Sorry, not a chapter


Sorry, but this is not a chapter. I wanted to thank to everyone who reviewed, added my story and me to follow and favorite.

Since Blue Pixiedust doesn't have an account, I will answer his questions here.


I didn't know that author's notes cannot be written in the middle of chapter, I saw few authors do that, so I thought you can do that.

I knew that Aslan is son of god which makes him god too, but I decided that even if the Great lion knew who created the green mist, he wouldn't tell anyone, because he's a mysterious lion, after all.


My brother loved what you wrote in your review, he even laughed a little and agreed with you.

No, they won't kiss or cuddle all the time, but I thought that after not seeing the person you love dearly for a year, you would want to spend the entire time with him/her (I know that, because my friend hadn't seen her boyfriend for over five months and after he returned, they couldn't spend much time without each other).

I don't think that everyone feels very uncomfortable, because of Lydia and Caspian kissing and cuddling, as you say all the time, because as I said before, they hadn't seen each other for a year. The crew has their families waiting them in Narnia or Lone islands, so they know why the Caspian and Lydia act the way I do.

I promise to try and write later chapters where the king and queen kiss and cuddle less than in earlier chapters. But I don't know what I should write in the next chapter, so the update is going to take awhile.

I finally downloaded the movie, so I'll try to write ASAP, but if you have any ideas you can either PM me or say your idea through review. secretprincess