D.W. Tricks The Tooth Fairy; Part 2

Author's Notes: I don't own Arthur.

Chapter 2: the next day

The next day, D.W. woke up and saw that once again she had tricked the "tooth fairy".

"It did work," she said. "I told you Arthur, I told y-"

Then she looked where the tooth fairy had left the fake tooth the last time; it wasn't there.


She ran downstairs and to Arthur.

"Arthur, it worked," she said it in a very sad voice.

"Then why are you sad?" Arthur asked.

"Because this time, the tooth fairy took the fake tooth with her," D.W. cried.

"Well that's the tooth fairy's job," said Arthur. "To take the teeth."

She kept on crying.

"Ugh," said Arthur. "Okay fine D.W., it was me."


"Here," he took out the fake tooth and gave it to her. "I got the fake tooth and put some of my money under your pillow. I thought it would make you happy."

"Really?" D.W. took the fake tooth. "Well, thanks I'm glad you did it, but why did you?"

"Because I was trying to do a nice thing for you," he said. "Which was very hard."

"Well, thanks Arthur," she said. "Can I still keep the money?"

Arthur laughed. "It's all yours."

A few days later, Arthur did D.W. one last favor and bought her the Fluffy Unicorn she had wanted.

It was what had started this whole mess, so he wanted to get it for her.

It was one of the happiest moments they would ever have together.

D.W. Tricks The Tooth Fairy; Part 2