Chapter 1

The return

Lydia's pov


HI ALL! Yes, you guessed right. I decided to write a new story. It's been bugging me for awhile now and I thought to myself why not write another story. I will try to update my Twillight story often, but don't get mad at me if that won't happen.


Lydia, Aslan's daughter and wife of king of Narnia, king Caspian the Tenth was sent to the world from which Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy came. She's living with Edmund and Lucy at their aunt's and uncle's house together with their annoying cousin Eustace. Follow our friends on their one of the biggest adventures.

"We're home!" Lucy yelled after the front door to the house opened up.

I heard someone going upstairs and guessed that it was Edmund. And I was proved right, because Lucy came into kitchen.

"Edmund tried it again, didn't he?" I asked without looking at Lucy as she put the bags with groceries on the table.

"Yes" she answered taking the groceries out of the bag and putting it into the shelves.

"It's been a month, Lydia" Lucy said after she was done. "It's been a month, since you came here. How long will we have to wait?"

I looked at her and saw that she's sad.

"I know that, Lu" I answered. "But you need to have patience."

"I waited the return to Narnia, since we returned here. But with each passing day, I begin to lose hope."

"Just wait a little longer. We will return to Narnia soon. I promise that." I said hugging her.

We heard Edmund and Eustace yelling upstairs.

"You should go upstairs and calmed those two" I said. "I'll come soon."

She nodded her head and went upstairs.

It's been a month here in this world. And that means that a year passed in Narnia. And even though I don't admit it, but I miss Narnia very much. Especially him. My husband and the love of my life, Caspian.

I shook my head to get rid of the sad thoughts, when I heard that the tea-pot was boiled. I took four cups and put them on tray.

After I poured the tea into cups, I put some cookies on tray. I took it and went upstairs to Lucy's and mine room.

The door was open and I heard Edmund and Eustace arguing, again. I went in and put the tray on the table and closed the door.

"Would you two stop arguing?" I asked annoyed and they both shut up.

Lucy was standing near painting and looking at it. I went to her and looked at it myself.

"You're all better?" I asked her still looking at the painting.

"Yes. I understood that there's no point in losing hope. I just need to wait. Besides, it's harder for you, not me." She said looking at me. "It's been a month, since you saw him."

"I know that, but somehow I managed" I answered looking at her.

We both looked at the painting and saw that the waves began to move and ship was sailing at us. I smiled to myself, because I knew what this means. We'll be in Narnia soon.

"Lydia, does this means?" Lucy asked sounding happier.

"Yes" I answered with a bigger smile on my face.

Suddenly, water from the painting began to pour into the room.

"Edmund" Lucy said.

Both Edmund and Eustace went to us.

"I'll get rid of this painting" Eustace said and took the painting of the wall.

Or at least he tried. I, Edmund and Lucy were able to take the painting out of his hands. But the painting fell on the floor and more and more water began pouring into the room.

Soon, the whole room was in the water. We didn't have other choice, but to dive into the water.

We all looked up and saw light above us. We swam to the surface and took a deep breath.

"Are we in…?" Edmund asked.

"Yes, we're in Narnia" I answered smiling.

"Swim! Now!" Lucy yelled to us looking behind us.

I turned around and saw ship sailing straight to us.

We swam as far as we could, before we heard someone jumping into the water.

Not long after, I felt arms wrap around my waist.

"Lydia, Edmund it's okay! It's Caspian!" Lucy yelled to us, when I was about to hit someone.

My heart fluttered, when I heard that name.

The sailor that was holding me, helped me to get into the ship. And when he looked at me, he was shocked.

"Queen Lydia?" he asked shocked.

I just nodded, while catching my breath.

"Thank you for saving me" I said and smiled. "You should go and changed from those wet clothes. We don't want for you to get sick?"

Unable to speak from the shock, he just nodded. He stood up and went somewhere.

Another sailor went to me and gave me a blanket. He was shocked too, when he saw me.

I would be shocked too if a queen of Narnia would be taken out of the water after she travelled somewhere more than a year ago.

After giving my thanks to the sailor, I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders and stood up.

"How on earth did you ended up in here?" my beloved husband, Caspian asked.

I went to where Caspian, Edmund and Lucy were standing.

"Lucy, Edmund, you're alright?" I asked worriedly.

"Lydia" I heard Caspian say and I looked up at him.

I took one step and wrapped my arms around his waist as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"My love" he whispered into my hair.

"I missed you so much" I said almost crying.

He kissed the top of my head.

"I missed you a lot too" he said.

We would be standing in each other's embrace, but someone had to ruin the moment by yelling. We let go of each other to see who was it. I'm going to kill him after I found out who he is.

Caspian wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him.

We turned around and looked behind us and saw Reepicheep standing on Eustace's chest.

"Get that thing off me!" he yelled sounding not happy. "Get that thing off me!"

And with that Reepicheep was sent flying. He landed near us and recovered quickly.

"Reepicheep!" Lucy yelled happily.

He looked at us and tried to straighten his fur.

"Your majesties" he said bowing. "Queen Lydia, it's good to see that you returned."

"It's good to be back, Reepicheep" I said smiling.

"That thing tried to claw off my face!" Eustace yelled pointing at Reepicheep.

"I was merely trying to expel water from your lungs, sir" Reepicheep explained.

"It talked" Eustace said shocked. "Did you anyone saw that? It just talked."

"He always talks" one of the sailors said.

"Making him not to talk that's the trick" Caspian joked.

Everyone, except Reepicheep and Eustace, laughed. I looked at Reepicheep and gave him "sorry-for-what-my-husband-said" look.

"Who is he anyway?" Caspian asked.

"Our cousin, Eustace." Lucy answered. "He must've been sent to Narnia by mistake, because he was with us, when we were sent here."

I looked away, because I knew that he was sent here for a reason.

"Lydia, don't tell me that he was sent here for a reason?" Edmund pleaded.

"He was sent here for a reason" I said and shock appeared on Edmund's and Lucy's face. "Come on, you both know that Narnia tends to change people. It can change him."

"Can someone tell where in the blazes I am?" Eustace yelled angrily.

"You're in the Dawn Treader, finest ship in Narnia" minotaur went to him and answered.

And with that, Eustace fainted.

"Was it something I said?" minotaur asked.

"Take him below deck, will you?" Caspian asked.

The minotaur bowed, picked Eustace up and went below deck.

"Men!" Caspian yelled bringing everyone's attention to us. "Behold our castaways. High king and queen of Narnia, king Edmund the Just and queen Lucy the Valiant."

"And my beloved wife, queen Lydia" Caspian added smiling after the ship crew recovered from their shock.

They were more shocked, but that's understandable.

"Let's go and find you some dry clothes. We don't want for you to get sick" Caspian said and led us downstairs.

Yes, it's wonderful to be home.