. And who in Godric's name wanted to spend their nights reading childcare books when there were other things to do? Like having bloody sex while the baby was still asleep!

Harry took in these rants with just enough attention to know when to nod or make an agreeing or disgusted noise. He was behind on his paperwork... again, but it wasn't his fault. It was all Draco Malfoy's fault, him and those advanced copies. They'd kept him awake and distracted for days now, particularly since he'd read both books twice over. He was on a third go-through now, this time really trying to actually do what Draco had asked him to do.

"Alright, Potter, you're getting your advanced copies. But only," he'd added quickly, "if you pay attention to the way they do their job. My previous source couldn't exactly answer all of my questions, so some of this is off the cuff, as they say. If you can actually find things wrong, perhaps I'll accept that offer of your services. Assuming it still stands."

Of course it still stood. Harry would very gleefully give Draco any information he needed as long as it helped him churn these books out. Besides that, he was obviously higher in the rank than Draco's source, as he'd been promoted after defeating the T2T and this was the book Draco needed help with. But that had been a good two weeks previous and Harry had been slammed with a case. Another Death Eater thing, Kingsley had called it.

Since finding Draco, Harry had taken it upon himself to find out what other cases were being brushed to the side just because the victims were Death Eaters or related/affiliated to them in any way. The list didn't seem to want to end and even Ron, who'd complained at first, was on board now. As a result, Kingsley had rounded up everyone in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement except the Wizengamot Administration folks and had given them a refresher on their jobs.

Draco had smiled when Harry had let him know, but it had been a little shadowed. Just another one of their awkward moments, where both would remember which side they had once stood on and what it had taken for them to meet in the middle. If not for Scorpius, Harry never would've learned and possibly wouldn't have overmuch cared about the deaths of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. Those awkward moments generally ended with Harry's own hasty retreat back to his flat.

Other awkward moments came about when Draco caught Harry staring at him, but it was becoming increasingly difficult not to. Particularly when he'd roll up his sleeves and drop to the floor to join him and Scorpius in some game. They were teaching him chess when Harry had last been by which was, according to the letter Scorpius had written him the day before, a "whole three weeks." Curiously, the letter had been written in Draco's handwriting. Harry glanced at the little folded letter for at least the thirtieth time in the past fifteen minutes, lips twitching. He couldn't read Scorpius's scribbles anyway, even though he could write his own name and simple words well enough. He also knew the alphabet and could do simple math and there's Andromeda's owl.

Harry blinked, jerked out of his reverie by the annoyed hooting. He sent Ron an accusing glare, getting an amused shrug in return. "Alright, alright. Come on, then." The owl stuck out its leg, ruffling its feathers to remind Harry that it was very agitated and did not appreciate being kept waiting, thank you.

He dug a treat out of one of his drawers and passed it over, but the owl remained. Clearly, a response was expected. Sighing, Harry tore open the envelope and read Andromeda Tonks's flowing script.


I have heard that you are back home after that Aruban case. I have also heard that your friend has had her child. Do tell Hermione and Ron that I'm very pleased and wish them all the best of health.

Speaking of children, Teddy misses you. You haven't been to see him in quite a while. He misses you, Harry. You're his godfather, after all. When should I expect you?

~Mrs. Tonks

Rubbing the back of his neck, Harry leaned back and sighed. It was true. He hadn't seen Teddy in a while and he was missing the kid himself. He'd nearly be ten now. One more year and off to Hogwarts. He smiled at that thought. Six more for Scorpius, he recalled, and his smile widened.

He missed both boys and wondered suddenly if Andromeda and Draco would both appreciate a night or two off. He had the weekend free, after all, which was a sad state of affairs as it was. Taking care of two boys would be entertaining at least.

Decision made, he pulled out two pieces of parchment and dashed two relatively similar letters, though Draco's he spent a little bit of extra time on. Sure he'd spent a couple of days taking care of his child just three months ago, but that hadn't been by choice. Since then, Harry hadn't really spent any time alone with the darling boy. As the trial of his abductors - ex-wife and former friend - drew nearer, the former Slytherin seemed to be unconsciously clinging to his son. A little break would probably do them both some good.

Then of course, Harry decided to ball up that letter and write directly to Scorpius. There was always a chance that Draco wouldn't mention it to the boy otherwise and, though this was a bit more under-handed way to get what he wanted, Harry knew that Scorpius would probably be thrilled at the prospect at staying with him for a weekend.

He'd have to make sure that he didn't have subpar peaches or, worse, no apples. He'd also have to pick up a few things that Teddy liked as well, so pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment to write out a shopping list after convincing the owl (thank Merlin he had enough treats to feed an entire owlery) to take the letter to Scorpius first and then head to Andromeda.

"Oi. Hermione wants to know if you want to invite Scorpius over for dinner tonight, bein' Friday and all. She hasn't seen him in a while."

Harry glanced up. "I may have Teddy as well," he warned.

Ron grinned, nodding. "Grand. Haven't seen him in a while, either." He shut a folder, his own paperwork finished, and got to his feet for a stretch. "Oh, and Hermione says if Draco wants to come along, he can."

"Are you sure it won't distract from your no-sex life?"

A ball of wadded paper had to be dodged a moment later, though Harry was laughing. "Don't be a git, Harry." But Ron couldn't quite quell his own twitching lips. "I thought Bill was kidding around when he said sex'd never be the same after kids, y'know? When we do have it-"

"Ron, I can barely stand watching the two of you snog. Can we not talk about what the sex is like? I've had more than enough of that line of conversation."

"Well, then, how's your sex life?"

Nonexistent. His fantasy life was pretty busy, but the physical part was considerably lacking. He gave Ron a small, secret smile. "Do you really want to know?"

"No," the redhead decided. "Really don't actually. Anyway, owl ahead if you're coming."

"I probably will, with or without anyone else in tow."

"Alright. See you soon then, mate." Ron sent him a half-hearted salute before chucking some powder into their personal floo and heading home.

Amused, Harry retrieved yet another sheet of parchment and scrawled a quick letter. It was to Draco this time, inviting him to the Weasley's. And then, rather than taking Scorpius with him, Harry could just take the boy to his own flat. That would work.

He addressed the envelope quickly, realized it was his last, and held it up for the owl in their office to swoop from its perch. It nibbled on the treat Harry gave it, leaving behind crumbs as it flew out of the room, the envelope attached to its leg. Harry only hoped it arrived before Draco replied to his other letter.

And then, sighing, Harry hunkered down to finish his paperwork and await the replies.

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