It's a Dangerous Game

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After Edward left I had become numb, continued with the rest of my education and then left Forks as soon as possible. I found myself homeless without a penny to my name. Guess that plan didn't work out too well. I walked around trying to find something that would resolve this desperate situation. I found myself outside a strip club/brothel of sorts and I sighed. This wasn't the future I wanted to have. I didn't want to lower myself to that level but what choice did I have? It was this or starvation. I made my way inside.

I spent the next few weeks learning the tricks of the trade. The girls who had been there for months taught me how to dance and sing and make myself seem seductive. At first I was more embarrassed than I'd ever been in my life but after the first few weeks I listened to the words of the men who watched me and I began to believe them. It felt kind of empowering to know that all those men were lusting over me. When I wasn't working I hung out with the other girls who worked here, we were all like sisters. It was by no means perfect but I was content.

Over time, I began to recognise some of the men who came here. The regulars, as they were commonly referred to. I always remembered the man who sat at the very back of the room, every night. Every hour that the club was open he was there. It was strange, after Edwards's departure I had promised myself that I would never fall in love again but I found myself searching for this man every time I walked on stage. One night, however, that changed. Instead of the back of the room the elusive man sat one table away from the back. From then on every night he sat one table closer to the stage until he was on the front row. I was determined not to let him put me off; I just kept showing off my new-found feisty persona even with his intense gaze following me around the room.

When my shift finished I stayed behind to help clear up, it wasn't like I had anything better to do. By that time most of the men had left, usually the strange man left as soon as the lights came on. But tonight he stayed until he was the only customer left. He stood up and with the lights on I got my first proper look at him. It was then that I realised he was a vampire. His shoulder-length hair was nearly as white as his skin and even without touching him I knew he would be ice-cold. His black eyes found mine.
'Excuse me?'
His voice was low, his tone polite. I just nodded.
'When do you finish?'
His articulation was perfect.
'Technically I'm finished now; I'm just staying behind to help.'
I fought to keep my tone even.
'If that is the case then would you allow me to buy you a drink?'
His boldness surprised me but I knew I would be putting myself in danger if I agreed.
'I couldn't possibly do that, it would very unprofessional.'
'Please, indulge me.'
The dark tone of his voice made me shiver and I found it impossible to resist. He offered me his arm and I took it. We ended up in a very posh-looking bar.
'Any particular preference?'
'Jack Daniels and coke, please, If that's not too much.'
I tried to stay calm and collected.
'Not at all. Please, sit down.'
I tried to remember how to breathe while he got my drink. The sound of the glass on the table made me jump. I looked up into his, now red, eyes.
'Thank you for the drink, sir.'
After all he was still technically a customer. I focused on my drink, revelling in the familiar taste as the ghost of a smile flickered across his face.
'Please, call me Caius.'
That was a first. The kind of men who came to the club never told me their names. Then again I got the feeling he wasn't that kind of man.
'Would you tell your name?'
His tone was gentle but his eyes told me his question was a command in disguise.
'Isabella, Isabella Swan.''Ah but you prefer Bella, no?'
I froze. How could he know that? I exhaled.
'I haven't been called Bella in over five years, how do you know that's what I used to go by?'
He sighed and reached across the table. Electric sparks shot through my body when his hand touched mine.
'I know about what happened with the Cullens.'
I sat completely still, not being able to believe him.
'Isabella, breathe. Have you heard of the Volturi?'
'They enforce the law right?'
My voice shook.
'Yes and the main rule is that no human is allowed to know of us.'
His tone was matter-of-fact but I realised the motive behind all of this.
'Are you going to kill me then?'
He laughed and the sound gave me chills.
'I am not going to kill you Isabella. You have known for quite a while and so far you haven't told anyone. And you won't tell anyone else, will you?'
I heard the authority in his voice and shook my head, the power of speech deserting me.
'Good. I'm afraid I must be leaving now. Good night.'
He was gone before I could blink.
That night I remembered the danger and power in his voice. I remembered the way his eyes had burned into mine and found it impossible to deny the heat the memories caused. I touched myself dreaming of him.

After a few hours of sleep I was woken up by a knock on my door. It was Lucy, she had been there longer than anyone and that gave her a little authority over the rest of us. She was the mother hen.
'Time to wake up sweetie. You've gotta be on that stage in an hour.'
I don't know why they bothered to open up the club in the daytime, there was hardly anyone there. I did what I always did, despite how many people would be watching. I got ready and got out there.

Of course Caius was there. It would have been foolish to think he wouldn't be. Nothing of any note happened for the next week until there was a knock on the dressing room door. Often men would come to the dressing room to request a girl for the night. Lucy opened it as usual.
'Could you give this to Miss Swan?'
I recognised his voice instantly.
'Of course.'
She handed me a bottle of Jack Daniels with a note.

My dear Isabella,
I apologise for not buying you a drink for the past few days, I hope this will make up for it. I hope it will remind you of me.
I will see you very soon,

'Hey, you better share that with us!'
I faked a laugh.
'Sure thing.'

When the show finally finished Lucy took me to one side.
'Look, Isabella, please be careful with this man. I've seen too many girls get hurt when a customer gets overfriendly.'
'I will.'

She nodded, not looking any less worried. I made my way out of the dressing room, to Caius. Once again he offered me his arm and took me to the bar.
'Jack Daniels and coke?'
'Yes please.'
When we were both sat down he spoke.
'I enjoy watching you perform Isabella. You are quite the temptress.'
As much as I was caught off-guard by his statement and I felt myself blush I couldn't help but be thrilled to my core.
'I would have thought you would be used to those kind of compliments by now.'
'The men who come to the club don't have the same way with words as you.'
He smirked at that. As soon as I finished my drink he said goodnight and left.
That night I touched myself thinking of him again.

Over the next few weeks he took me out and bought me a drink every night. His complements grew slowly more outrageous. I couldn't help the waves of arousal that coursed through me when he claimed that my voice was erotic and my body was divine. Judging by the devilish grin on his face he could tell what effect his words had on me. One night he asked me a very personal question.
'Are you a virgin Isabella?'
He looked genuinely surprised when I shook my head.
'Oh really? You work nights then.'
I nodded. I didn't do it often but occasionally I had to get some extra money from somewhere. He leant back in his chair and just watched me.
'You look tired, have I been keeping you awake?'
I blushed.
'I suppose you have.'
'Let me walk you home then.'
He rose and offered me his arm. He took me right up to my room.

I didn't see Caius much over the next week. I thought nothing of it and carried on as normal. I finished helping them clear up and went up to my room. I put a shirt on over my underwear before I curled up with a book. I could never get to sleep straight away. The shirt was too big and it slipped off one shoulder but it was comfortable. I was putting the book back when my little pile toppled over. I was putting them back when I heard a knock; I presumed it to be Lucy.
'Come in.'
I heard the door open and someone come in and sit behind me. I felt cold fingers on shoulder and the touch sent chills down my spine.
'Hello Isabella.'
He moved closer to me so that my back was pressed against his chest and his face was very close to mine.
'I have to go away for a little while.'
This news made me stiffen; I didn't want him to leave.
'You're glad to see me go.'
My voice was just a whisper.
'Don't lie to me Isabella.'
One finger turned my face towards his.
'I will know where you are and what you're doing every moment while I'm gone and God help you if you're not waiting for me when I return.'
His bold statement left me both thrilled and strangely comforted. He bent his head down and planted open-mouthed kisses on my neck and shoulder. I moaned and my inhibitions died one by one.
'Tell me what you do at night Isabella.'
'I touch myself thinking of you.'
'I knew it.'
The growl that was his voice sent waves of arousal through me. One hand was pressed against my stomach and I turned towards him. My breath hitched in my throat and I grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him closer.
'Indulge me Isabella.'
I still wasn't sure why he was in my bedroom.
'I'd pay you for your time of course.'
All traces of confusion left me and I realised his intentions. He was seducing me and holy fuck it was working. He moved around behind me and ran his finger up and down my neck. Suddenly his arm shot across me at vampire speed and I grabbed onto it. He pulled me up slightly then gripped both my arms and pulled me up even more. I started to panic and try to get away from him but he kept me in his iron grip.
'Be nice to me Isabella, be nice.'
Then he moved at vampire speed so that we were facing each other, my hands on his chest with hardly any space between our bodies. He turned me around, keeping one hand on my waist, the other wrapping its fingers around my wrist. I put my hand on the floor to steady myself. He unbuttoned my shirt and ripped my bra and panties off me in a second. I was completely naked in front of him. I turned around, the silence unnerving me. His eyes were filled with lust and I had never been so aroused.
'Turn back around.'
His voice was a growl and I couldn't disobey him. I gasped when I felt him enter me. I had expected him to go slowly with foreplay. My body went wild with desire as he thrust into me repeatedly. All sorts of animalistic noises were coming from him now and they intensified my pleasure.
'You like it like this, don't you? Answer me!'
'YES!' I cried.
His vicious thrusts hurt but at the same time it felt so good. His hand went up my stomach and squeezed my breast. He was going at vampire speed now and I knew he was nearing his climax. He roared as he came and I could feel the intensity of his orgasm. I did my usual trick of pretending. As a rule, I never came with customers. Caius slid out of me but cupped my pussy with his hand. A jolt of electricity went through me; his hand seemed more intimate than his dick somehow.
'You didn't come.'
'Y-yes I did.'
'Don't lie to me, I know you didn't.'
He pushed me so I was lying on the floor.
'You will come for me.'
He pushed his finger inside me and leaned over me. He was on top of me, controlling everything including my pleasure. I couldn't have resisted even if I wanted to. He added another two fingers and I felt sorry to the girls sleeping in the rooms next to us because I was whimpering and moaning like there was no tomorrow. He started massaging my clit with his thumb and the sensation was amazing.
'Say my name Isabella, scream it.'
He started kissing my neck and I knew I was close.
I arched up and screamed when I came. It was undoubtedly the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life. Once again panic coursed through me when I realised the full extent of who was on top of me. He pulled me against his chest and stroked my hair. It was comforting yet possessive, like he was petting me. Like he owned me. This brought on a fresh wave of panic and embarrassingly I felt tears on my cheeks. He saw before I could wipe them away and ran his fingers up and down my spine.
'Why are you so overwhelmed? This isn't your first time.'
'I've never orgasmed like that before.'
'You told me you touch yourself Isabella.'
'It's not the same as you touching me.'
He smirked at that. I grabbed my shirt but he stopped me.
'No. Wear my shirt.'
He put it on me and got me onto the bed. I was very hot. He put his hands on my cheeks and his cool hands calmed me down.
'I have to go now, but I'll pay for another hour. Rest. I will return before the month is out.'
I watched the door close before I fell into a deep sleep.

Lucy woke me up the next day.
'You had sex with him didn't you?'
I sat up blinking, I felt kind of sore from last night.
'How do you know?'
'A check arrived this morning, you must have gone above and beyond the call of duty with the amount he's paid.'
I exhaled sharply. It felt like I should being paying him.
'So, was he any good?'
She sat herself on my bed, eager for gossip. I giggled quietly.
'He growls a lot.'
'And is that good?'
'Holy fuck Lucy it's as sexy as hell! He's as sexy as hell.'
'I'm glad you had a good time.'

Over the next fortnight I forced myself to carry on as I usually would without getting distracted by thoughts of Caius. I was successful, almost. The only time I focused on the memories of him were when I touched myself every night. The last day of the month arrived and I had heard nothing from him. I went to bed that night with despair in my stomach. That was, until I was woken up by cold arms encircling me.
'Caius! You came back!'
I couldn't hide the joy in my voice.
'You waited for me, I am pleased.'
I was overjoyed at his compliment. It was like nothing else mattered but pleasing him.
'I have a... proposition for you.'
His dark voice made me shiver and sent a wave of arousal through me.
'And what would that be?'
'Come and live with me in Volterra. You could have everything you want as long as you sleep with me at night.'
The idea thrilled me to the core but I had to think practically.
'I don't know, I couldn't do that every night.'
'Well I would give you some nights off to rest. And of course I'd pay this establishment; it would only be fair as I would be taking away their best performer.'
'Would you change me?'
'Yes, but when you are older.'
That pretty much sealed the deal for me. I told the other girls and they said they all miss me a lot. Lucy cried and thanked me for bringing in so much money, after all, the money Caius was paying for me could feed the entire country.

On my last night I announced that I was leaving and the news was met with dissatisfied noises from all the men. When my final show ended I got the longest and loudest applause I've ever had. I knew I would miss working there. I said goodbye to the girls who had been my sisters in the dressing room and Lucy walked me outside where Caius was waiting. She turned to me with tears in her eyes.
'Look after yourself honey.'
'You too.'
We hugged before Caius offered me his arm. He helped me into the car and we drove off towards my new life.

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