AN: Finally attempting to write some Battle Spirits Brave fic. This is kinda different from what I usually write, but just an idea I had to try. I should mention that these are potentially spoilery. Flora gets the first chapter. And yeah, I ship Zolder/Flora hard.

1- Flora

She gently watered the flowers in her newest garden. Most were rather normal flowers, while others looked like they might rise from the ground and devour unsuspecting people who passed by. Still, to Flora, all were beautiful. She laughed to herself, pleased with her work.

The girl was about to move on to something else until she saw it. In an otherwise perfect patch of flowers was a rolled-up, sweaty jacket.

"Ani-sama!" she yelled violently enough that anyone nearby could hear.

"Oh, hey. You called?" Zolder walked up to her, grinning innocently.

"How dare you spoil the beautiful flowers with… with this?" She picked up the jacket and threw it at him.

"I was hot," he replied. "Working out, you know?"

"You…" she growled. "Barone-sama will make you pay."

"Why is it always Barone-sama this, Barone-sama that with you?" asked Zolder. "Come and get me yourself.

She shot him a death glare. A declaration of war.