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'Isabella, there's probably another thing I should tell you about the death of Marcus' wife.'
'What is it?'
'She was murdered by Aro.'

Isabella POV

I stared at him in disbelief. His now expressionless features were still; he was gauging my reaction.
His face fell.
'I am sorry Isabella, maybe I shouldn't have told you that.'
Standing up and beginning to pace, I could feel my breath quicken with agitation.
'No, no you should have. He was my friend! I trusted him! You let me trust him.'
'Calm yourself benia-'
'No! You should have told me! I don't want to be around someone who is capable of that!'
His face turned to stone but I stood my ground as he strode towards me, never taking his eyes off mine.
'I will not pretend that I fully understand and accept what Aro did, but life must continue. He acted disgracefully, that's true, but she is not the first person he ever killed and she wasn't the last.'
He sighed.
'I realise that I have had a lot longer to process this than you.'
I thought of Marcus, having to live for thousands of years without the love of his life, having to see the man responsible for it all every day, and when I spoke again my voice sounded small.
'How does he bear it?'
I nodded.
'Often, my sweet, I ask the same thing of you'
He sighed and guided me to sit on the bed, kneeling down so that his face was level with mine.
'Maybe it was too soon for you to know that particular part of our history. You, my darling, have been through such a lot in rather a short time and there is a lot of healing to be done. I have only distressed you further. I'm sorry.'
He kissed me softly and touched his forehead to mine.
'I appreciate your honesty, I really do. I love you, Caius.'
'I love you too.'
He stood and opened his arms to me, smiling softly, his eyes gentle.
'Now come to me.'
I wrapped my arms around his neck. He rocked us gently and stroked my back, then he went rock still for such a second that I almost hardly noticed it, before resuming the same motions as before.
'What's wrong?'
Another few minutes of rocking. Another pause.
'Once I had a thought for Marcus, whilst I was on my little tour of Strip Clubs of America. It was only a thought, but you might like to entertain it.'
We broke apart and his eyes met mine. When he spoke his tone was hesitant.
'Marcus has had no mistress, no companion, nothing at all for over 2000 years. Therefore, since he has been so long without physical love, my idea was that if I were to find a woman who would be willing to do that sort of work then that would be a way for him to have that experience again.'
'By 'a woman' do you mean me?'
'You're the only one I'd trust not to hurt him.'
'Do you still think of me as a prostitute?'
I couldn't help the little spark of anger and upset that the idea had triggered inside me. I didn't consider sex to be my job anymore, not now that it was something I shared with Caius. He tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear.
'No, of course I don't. It was something I thought of a long time ago, and it isn't my intention to share you. After all, if you'll forgive the somewhat dated phrase, you are my mate.'
I froze. Hearing that word in such a vastly different context to what it had been felt so strange, for a second I felt almost as if I was falling into a very familiar trap. Then I remembered who I was talking to and how different this time was, and I wasn't as perturbed as I might have been. He clocked my reaction and continued.
'Well at least that is how it will be considered.'
He was interrupted by a knock on the door.
'It's Aro.'
I was sure that the fear was evident on my face as I shook my head as Caius was quick to tell him to leave. My head spun so I let myself slide down his chest so that my head rested on his knee.
'Need you. Maestro.'
He stroked my hair, still gentle, but there was an air of power about him now that came through in his voice.
'You have been so bold today, beniamino, so many frightening new things, it is little wonder that you're agitated. I think a release would do you good. Strip.'
I obeyed and lay down next to him on the bed, he kissed me fiercely before moving his hand down to begin rubbing my pussy ever so slowly and gently, but still enough to take my breath away.
'Stop squirming, if you want me to give you an orgasm you have to be good.'
He must have felt me get wetter as he smirked down at me and pressed a little harder against my clit. I tried my hardest to stay still but his talented fingers sent waves of pleasure through me.
'Oh Caius, Caius your hand feels so good, oh, oh, oh!'
God, I wanted to come so bad. His eyes bore into mine as I panted and moaned under his ministrations.
'Please, please maestro please!'
My begging was rewarded with another passionate kiss.
'You are a desperate one today, very well.'
He increased the speed of his fingers making my body convulse involuntarily. I was drawing close, I squeezed my eyes closed and lost myself to the pleasure coursing through my body now. Then all too suddenly he stopped.
He laughed very softly, smirking down at me.
'I'm sorry, who is it that you're talking to?'
He began to move his fingers against me once more and it wasn't long before I was close again. My desperation was making me tense up which made it difficult to reach my climax. I whimpered in frustration.
'Come on, my sweet, just relax and let it happen, that's it, come for me.'
The hypnotic tone of his voice calmed me just enough for waves of powerful pleasure to hit me so hard I couldn't make a sound. Caius continued to coax me through my orgasm until I went limp in his arms.
'Thank you.'
He smiled, trailing his fingertips over the soft skin of my stomach, making my muscles quiver a little.
'You are most welcome my love, but I hope you are not spent yet.'
His kissed me, masterfully claiming my mouth with his, and I knew he wanted more from me. I would happily give him everything.
'I want you on top.'
I stared at him, open mouthed, as he removed the rest of his clothing. I panicked a little; what if I ruined it for him? His mouth found mine again, a little softer this time.
'Don't be afraid, beniamino, I will guide you through the whole thing.'
He lay down on the bed, his golden hair splaying out over the pillow, making him look just a little bit angelic. Taking a deep breath, I slowly moved one leg over his body so that I was straddling him. Within an instant his hands found my breasts, squeezing them, then he pulled gently on my nipples. I moaned, leaning forward to run my hands over his perfect chest. His hands trailed down my sides before coming to rest on my hips, moving me into position.
I hesitated, shutting my eyes for a second in an attempt to calm myself down. I quickly opened them again when I felt a cool finger inside me.
'So wet, such a good girl.'
His hands went back to my hips but they didn't move me further. I took a deep breath and suck down onto his erect cock. I moaned, the sensation of being completely filled by him felt almost too good to bear. I slid my hands up his chest, bracing myself as I started to move. It took a lot of effort at first, I could feel myself starting to sweat, but with his hands guiding my movements and the perfect view of his face as it contorted with pleasure. I felt a surge of pride with the knowledge that I was giving him that pleasure.
'Yes' he grunted, 'so hot, so tight, so good to watch you above me.'
His eyes devoured my body.
'I'm going to come soon.'
No sooner had the words left his mouth than I felt my body start to shake. I was so close but I couldn't move fast enough. I was too hot, out of breath, struggling to keep up with him as he thrust up to meet me. Without warning he exploded inside me, triggering my own climax. I collapsed on top of him, utterly exhausted but in total bliss. He smiled tenderly and kissed my forehead, my sweaty state not seeming to bother him.
'God I'm so unfit.'
He chuckled at that.
'You were brilliant.'
Very gently, he lifted me off him and placed me beside him, wrapped his arms around me and let me doze against his chest. The only sound in the room was my breathing and Caius was entirely still apart from the comforting movement of his thumbs on my skin. His eyes were closed and he looked so young, his 23 year old face almost completely at peace. After the intensity of our lovemaking this moment of stillness was paradise.
'You make me so calm' he said softly, 'I love you.'
'I love you too.'
I felt complete, so loved, so at one with my lover… I sighed.
'What's wrong darling?'
'Marcus deserves to feel like this.'
It was true. If I could help him to feel even a fraction of this happiness then it was worth it.
'Why don't we have a conversation with him tomorrow then? If you still feel this way when you wake.'
Caius' lips on my forehead were the last thing I felt before I feel asleep.

When I woke I was buried deep within the covers, Caius had one arm around me and the other held a book in an unfamiliar script. I frowned up at him.
'You seemed cold in the night so I covered you up a bit.'
Smiling my thanks, I sat up and leaned against him.
'Do you still want to talk with Marcus today? It's fine if you've changed your mind, I won't be angry.'
'I do, but I really have no idea what I would say.'
He nodded.
'I could have a quiet word, if you like, introduce the idea to him. Of course, if you want to be there then you've every right to be.'
'You've known him far longer than I have, I think it should come from you.'
'In that case I'll leave you to your morning routine and go find him.'
He smiled and kissed my forehead softly. Only then did I realise just how sweaty I'd gotten last night.
'Are you alright?'
'I really need to shower. I'm disgusting.'
'Sweetheart you could never be disgusting. Your perspiration is only evidence that you worked extremely hard to please me. Go shower and have breakfast, I'll be back before you know it.'

Caius POV

I left Isabella to her shower and quickly followed suit. Thoughts of her passion invaded my brain as I washed myself and I fought to stay in control. She was truly something else. I dressed and entered the throne room in search of my brother. Aro was quick to greet me.
'Caius, my brother, I'm glad you're here. I wanted to ask why Isabella refused to see me today.'
I hesitated but refused his waiting hand. This conversation would have to wait until I had Isabella's consent to speak about her feelings.
'Later Aro, its Marcus with whom I need a word.'
He frowned but he didn't pursue the matter further. Maybe he sensed my urgency. Marcus started, looking up from the ground towards me. We preferred to keep to ourselves, only speaking about work matters. He rose from his throne and followed me into a private room. He sat opposite me, only a slight tilt of his head conveyed his interest.
'What is your issue, my brother?'
Despite our difference in physical age, we had both been alive for similar periods of time and I couldn't in all good faith speak down to him. We were equals.
'This may seem very sudden, but it's something I have been thinking of for a long time.'
Something flickered in his eyes but he did not interrupt.
'It is an extremely solitary life that you lead; it worries us. I doubt that it is completely healthy to be so long without company.'
'Your point, my brother?'
'My point is that should you ever have want of… company, then there are means of achieving it.'
He seemed faintly shocked, but not offended.
'I see. And what inspired this revelation?'
I could stall no longer.
'I told Isabella of your Didyme.'
Marcus was entirely still.
'She was deeply saddened to hear of your suffering and it reminded me of my idea. You are aware of Isabella's profession before coming here, are you not?'
'I understand that she was a prostitute… ah.'
'Therefore, she is both accustomed to such acts and someone you are already familiar with.'
'She is also your mate.'
'Yes, and as you well know she is very precious to me. She is so brave and beautiful, Marcus, and when she falls asleep… '
I brought myself to my senses before I embarrassed myself any further.
'Anyway, I have mentioned the idea to her and she consents to help you, should that be your wish.'
He studied me for a long time, something like the echo of a smile lingering on his face.
'She has changed you brother, it was not long ago that the thought of her being touched by another man would sent you into a fit of rage.'
I laughed then.
'Do not presume, brother, that this means I would consent for her to go with any man. I trust her and I trust you. Such trust does not extend much further.'
He rose from his seat.
'Where is Isabella now?'
'She woke a short time ago and I think she is still bathing.'
'Very well. I would like to speak with her on the matter.'
'Of course, she is staying in my chambers.'

Isabella POV

I needed that shower so much. Feeling much cleaner, I stepped back into the bedroom in search of some clothes. I was surprised to see Marcus standing there.
'Oh, hello.'
'Good morning Isabella.'
I felt a little exposed standing there in just my towel but I pushed that feeling away.
'You should dress and then we can talk.'
I threw some clothes on and we sat together on the bed. I couldn't deny feeling a little awkward, I wasn't attracted to Marcus, a fact that he was fully aware of, but after learning of everything he'd been through I desperately wanted to help him. There was something benevolent in his features that made me feel safe with him.
'So Caius told me of his little idea. I have to admit I am surprised. I did not anticipate such a notion to come from him, nor did I expect that you would agree.'
I opened my mouth to respond but found I had nothing to say. Once upon a time I would have been so confident in this situation, but that was a long time ago now, and Marcus was no strange man looking for a quick release after work.
'I am… flattered, for want of a better word, that you would be willing to do that for me. However after so many years one becomes accustomed to being alone, and the truth is I simply no longer desire for anything of that particular nature.'
A small amount of guilt washed over me with the realisation that I hadn't even considered that.
'I understand.'
It made sense really, but I still wished that he could find comfort in me somehow.
'It doesn't mean that you and I cannot be friends, I would appreciate your company.'
I smiled at him, and the corners of his mouth twitched a little. I vowed to help him as much as I could, even if I could only do it through little things. Over the following weeks I made a point of finding him every day, even if it was just to say hello. Sometimes I would stay longer and we would talk about books or music. He rarely visited in the evenings, respectful of the time I needed with Caius, but occasionally he would visit me in my room when I was free in the daytime. One evening when Caius was busy Marcus came to see me; our conversation about literature quickly changing direction when a comment of his surprised me.
'Didyme would have loved this book, I think.'
I stayed silent, unsure of how to respond, but if he wanted to talk about it, who was I to stop him?
'Do you think of her often?'
'Every day.'
I blinked back tears at the thought of spending thousands of years grieving over a loved one.
'There is one thing you could do for me.'
A little jolt went through me. I was nervous, but ready to do whatever I could. Then his face turned towards me with such sadness I nearly cried.
'Hold me.'
As I cradled his head in my arms, my heart finally broke for him.

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