AN: The third one goes to Queen Gilfam of course, my favorite female character in Brave. Yes, her similarities to Number Eight have something to do with it. *hides*

3- Gilfam

It was a strange transition going from being the queen of an entire race to being just… herself for now. Not that things would be completely different. She still had a comfortable place to stay. She even still had Flora, who was willing to cater to her like royalty. But now, rather than having the fates of her people in her own hands, she had to leave them in someone else's hands.

She observed as Bashin Dan and Barone battled. Barone, whom she had stripped of his territory, still held no ill feelings towards her, and probably never did. He had defied her, and returned to Oct, in order to save her. And now, he fought with the ambition of returning to the mazoku and saving them from the chaos they were left in on his own.

After all that, Gilfam couldn't help but see him differently. Perhaps, she even admired him a bit. Always, he had the heart of a true mazoku. She had been wrong about him, as she was now realizing she was about many things. But more than that, she understood that it was Barone she would be putting her faith into now.