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So, Girly Girl, Veronica sighed heavily, sitting with a slouch in her seat during the first class of her day, how do you suppose you can entice your attractive forbidden fruit to get involved in a fake relationship so I can prove that his father may or may not have murdered his once upon a time actual girlfriend?

Her eyes surreptitiously glanced at the young man in question, subconsciously noting the hint of silent strength in his posture as he was busy staring up at the blackboard with a blank expression on his face. I could go with the 'I'm F.B.I. so you have to do everything I say' route? Veronica thought, but immediately scrapped the idea when another much less demure thought followed it suggesting what else she could get him to do using that idea…taking off his clothes to ravish her came to mind.

No! Veronica shook her head, ignoring the bemused looks she got from the teenagers around her. Think Mars, you're supposed to be brilliant so your libido can't be in charge right now!

In the end, as much as it pained her, Veronica decided to follow James' advice and just tell Logan as much as she could in order to get his cooperation. Of course, she'd never ever tell her partner that, because there'd be no doubt that he'd be utterly insufferable about it. She quickly packed her things when the bell rang and all but ran after Logan, who was walking next to a tired looking Duncan Kane.

"Logan, wait up!" She called, and had to swallow back a curse when the boy in question didn't act on her order, forcing her to speed up another notch until she could run past him and stop right in front of him.

"Oh," his smirk was infuriating and Veronica suddenly remembered why people said there was a fine line between love and hate, as she suppressed a sudden need to smack him, "I thought I hear something small and insignificant, but I figured it was just my ears playing tricks on me."

"Great, Echolls," Veronica said through gritted teeth as she used all her training to maintain a cheery smile that she was pretty sure none of the boys bought entirely, "we need to talk. Now," she added firmly when Logan opened his mouth to say something.

Before the heir could say or do much of anything, Veronica grabbed his arm and unceremoniously dragged him into the nearest available classroom where she proceeded to achieve the impossible for a moment; she made Logan Echolls completely speechless.


"I'd like to say that it was easy peasy and he agreed immediately," Veronica sighed as she handed her uncle Keith a cup of coffee, ignoring the slightly offended look James gave her when he didn't get one too, "but in reality, he just stood there for God knows how long with his mouth open and a dazed look in his eyes that made him look stupid and before we could really talk about it, the bell rang and a teacher showed up to boot us out before his next class."

"Hah," James chuckled, getting up from his seat to grab himself a cup of coffee himself when it became clear that Veronica wasn't in a giving mood, "Echolls Junior, speechless? Now that I'd like to see."

"Not helping, James." Veronica pointed out and stole his favorite seat as a punishment while Keith simply rolled his eyes at their antics.

"You two better pray you're never assigned new partners, 'cause I'm pretty sure they'd kill you in a matter of days," he stated, taking a sip of his coffee. Veronica and James eyed each other with obvious confusion before looking back at him, clearly not getting his point.

"Never mind," Keith rolled his eyes again and changed the subject. "Anyway, so I take it that Logan's on board despite his initial reaction? I mean, he hasn't blabbed about anything as far as we know so far, right? So what's gonna happen next?"

Veronica rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably. "Well, I think the fact that he didn't immediately publically humiliate me or anything means that he's willing. I just think he needs a little time to get everything straight in his mind."

James smirked, but Veronica took comfort in the fact that his next words weren't his predictable uncouth ones. Instead, he actually seemed serious underneath the twinkling eyes and goofy expression, "We'll let the new it-couple news go around school for a few days to solidify their connection, making them go to parties and such after school. Then, if Logan is on board with everything, we'll plan a family meal where hopefully Ronnie here manages to get some clues and if possible scope out anything interesting. Oh, that reminds me," he nodded at Veronica, "we'll need to get Logan to update our bugging systems; his knowledge of where his father spends his time the most will be helpful."

"Sure," Veronica agreed and leaned back in the chair, trying secretly to not think about the look in Logan's eyes when she'd told him her plan to possibly get his father arrested for his dead girlfriend's murder by the help of a fake relationship.

He almost looked…disappointed about it, Veronica recalled, subconsciously frowning at the idea of hurting Logan. Like he was as thrilled about the fake part as I was when it was first brought up…Why couldn't he have been born at least five years earlier? Or just two years even? She bemoaned as her imagination suddenly started playing tricks with her and forced her to focus more on his strong arms and how they'd felt that last time they'd been in an abandoned classroom together.


Startled out of her thoughts, Veronica jolted a bit and had to scramble inelegantly not to spill her half-empty coffee cup on the carpeted floor. James laughed loudly, but soon stopped when Back-up the dog growled irritably at the noise and rolled over his feet to make him quiet down.

Smiling at her protective canine friend, Veronica looked over at her uncle, who was looking at her with slightly worried eyes.

"What's going that pretty head of yours, Honey?" His tone reminded the agent of all the summers that her parents had shipped her off to her uncle's house and where he'd always been her closest confidante. A big part of Veronica had hoped throughout her formative years that Keith had been her dad; she'd even stolen some hair from him once to do a test to make sure. Sadly, he wasn't, but it hadn't made her love him any less.

When her own parents had died in a plane crash several years earlier, just before Veronica's eighteenth birthday, it'd been Keith that had picked her up and taught her how to live in a world without them.

Sighing softly at the memory of those years, Veronica looked over at her worried uncle. "I'm just tired, Uncle K. I've never felt so confused before if that makes any sense and…" Veronica's eyes darted to James, who smiled encouragingly, "ashamed, I guess. I'm not supposed to have any sort of feelings for a kid, it's just wrong and disgusting and—"

Keith held up a hand, his face grave as she'd ever seen it. "Look, Veronica. I'm not saying that your attraction to Logan is right, but you shouldn't beat yourself up about it, 'cause I know you're not gonna act on it until he's eighteen…right?"

Veronica smiled, promising herself never to reveal just what had happened with Logan already. He does need some peace of mind, doesn't he? She thought with an invisible shudder of self-loathing. "Right…"

"Well, I'm gonna head back to my place and catch some shuteye," James cut through the tension with his booming voice, "that Cindy girl keep calling me at the crack of dawn with updates and crap. Gosh, she's an annoying little thing. Night all!"

Veronica frowned thoughtfully before glancing over at Keith, who was smiling tiredly. "Maybe you're not the only one who's got something cooking for a younger person," he pointed out softly.

The idea of Mac and James together gave Veronica goosebumps and she grimaced. "He's too old…" she trailed off regretfully when she realized that her words were not important considering what she was doing with Logan. Besides, she thought sadly, since he's a guy, the most people will do is frown a little while secretly congratulating the old dog for the young catch. It never works the other way around when it's an older woman…Except in Demi and Ashton's case, I guess

"I don't want to talk about it anymore," Veronica said, getting up from her seat and heading for her bedroom. "I'm gonna go to bed and charge up for a new school day as Logan Echolls' newest conquest. Goody."

Keith smiled, his eyes serious but comforting at the same time. "'Night, Honey. I'm not gonna be here for a few days, there's a convention I have to go to. Deputy Lamb will be available though, if you need any help from the strapping Neptunian law system."

This time, Veronica grinned and turned back to look at her uncle with a teasing look in her eye that had been missing the whole evening. "Lamb? Seriously, I'm never gonna be that desperate. Besides," she added with her head tilted sideways, "I didn't think you'd ever trust him around me again, considering the date he wanted to take me on last time I visited."

"Gaw! Don't remind me, and forget I said anything before I have to bleach out my eyes at the memory of his lovesick eyes. Go to your room, Veronica."

"Sir, yes Sir," she saluted with her mood lifted and went to her room as ordered.


Talking about being Logan Echolls' flavor of the month and actually parading around Neptune high as Logan's newest conquest was two massively different things and Veronica decided after the first shocked glances of the students around her that she did not like it one bit.

"So my darling," to call Logan's tone sarcastic was an enormous understatement and only Veronica's training kept her from rolling her eyes in public, "is this all you hoped for?" His voice sent shivers down her spine as he leaned back from whispering in her ear in the quad and for one brief moment, the blonde didn't know whether to smack him or kiss him.

"Oh yeah," settling on familiar grounds, Veronica kept her tone light and sarcastic as well, "I don't know how I ever survived without you before."

"Glad you're aware of it, at least."

"I'm so aware it's dangerous to my mental health."

"Then it's great you're not supposed to be all that smart, ain't it?"

"So now you're calling me stupid?"

"Deceitful is a much prettier word."

"You two are so sickly sweet that I'm not gonna eat dessert today," Meg's cheery voice broke through the bantering would-be couple and they both turned away from each other to see all of the people around the table staring straight at them with varying degrees of humor and disgust on their faces.

"What?" They chorused, both unaware of the fact that they'd just spent several minutes in their own little, albeit snarky, world.

Caitlin Ford, one of Logan's last 'companions' sneered silently while her eyes drank in the sight of her former lover. The look irritated Veronica so much that she instinctively wove her hand across Logan's waist and leaned into him. She could feel him tense up at the same time she realized just what she'd been doing, but to keep in character as the in love teenage girl, Veronica didn't move back and to his credit, Logan soon relaxed and acted normally again.

I guess he does have a lot of practice with clingy girlfriends, Veronica's mood soured at the thought and she straightened back up in the guise of reaching for her water bottle on the table.

Her mood didn't get any better when, after two days of acting like a dimwit in love, fawning over Logan's admittedly sensual body, James pulled them both aside and told them to make an opportunity of the fact that both of Logan's parents were currently in Neptune with his sister, Trina. "Perhaps," James finished quickly at the deadly scowls he'd been receiving ever since beginning his demand, "this'll be a great chance to snoop around for you Ronnie and this way you can try and make something slip like you're so good at."

"What does he mean by that?" Logan looked down at Veronica, who had a sudden urge to fidget uncomfortably at the penetrating stare she was getting.

"Nothing," she replied, glaring over at her partner, "James just always envied me my boobs and their ability to get men's attention and thus making me a lot better at closing my cases than he is."

"So," Logan had an unidentifiable glint in his eye that for some reason got Veronica's heart pumping faster, "you're good at using your body? I'm gonna look forward to—"

"Let's just keep everything here PG-rated," James interrupted before Veronica could do something stupid like kiss her fake boyfriend. "I'll call you Echolls for more details, but make sure it's set up before the end of the week, 'cause I'm starting to get a big itch to leave this town. I wanna head back to civilization and the real world."

"Yeah…" Veronica felt oddly hesitant and above all guilty when she glanced at Logan's shoes instead of his face as she agreed, "me too."

James slapped her on the back and nodded cheerfully at Logan before leaving the room to the two others.

"Well that was just all fun and giggles," Logan smirked and if Veronica hadn't been so in tune to whatever that boy said or did, she'd probably not have noticed the almost disappointed light in his eyes and her guilt turned up another notch. "I guess I have to go organize a family get together with the works. I just love this idea, Sugarpuss."

"Logan…wait," Veronica began, but it was too late to stop him from leaving her alone in the classroom.

Well, she tried seeing the bright light, if I can get Aaron to slip up during that dinner, I might be able to leave town before anyone gets hurt or I break the law by sleeping with a minor

The memory of Logan's expression when James had talked about leaving town reentered Veronica's mind and she sighed heavily. If only things could be easy on me once in a while, she wished fervently as she slowly made herself put on her 'high school' expression again.

Veronica was beaming widely with a heavy heart when she opened the door to the hallway, a moment later. Shed startled a bit when she saw Logan waiting for her with a small smirk dancing on his lips. "Couldn't leave without you, Baby," he explained loudly before murmuring more quietly so passersby couldn't overhear, "if I did, people would just think we'd split up already and that's not good for the whole plan thing, right."

Swallowing back her almost reflexive urge to comfort him and apologize for what she was asking of him, Veronica smiled as the lovesick girl she acted like, "I'm glad you didn't leave without me, Sweetie."

Logan's jaw flexed as he clenched his teeth, but his smile was as hard to see through as Veronica's was and they just walked hand in hand to their next class of the day, both ignoring the tiny part of themselves that had a desire to just keep on walking out to the parking lot and leave together.


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